Mar|Apr 2014
Volume 112, No. 4


Doomsday in the District
From the mayor’s desk to the principal’s office, from grassroots parent activists to teachers aiming to transform instruction and assessment, from the superintendent’s seat to a boldly reimagined vocational academy, here are the stories of Penn alumni trying to carry out the increasingly embattled mission of public education in Philadelphia. By Trey Popp, with additional reporting by Dave Zeitlin

Walking with Mandela
English professor Rita Barnard’s new collection of essays on Nelson Mandela examines the man behind the mythology. In an interview and an excerpt, she discusses Mandela, South Africa, and the challenges of a scholarly approach to a legend. By Samuel Hughes

John Jackson, Ethnography, and the Hebrew Israelites
In 1967, 400 African Americans followed a metal worker named Ben Carter from the South Side of Chicago to Israel. Anthropologist and PIK Professor John L. Jackson has spent the last decade documenting that group—and contemplating what they mean to his field. By Molly Petrilla

Lea’s Legacy
His library—preserved on Van Pelt’s sixth floor—is one of the great campus spaces, but there’s a lot more than that to know about historian and civic reformer Henry Charles Lea. By Dennis Drabelle


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First Person: Essays

ALUMNI VOICES A life in art

ELSEWHERE Bridging time and geography, briefly

EXPERT OPINION “Dagit, you there, what have you been thinking?”


Gazetteer: News & Sports

ARCH reopens after $24.5 million makeover

Lost dynasty found at Penn Museum Egypt dig

Squirrels and the City

Vagelos Scholar Chris Kampmeyer is helping design a safer stent

Victor Mair on forgetting how to write in Chinese

Bamboo bikes, bags, baskets, and more

New master plan in the works for historic Woodlands

Big goals for men’s lacrosse; Big 5 Hall of Famer Mike Jordan C’00




ART Demetrius Oliver GFA’04’s Canicular at the Print Center of Philadelphia

BOOKS William Ferris G’67 Gr’69 on The Storied South

BOOKS City of the Sellers. Engineering Philadelphia

BOOKS Richard Ellis C’59 on the mysterious—and endangered—beaked whales

BOOKS Six striking coastal residences. Houses of Maine




Alumni: Profiles

Emily Kramer-Golinkoff C’07 G’13 is not slowing down

Diana Craig Patch Gr’91 threaded Cleopatra’s Needle

Andy Slavitt C’88 W’88 helped save HealthCare.gov

Evan Malone C’99 aims to rebuild manufacturing at NextFab studio

Sir Paul Judge WG’73 is the City of London’s new sheriff in town

Abby Huntsman C’08 is a co-host on MSNBC’s The Cycle


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