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Jan | Feb 2020
Volume 118, No. 3


The New Climate Advocates

From mayors and MBAs to lawyers and landscape architects, the face of climate change activism is changing. At Penn, a mix of pragmatic thinking and visionary ambition has sparked a sense that what is urgent might also be achievable. Edited by Trey Popp

Augmenting Reality

Will augmented reality change everything we see? A growing number of Penn alumni, staff, and faculty think so. And even as they bump up against its challenges and limitations, they’re still committed to pulling AR further into our lives. By Molly Petrilla

Homecoming 2019

Our annual photo album.
Plus: Alumni Awards of Merit and citations.


From the Editor | Reality and “reality.”

From College Hall | Recent milestones.

Letters | Debating Reichert, praising Wags.


Notes from the Undergrad | Good enough nourishment.

Alumni Voices | “I, too, loved Little Women.

Elsewhere | Pulled into the pack.

Expert Opinion | Right-wing radio’s impact on governance.


Diversity | Some of what happened at Penn Spectrum Weekend.

Gift | $125 million to law school from W. P. Carey Foundation.

Student Life | Survey finds sexual misconduct rates similar to 2015.

Writer at Risk | Residency program brings Syrian journalist to campus.

Climate Change | More steps toward a carbon-neutral campus by 2042.

Symposium | Weitzman School celebrates design—and its new name.

Galleries | The latest on the Penn Museum’s “transformation.”

Gift | $25 million to Engineering for new data science building.

Sports | Football’s bright spot; Wags’ successor.

Sports | Women’s volleyball season cut short by disciplinary action.

Sports | By the Numbers



Art | Rebecca Rutstein GFA’97 explores earth’s turbulent topography.

Books | Deirdre Bair CW’57 on Beckett, de Beauvoir, and herself.

Briefly Noted

Music | Q&A with composer George Crumb Hon’09 at 90.


David Langer C’85 M’90 GM’98 helped save a stranger’s life.

Jameel Mohammed C’18 makes jewelry inspired by the African diaspora.

Terry Spahr C’88 G’95 highlights overpopulation in 8 Billion Angels.

Andrea Mitchell CW’67 Hon’18 and Ashley Parker C’05 shared a stage.

Gregg L. Semenza M’82 Gr’84 is a Nobel Prize winner.




Old Penn | “Snappy drawings of college life.”

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