Twenty-five years later, players, coaches, journalists, and fans look back on Penn’s last NCAA Tournament win.[...]
The Penn Libraries have launched a new concert series, which sends student music groups into libraries at Penn to perform among the books and study carrels.[...]
A person demonstrates a prostethic leg for running.
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Five student performing arts groups will sing, act and dance inside Carnegie Hall on Dec. 14—and the idea came straight from an a cappella-loving alum.[...]
It's been a crazy week for the Penn men's basketball team, which followed a couple of brutal (but also fun!) airline delays with a resounding victory back home. [...]
Rabbi Mike Uram, Steven Cook W’95, and Michael Solomonov sit on a panel discussion at Penn Hilell.
The pair of all-star restaurateurs dished out honesty and falafel to Penn students during a panel at Penn Hillel. [...]
More than three decades ago, Johnny Carson wrote a law school letter of recommendation for his former talent coordinator Barbra Shotel CW’64. He also read the Gazette.[...]
From soccer coach to athletic administrator, Rudy Fuller is continuing to bring passion, energy and expertise to Penn sports.[...]
In 1999, David Hartt shut down his art practice and left the galleries he’d been working with. He took the next 10 years away from all of it. Now he's teaching at Penn and exhibiting around the world—including in three new exhibitions that just opened in a span of 25 days.[...]
When David Ebert C’82 and Joel Litvin W’81 discovered a shared passion for animal protection and the law, they joined forces to found the Animal Defense Partnership.[...]
Meredith Wooten G’06 Gr’13's directorship at the Graduate Student Center brings a long, formative relationship with the University full circle. [...]
The Vent Man was somewhat of a fixture on Penn's campus in the 1970s, silent but constant. Four decades later, David Bolger D'79 is still thinking about him.[...]
Amidst men's basketball assistant coach shakeup, Nat Graham C'97 earns a well-earned promotion.[...]
As part of that title, Egan will teach a course on some of her favorite novels and appear at several events throughout the academic year.[...]