Volume 105, No. 4


Prognosis Botswana
Penn doctors, nurses, and scholars are collaborating with their counterparts in Botswana to try to change the course of HIV/AIDS (and health care itself) in one of the countries hit hardest by the disease. By Susan Frith 

Arnold Eisen’s Moment
With his appointment as chancellor of New York’s Jewish Theological Seminary, the noted religious-studies scholar—and one time Gazette student columnist and assistant to former Penn President Martin Meyerson—is only the second non-rabbi to serve as the symbolic head of American Judaism’s Conservative movement. By Jordana Horn

The Wife, the Lady, and the Book of Dames
When an English professor set out to create an animated opera based on “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” she decided to bring in some very un-Chaucerian characters. That’s when the real fun began. By Samuel Hughes


From the Editor


Notes from the Undergrad Fencing with an idol
Alumni Voices Swinging history
Elsewhere Happiness and frozen fingers
Expert Opinion Everybody’s slash-ing

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
 Barbaro’s last days
 Nobel-prize chemist Alan MacDiarmid dies at 79
 Campus honors MLK’s legacy
 Alig resigns as alumni-relations AVP
 Research Briefs
 Display highlights Penn treasures—and collector who found them
 Economics professor charged with murder
 Heard on campus: Peter Singer on torture
 Smokeless Joe’s
 How children learn language; or, why wuckoo? 
New four-year program combines service and scholarship
 Whatever happened to Penn’s Eakins masterpiece?
 Kelly Writers House celebrates Kerouac classic
 No kitchen-sink studies? College Houses offer everything but
 Foul shots down Owls in Dunphy’s return

Books The money-pit in paradise. Vizcaya
Film Art and video games. 8 BIT
Theater Puppets and props bring legend to life. Currently Franklin
Interview Lorene Cary C’78 G’78 on Free!
One slave’s escape
Briefly Noted
Arts Calendar

ALUMNI : Profiles 
Andrew Passen C’80 G’90 has Africa in his blood
Susannah Heschel Gr’89 is a Jewish woman and feminist revolutionary
Dave Wohl C’71 hasn’t had to get a “real job” yet
Law alums are entrepreneurs of outsourcing

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