Mick Moloney Gr’92 makes Irish music, and traces its history.[...]
Talon Ducheneaux C’15 is a Native American voice in hip-hop.[...]
Marc Mostovoy G’67 on the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.[...]
Q&A with Ben Yagoda G’91 on his book, The B-Side.[...]
Composer Philip Maneval G’83 finds balance in chamber music.[...]
“Outsider” composer Joseph Hallman LPS’13 has arrived.[...]
Tony Peebles C’03 plays sax in a Grammy-winning band.[...]
Nick Spitzer C’71 on the importance of “informal culture.” [...]
Counterparts competes in a cappella college championship.[...]
Ainadamar, Osvaldo Golijov Gr’91’s “fountain of tears” for García Lorca, will be performed at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music from February 7 to 16.[...]
Flutist Mimi Stillman G’03 Gr’12 crosses cultures.[...]
Alumna flutist Mimi Stillman G’03 Gr’12 performed and recorded Debussy's 'Syrinx for Solo Flute' every day for a full year.[...]
Harry Mendell EE’76 GEE’76 invented digital sampling.[...]
Father and son, and Mask and Wig. The Gypsy in My Soul.[...]
Soulful, poetic, un-puzzling composer David Ludwig Gr’09.[...]
Hurrah! Hurrah! Songs of Penn. [...]
William Parberry Gr’80 sings on his 40 years at Penn.[...]
Inauguration features choral work by David Ludwig Gr’80.[...]
A new Penn songbook from the late Bruce Montgomery.[...]
Last month Michelle Holme C’00 flew to Los Angeles, put on a sparkly black dress and proceeded to scare the hell out of Trey Parker. [...]