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Volume 102, No. 5


The Rodin Years
A retrospective look at the 10-year presidency of Dr. Judith Rodin CW’66 and what it has meant for the University. (Short answer: A lot.) PLUS: “A Passion for Penn,” an interview with the president. 
By The Gazette Editors

Who’s Who on the Savannah
As the research of Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth reveals, baboons possess a complex awareness of family and social ranking that would serve them well in Jane Austen’s fictitious drawing-rooms. 
By Susan Frith

Creating Space
Years after they met at Penn, architects Peter Shelton and Lee Mindel merged their aesthetic sensibilities and zeal for details into an award-winning interior-design firm. 
By David Perelli


From the Editor

From College Hall



Notes From the Undergrad: 
Did I mention the lunchboxes?

Alumni Voices: 
Gay, middle-aged, middle-class, and married

Hiking the “middle path” high in the Himalayas

Expert Opinion: 
One way to reduce medical mistakes

GAZETTEER : News & Sports

It’s official: Trustees elect Amy Gutmann Penn’s next president

Penn-Princeton-Penn again: Joann Mitchell to be new chief of staff

Seeking union cards, grad students strike

Museum lays out welcome mat for Iraqi visitors

Supporting the care and feeding of cities

The swaggering pen of Norman Mailer

Schoolhouse rock(s) with activity

Preventive mastectomies found to work

Letter from Kurdistan II: A constitution’s difficult birth 

SAS Dean Preston to step down; Museum names new director

Seven Grammys—and a Penn honorary degree—for Bono

Russell Banks: Truth trumps fact in fiction

Symptom: nail-biting; Cure: Placements for med students

The place to mingle—and eat Abner’s cheesesteaks
—in NYC

Women are Ivy champs in basketball

Men’s Final Four team looks back after 25 years


Books Against All Enemies. 
Richard Clarke on Bush and terror

Books Award-winners Hahn, Hendrickson, and Stewart

Film Suffragist Alice Paul gets the chick-lit treatment

Interview Miracle director Gavin O’Connor

Art Taking Penn arts and culture “out of the box”

Theater Othello at Annenberg

Briefly Noted 

Arts Calendar 

ALUMNI : Profiles : Events : Notes : Obituaries 

High Liner Joshua David

Terror fighter John Sopko

Chamber maestro David Yang

Momsense makers Lisa Golden and Dana Herman Covey

Cable trailblazer Geraldine Laybourne


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