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May | Jun 2020
Volume 118, No. 5


Inequality Economics

Tax the rich! And the poor. But not the way we do it now, nor necessarily for the usual reasons. As an economist pushing his field to grapple with inequality, Wharton’s Benjamin Lockwood may change the way you think about the government’s broadest power.
By Trey Popp

The Edge

Walking the perimeter of Philadelphia.
By JJ Tiziou

Paper Man

Eric Jacobs EE’80 has been at the Daily Pennsylvanian since articles were written on typewriters and layout was done by (actual) cutting and pasting. The newspaper’s longtime general manager is also a shared connection among every DP alum of the last 40 years. But this summer, he plans to leave the only job he’s ever had.
By Molly Petrilla

Dotdash Rising

After putting the familiar but failing website out of its misery, Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel W’92 has managed to craft a thriving group of websites from the company’s wreckage.
By Alyson Krueger


From the Editor | Something to read at home.

From College Hall | A battle to serve a common good.

Letters | Moving story, more climate clashes.


Alumni Voices | “Anything was possible, because no one knew.”

Elsewhere | Looking back to where it all began.

Expert Opinion | In praise of letting go, moving on.


Coronavirus Response | Campus closure, remote working and learning.

Curriculum | All-star Wharton online course focuses on pandemic ramifications.

Kislak Symposium | Honoring a book collector’s “obsession.”

Leadership | Emory’s Erika H. James named Wharton School dean.

Intellectual Autobiography | Renée Fox on her past—and the present.

Education Costs | 2020-21 tuition and fees, financial aid announced.

Sports | AJ Brodeur sets new scoring record for men’s basketball.

By the Numbers

Sports | Spring-sport athletes grapple with seasons cut short.



Screens | “Pro-social” media maker Paul Falzone Gr’08.

Architecture | K—A. Eugene Kohn Ar’53 GAr’57—tells KPF’s story.

Visual Arts | Exhibition of activist posters presented by Common Press.

Bibliography | Kathy Peiss on WWII’s librarian-spies. Information Hunters.

Briefly Noted


Gavin O’Connor C’86’s new film The Way Back isn’t about sports.

Sally Elk GFA’84 GFA’85 wants Eastern State to go beyond “Terror.”

Riaz Patel C’95 has an EPIC plan to bridge social divides.




Old Penn | Earth Day, 1970.

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