Thomas Brothers C’79 on “Master of Modernism” Louis Armstrong.[...]
20 Feet from Stardom director Morgan Neville C’89 is a little closer now [...]
Investor Howard Marks W’67 on luck, credit, and the “low growth” future.[...]
Heard on Campus: “Alec, you have to explain YouTube to the mullahs.” [...]
MBA student Patrick Burns never saw the Oscars before being a nominee.[...]
Statkeeper Stu Suss C’74 L’77 decides 43 years is the right number.[...]
After 40 years, Penn’s four-minute mile club has a new member.[...]
Medical alumnus William A. Newell practiced the healing arts throughout his life—when he wasn’t founding the Life-Saving Service, representing New Jersey’s Second District in Congress, and serving as governor of New Jersey and Washington Territory. [...]
SLIDESHOW | Picnic in the (Penn) Park, and more. [...]
PennDesign's Orkan Telhan and Matt Neff GFA’05 created a bacteria-powered piece for homes of the future.[...]
Window, May|June 2014[...]
May|June 2014[...]
May|June 2014[...]
Producer Vivek Tiwary C’96 W’96 wrote a book on the “fifth Beatle.” [...]
Baseball and military service shaped the life of Nick Francona W’08.[...]
Location scout Dan Gorman CGS’82 GEd’97 puts Philly on film.[...]
Judith Rodin CW’66 Hon’04 was a co-chair at Davos this year.[...]
Darlene Cavalier CGS’05 is a cheerleader for science.[...]
May|June 2014[...]
“Outsider” composer Joseph Hallman LPS’13 has arrived.[...]