Tony Peebles C’03 plays sax in a Grammy-winning band.[...]
Celebrating food and culture. Culinary Expeditions.[...]
May|June 2014[...]
Mary Ellen Mark FA’62 ASC’64 is not a fan of Photoshop.[...]
Nick Spitzer C’71 on the importance of “informal culture.” [...]
The University Choral Society and Penn Symphony Orchestra will present Verdi’s Requiem on Friday night.[...]
We chat with two Penn scholars who are leading the study of alumnus-architect Louis Kahn's residential designs.[...]
From sculpture and animation to curatorial leadership, Penn will be well-represented at the 2014 Whitney Biennial, which opens this Friday.[...]
Demetrius Oliver GFA’04’s Canicular at the Print Center of Philadelphia.[...]
William Ferris G’67 Gr’69 on The Storied South.[...]
City of the Sellers. Engineering Philadelphia.[...]
Richard Ellis C’59 on the mysterious—and endangered—beaked whales.[...]
Six striking coastal residences. Houses of Maine.[...]
Mar|Apr 2014[...]
Mar|Apr 2014[...]
Penn's pop/jazz a cappella group, Counterparts, has earned a spot in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic semifinals.[...]
Eric Johnson C'94 is creating a "virtual library" that will reunite pieces and pages of medieval manuscripts from around the world.[...]
Ainadamar, Osvaldo Golijov Gr’91’s “fountain of tears” for García Lorca, will be performed at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music from February 7 to 16.[...]
“American Modern” William H. Johnson at Arthur Ross Gallery.[...]
Oscar Goodman L’64 and the Mob (Museum).[...]