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Volume 105, No. 3


Journey to Estonia
Louis Kahn Ar’24 Hon’71 left Estonia as a little boy in 1906. A century later, some members of the great architect’s “family through choice” went back to explore his tangled roots and legacy. By Samuel Hughes 

The Radical and the Restorer
As the international blockbuster King Tut exhibition comes to Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, the Penn Museum has unveiled an eye-opening companion show on the radical religious and political experiment imposed by the boy-king’s predecessor (and putative father), the Pharoah Akhenaten. By Beebe Bahrami 

Homecoming 2006
This edition of Penn Alumni’s big fall weekend featured the Game (a tough loss to Princeton, unfortunately), the Awards of Merit Gala, and the finale of a year-long commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the University’s first African-American graduate, James Brister D1881.


From the Editor

From College Hall


Notes from the Undergrad “This was not my Ramadan”
Alumni Voices Calculating age’s “sum of destructions”
Elsewhere An aviation fantasy come true 
Expert Opinion Getting good value

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
 City asks Penn Praxis to advise on waterfront’s future 
 Skirkanich Hall, bioengineering beauty 
 Wharton Dean Harker named University of Delaware president 
 Wharton helps silver artisans in Peru shape greater profits 
 Research Briefs 
 Symposium analyzes Philadelphia’s rise in violence 
 Brian and Ralph Roberts give $15 million for proton-therapy center 
 Leventhal steps down as Penn Museum director
 What the Founders learned from those who were here first
 Basketball springs forward, football falls flat

Photography Rustbelt rescue. Titusville Steelworkers 
Books Marconi and the murderer. Thunderstruck 
Architecture Penn to get Venturi Scott Brown archives 
Arts Calendar

ALUMNI : Profiles 
Their dinner with the Iranian ambassador 
Gene detective Daniel Weinberger M’73 
Vatican blogger Rocco Palmo C’04 
Snowy CEO Rob Katz W’88

ALUMNI : Events : Notes : Obituaries


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