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Volume 111, No. 4


Big Finish, Fresh Start

Penn’s Making History campaign has exceeded expectations, raising $4.3 billion and “catapulting” the University “from excellence to eminence.”  After a pause to celebrate the more than 300,000 supporters who made that success possible, University leaders are determined to keep Penn’s momentum growing. By John Prendergast

Constructing a New Kahn

Louis Kahn had more or less completed his designs for Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park when he died in 1974. It finally opened last fall to glowing reviews—but it could easily have been a disaster. Or nothing. By Samuel Hughes

The Nora Network

For 10 years now the Nora Magid Mentorship Prize has been giving former students of the legendary nonfiction-writing teacher an excuse to get together and swap war stories—and helping to launch a new generation of Penn students into careers in journalism. By Alyson Krueger


Does the rise of the “massive open online course” spell the end of the university as we know it?  Through its academic and financial partnership with Coursera, Penn has professors in the fray, skin in the game, and a front-row view of higher education’s next big frontier.  By Trey Popp

Stopping the Clock?

Will the mainstreaming of egg freezing offer women more choice about when to have children—kind of like the Pill in reverse—or delude them with a false sense of security?  Penn physicians, researchers, and patients weigh in on this issue and some broader implications of advances in fertility techniques. By Caren Lissner


From the Editor


First Person: Essays
Notes from the Undergrad No way to start an internship
Alumni Voices
Just pretend
Images from the Syrian border
Expert Opinion No innovation without imitation

Gazetteer: News & Sports
CPCW award for innovation: start the (hand-cranked) presses!
Q&A with David Dinges, who knows why you feel so tired
John Legend C’99 gives MLK Day keynote
Reusable bags may carry more than groceries
After 40 years, Du Bois House looks back and ahead
High hopes for softball and women’s lacrosse

William Parberry Gr’80 sings on his 40 years at Penn
MUSIC Inauguration features choral work by David Ludwig Gr’09
BOOKS Steven Ujifusa GFA’05 on the United States and its maker
EXHIBIT Installing an ancient mosaic at the Penn Museum

Alumni: Profiles

Rubaiyat Hossain G’06’s film Meherjaan sparked praise and controversy
Kimberly Noble C’98 Gr’05 M’07 linked brain development and poverty
Jeff Luhnow W’89 EAS’89 went from fantasy baseball to dream MLB job
Gilbert Lang Mathews W’70 followed the light, and found Lucifer
Elissa Brown C’90 fights for kids who’ve suffered abuse—and to prevent it

: Events
: Notes
: Obituaries











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