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Everything You Need to Know
By Gayle Rosenwald Smith CW
72. (Perigree/Berkley Publishing Group, 2004. $14.95). Nothing about divorce is easy, including matters of money. But Rosenwald Smith, a family lawyer, equips readers with tools and strategies for coping with the financial side of the divorce process so they can take control of their economic futures and move on with their lives. Order this book

How Americans Faced the Cuban Missile Crisis
By Alice L. George GGS
96. (University of North Carolina Press, 2003. $29.95.) George examines the home-front response to the 13 days in October 1962 when nuclear war almost became a reality for America. Using newly declassified government documents, the book looks in-depth at civilian ignorance and the lack of governmental preparation, and ultimately at the lasting influence of these events on a population raised in the shadow of the mushroom cloud. Order this book

Imagining Early Modern English Gardens 

By Rebecca Bushnell, Faculty. 
(Cornell University Press, 2003. $29.95.) This book studies early English garden books and relates their contents to modern notions of gender relations, social roles, labor, science, and nature. Bushnell, dean of the College and professor of English, uses the manuals to draw an analysis of the dual dignity and pleasure of garden labor and garden art. Order this book

Leadership Lessons Inspired by America’s Favorite Mobster
By Anthony Schneider C
87. (Berkley/Penguin, 2004. $14.00.) You can learn a lot about management by watching The Sopranos. This book explains what makes the TV crime-family boss Tony Soprano such an effective leader. Though CEOs shouldn’t follow everything Tony does—no one-way boat rides for disloyal subordinates, for example—they can take lessons from him on how to delegate, give praise, and negotiate effectively. Order this book

Edited By Eduardo Cadava and Aaron Levy C
99 GGS03. (Slought Foundation, 2003. $20.00.) The essays in this collection ask us to invent the city anew—to imagine what it would be like to open spaces for new forms of democratic communities that go beyond the “political domain,” as it has commonly been defined. Topics include hospitality, human rights, urban warfare, refugee housing, exile, and incarceration. Levy is executive director of the Slought Foundation art space on 40th Street. Order this book

An Illustrated History
By David O
Neil C77. (Camino Books, 2003. $19.95.) The Reading Terminal Market has been at the heart of Philadelphia’s commercial and social life from the beginning of its long and tumultuous history. Filled with archival images, this book shows how the 112-year-old institution has survived and thrived by adapting to and initiating change. O’Neil is the market’s former general manager. Order this book

By Jordan Sonnenblick C 91. (DayBue Publishing, 2004. $20.00.) Thirteen-year-old Steven Alper’s life is your typical maze of eighth-grade angst: troublesome binomials, unrequited love, and the (low) social status of band geeks. However, all these problems become secondary in this young-adult novel when Steven’s younger brother is diagnosed with leukemia.

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