“Outsider” composer Joseph Hallman LPS’13 has arrived.[...]
Tony Peebles C’03 plays sax in a Grammy-winning band.[...]
Nick Spitzer C’71 on the importance of “informal culture.” [...]
Counterparts competes in a cappella college championship.[...]
Ainadamar, Osvaldo Golijov Gr’91’s “fountain of tears” for García Lorca, will be performed at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music from February 7 to 16.[...]
Flutist Mimi Stillman G’03 Gr’12 crosses cultures.[...]
Alumna flutist Mimi Stillman G’03 Gr’12 performed and recorded Debussy's 'Syrinx for Solo Flute' every day for a full year.[...]
Harry Mendell EE’76 GEE’76 invented digital sampling.[...]
Father and son, and Mask and Wig. The Gypsy in My Soul.[...]
Soulful, poetic, un-puzzling composer David Ludwig Gr’09.[...]
Hurrah! Hurrah! Songs of Penn. [...]
William Parberry Gr’80 sings on his 40 years at Penn.[...]
Inauguration features choral work by David Ludwig Gr’80.[...]
A new Penn songbook from the late Bruce Montgomery.[...]
Last month Michelle Holme C’00 flew to Los Angeles, put on a sparkly black dress and proceeded to scare the hell out of Trey Parker. [...]
Kaplan was in Philly just before Christmas, delivering her yuletide carols to an enthusiastic crowd at the Tin Angel.[...]
The art of Jon Sarkin C'75 is all over the music video for Guster's hit song "Do You Love Me," and if you look closely you can see Sarkin himself make a cameo. [...]
How did Jay Matsueda W’95 scrape together studio time with some of L.A.’s finest session musicians? “Barter, and the underground economy,” he says.[...]
Lost photos from a band still making Rolling Stone Top 10 lists today.[...]