Nov|Dec 2014
Volume 113, No. 2


The Good Neighbor

As a Zionist soldier, civil-rights advocate, and pioneer of joint nonviolent activism between Israelis and Palestinians, Hillel Bardin GEE’74 has dedicated most of his adult life to the pursuit of a most elusive peace. By Trey Popp

With the Donbas Battalion

A young reporter gets his first taste of war in eastern Ukraine. By Christopher Allen

A Principled Man

Nathan Mossell M1882 overcame great odds to become the first African-American graduate of Penn’s School of Medicine. He went on to found Philadelphia’s first black hospital—an achievement he never really wanted. By Evi Heilbrunn

The Greatest

F. Scott Fitzgerald died a failure, but now The Great Gatsbysells a half-million copies a year (even when there’s
not a movie). In So We Read On, alumna and Fresh Air book-critic Maureen Corrigan explains how this happened—and why it’s right that it did. By John Prendergast


From the Editor


First Person: Essays

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGRAD Immersive experience

ALUMNI VOICES Creative practice = examined life

ELSEWHERE “A War-Scattered Family”

EXPERT OPINION Celebrating turkeys

Gazetteer: News & Sports

Q&A with Iraq expert Brendan O’Leary

Bioengineering professor Danielle Bassett wins “genius” grant

Wharton on the radio

Medical historian Beth Linker on war and the limits of rehabilitation

Heard on Campus: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ rationale for reparations

Student film-makers’ road to debut feature, Driving Not Knowing

Class of 2018 urged to “be joiners” at Convocation

Fun with numbers: how Penn ranks

An “entry-level 3D printer” is still pretty impressive

Make-or-break season for men’s basketball coach?




ART Moyra Davey’s Burn the Diaries at ICA

BOOKS Rottenberg on Greenfield. The Outsider

CONFERENCE The future of the arts and humanities in universities




Alumni: Profiles

Dan Goldring C’98 W’98 co-chairs Doctors Without Borders’ advisory board

SLA founder Chris Lehman C’93 is “probably not your average principal”

Bruce Herdman WG’75 Gr’82 G’83 directs healthcare for Philly’s prisons

John Maris M’89 co-leads a “Dream Team” fighting childhood cancers

Brain Pickings is Maria Popova C’07’s “one-woman labor of love”

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