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Mar | Apr 2020
Volume 118, No. 4


Finding Life in Death

As a nursing professor, Kimberly Acquaviva C’94 SW’95 Gr’00 teaches students about end-of-life issues and hospice and palliative care. When her wife, also a leading hospice expert, was diagnosed with a fatal type of cancer, Acquaviva turned their home into a virtual classroom, inviting anyone on the internet to witness the intimate details of dying—while making a case for more varied and inclusive options for the terminally ill. By Dave Zeitlin

American Byzantine

Andrew Gould GAr’04 has been called “America’s foremost Orthodox church designer.” Melding deep conservatism with romantic fantasy, his work is the architectural version of historical fiction. Plus: “New Onion Domes in the Old South,” an exceprt from Charleston Fancy by Witold Rybczynski.Interview by Trey Popp

Loyal Classmen

At the turn of the 20th century, Julian Abele Ar1902 and Louis Magaziner Ar1900—a black man and an immigrant Jew—were standouts in Penn’s School of Fine Arts about to launch distinguished careers in architecture. They were also beginning a lifelong friendship. A Magaziner descendant and Abele admirer investigates what brought them together.By Amy Cohen

Her General Tubman

In Lorene Cary C’78 G’78’s new play—her first—Harriet Tubman shuttles between leading a Civil War raid that freed hundreds of enslaved plantation workers and a men’s prison in present-day Philadelphia, where she finds love and recruits soldiers for the Union Army. The path to its production was complicated, too.By Julia M. Klein


From the Editor | Ties that bind.
Letters | Climate clashes, keeping it real, radio waves.

Notes from the Undergrad | Obsessed with the afterlife.
Alumni Voices | “We just listened and talked.”
Elsewhere | Enduring in Vermont.
Expert Opinion | The argument for stricter antitrust enforcement.

Social Justice | MLK Day symposium features Angela Davis and Gina Dent.
Forum | The Wolf Humanities Center looks at kinship’s meanings.
Political Science | Daniel Gillion on why protests matter.
Heard on Campus | Question on questions for Andrea Mitchell CW’67 Hon’18.
Student Honors | Two Rhodes Scholars from Penn.
Sports | Penn golfer is the son of a two-time Masters winner; Dunphy honored.
By the Numbers

Painting | Frankenthaler works on paper at the Arthur Ross Gallery.
| Paul Hendrickson on Frank Lloyd Wright. Plagued by Fire.
Briefly Noted

Federica Bianco C’03 G’07 Gr’10 is a professional boxer (and astrophysicist).
Amber Hamilton C’16 and S. Robert Rozbruch C’85 share a bond.
John Sopko C’74 is fighting waste in Afghanistan—and with the Washington Post.
James Warren (Taubman) C’52 has had some monster hits as a publisher.




Old Penn | National champs in basketball (pre-March Madness).

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