For 40 years, Mariette Pathy Allen GFA’65 has focused her camera on gender identity and expressions of gender. Through portraits of men who identified as crossdressers in the 1980s—and later, through photos of the transgender community and trans rights movement—she has shined a light on people who were often pushed to the margins of society. Some consider her the unofficial photographer of transge[...]
Celebrating the “intrinsic beauty of the imperfect.” [...]
Three Women Photographers in Rome at Arthur Ross Gallery.[...]
Orthopedic surgeon Mark Ayzenberg C’09 can wield a Nikon camera with as much finesse as he can an arthroscope.[...]
Nadine Epstein C’78 G’78 and her iShadow.[...]
33 to 40 offers a “snapshot of Penn at a very specific moment” [...]
Photographer Arthur Drooker C’76 has trained his lens on American Ruins and Lost Worlds. His new collection, Conventional Wisdom, covers his strangest territory yet.[...]
William Ferris G’67 Gr’69’s “visual journal” of the South.[...]
Julian Wasser’s photographic love affair with Hollywood began more than half a century ago. He’s been loving and hating and shooting it ever since. [...]
Barren campus. Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color.[...]
James Mundie CGS’97 documents “interesting people” in Exhibitionists.[...]
Window, Nov|Dec 2015[...]
Window, July|Aug 2015[...]
White Towers Revisited at Architectural Archives.[...]
Window, Nov|Dec 2014[...]
SLIDESHOW | An uninhabited island in the East River.[...]
Places and things left behind. The Picture that Remains.[...]
Mary Ellen Mark FA’62 ASC’64 is not a fan of Photoshop.[...]