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Who reads The Pennsylvania Gazette?

Today’s corporate, cultural, and intellectual leaders: active, influential men and women who are both affluent and highly involved in their communities and their world. They are significantly above average in educational level, financial success, and spending habits. More than a third hold post-graduate degrees and work in top management positions. Their median household income is $189,092, and their median household assets total $2,446,375. They rank at or near the top in public engagement, frequency of travel, participation in cultural, social, and other leisure activities, and consumption of luxury products. Their lifestyles offer advertisers a broad spectrum of interests and affinities, along with the financial means to pursue them.*

The Pennsylvania Gazette provides an environment that its readers relate to, believe in, and trust. In a survey of Gazette readers, two-thirds of recipients reported reading four or more issues per year, and a majority read all six. Large majorities rated as excellent or very good the quality of the magazine’s writing (75%) and graphics (64%). More than 80% of the readers considered the magazine a reliable, objective news source and said that receiving it is important to them. Nearly 25% pass the magazine along to one or more other people, and 21% have responded to an ad in the Gazette.

The recipient of numerous awards for writing and design, the Gazette presents thought-provoking articles and information about the University campus along with alumni notes and comment. Written for, about, and frequently by, alumni, the Gazette’s viewpoint is as wide-ranging as the readership it serves and is committed to reinforcing the richness and diversity of the Penn experience.

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