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Volume 105, No. 2


Music Lessons
Carol Muller’s ethnomusicology class partners with a West Philadelphia Islamic school to explore the sounds of the Qur’an, and each other’s communities. By Susan Frith 

Lowering the Temperature
The threat of terrorism is real, but America’s response to it is dangerously counterproductive, writes Penn political- science professor Ian Lustick in this excerpt from his new book, Trapped in the War on Terror. Plus: An interview with the author

Law Made Plain
Though it pushes plenty of hot buttons in the issues it takes up for debate—domestic spying, torture, criminal sentencing for juveniles, and immigration reform, to name just a few—for close to a decade the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Justice Talking program has functioned as the opposite of “shout” radio. By Dennis Drabelle

Workers of the World, Adapt!
After 30 years in the trenches, Andy Stern has become the labor movement’s rising star. But can he change unions fast enough to save them? By Samuel Hughes


From the Editor


Notes from the Undergrad Back in the day 
Alumni Voices Pilgrims on a mission to learn 
Elsewhere Being in Beirut 

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
 Penn will maintain Early Decision program in admissions
 New center explores mind, spirituality, and health
 Wharton junior hauls in a big catch: $1.5 million
 U.S. News and other rankings
 A rainy welcome for the “passionately intense” Class of 2010
 Emeritus professor Scott Ward charged in child porn case
 Research Briefs
 Legacies program supplements alumni parents’ “antiquated” tales
 Cognitive psychology founder Aaron Beck wins Lasker award
 Ivy-Samurai Bowl: the 8,000 mile pass
 Football’s “positive attitude”
 Squash teams rise

Art 25 years later, Goya returns to the Arthur Ross Gallery 
Books North vs. South. The Great Match Race
Briefly Noted
Arts Calendar

ALUMNI : Profiles 
Penn friendships lead to fossil find 
Ken Baer C’94’s “big idea”: Democracy 
Screenwriter and memoirist Angela Nissel C’98

ALUMNI : Events : Notes : Obituaries


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