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Jan|Feb 2023
Vol.121, No.3


And the Band Played On

For 125 years, the Penn Band has been an omnipresent and energetic presence at sporting events, campus ceremonies, and whenever “Penn is out and about in the community.”
By Molly Petrilla

The Outsider’s Insider

If there is a crisis (and there have been a few lately), Andy Slavitt C’88 W’88 knows which expert to bring “in the bubble.” When he’s not taping his award-winning podcast, the former insurance executive and federal administrator has a day job: funding innovation in healthcare for those who need help the most. “I have one thing I care about,” he says. “Making this country better for the people who have been ignored for too long.”
By Julia M. Klein

Homecoming 2022

Our annual photo gallery. Plus: Alumni Award of Merit winners and citations.
Photos by Tommy Leonardi


From the Editor | Banding together, Bubble blower, award winners.
From College Hall | Looking ahead to Tomorrow, Together.
Letters | The meaning of Du Bois, ushering at Annenberg.


Alumni Voices | Gifts, guilt, gratitude.
Rabbit Hole | My father’s hunger strike.
Elsewhere | Making a home in a Louis Kahn house.
Expert Opinion | The costs of not prioritizing primary care.


History | Zeke Emanuel finds more to say on Benjamin Franklin in online course.
Veterinary Medicine | Feline kidney transplant program marks 25 years.
Protest | Fossil Free Penn interrupts Homecoming football game at halftime.
Tribute | Drew Faust Gr’75 on the Penn women who “led the charge and led the change.”
Heard on Campus | Get money out of politics! (Small dollar edition.)
Heard on Campus | “Fro” Rainey and the “military-industrial-academic complex.”
Sports | Ivy title for men’s soccer; football’s dramatic finish.


Archaeology | Penn Museum gallery highlights “Crossroads of Cultures.”
City Planning | Philadelphia’s immigration stories told in Sanctuary City.
Military History | Fields of battle. The Mosquito Bowl and War by Other Means.
Briefly Noted


Michael L. Barrett EAS’89 is the new Penn Alumni president.
Ann Reese CW’74, former president, was celebrated for her tenure.
Zachary Weiner C’14 cofounded the sports media company Overtime.
Charles Golden Gr’02 is focused on the “everyday world” of the Maya.


Old Penn | Before the band.

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