March|April 2017

1936 | Leon J. Levitz C’36, Arlington, Texas, retired co-founder of the family chain of warehouse-style furniture retail stores; Sept. 18, at 101. A pioneer of the industry, he helped grow Levitz into a nationwide chain. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Alpha fraternity.

1937 | Justin L. Rosenblatt W’37, Minneapolis, Minn., retired head of D.B. Rosenblatt Inc., an apparel manufacturer; Nov. 8, at 101. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. One son is David B. Rosenblatt W’64.

1938 | Dr. Arthur R. Errion C’38 M’32, Atlanta, a retired physician; May 18, 2015. At Penn, he was a member of the Penn Band.

1939 | Dr. Gerald H. Amsterdam C’39 M’43 GM’49, Longwood, Fla., a retired surgeon who had maintained a practice in the Philadelphia area for over 40 years; Sept. 1. During World War II, he served in the US Army Air Forces.

1940 | Irene Ann Gratzon HUP’40, Catasauqua, Pa., a retired registered nurse; Nov. 12.

Lorraine Chevalier McDonald CW’40, Dallas, Dec. 11. During World War II, she served in the US Navy as a communications officer in New York. One son is Dr. Robert C. McDonald WG’92, one daughter is Sally McDonald Berven W’84 and one granddaughter is Aliy Zirkle C’92, a champion dogsled racer.

Murray H. Shusterman G’40, Philadelphia, a retired senior partner of the law firm Fox Rothschild; Dec. 5, at 104. One son is Robert J. Shusterman GAr’63, whose wife is Heidi Cooke Shusterman GLA’74.

John K. Zacherle C’40, New York, a retired actor who rose to prominence as a television horror-movie host; Oct. 27. One of the leading late-night horror hosts of his generation, he played a crypt-dwelling undertaker on television stations in Philadelphia and New York in the late 1950s and early 1960s, bringing humor to the role with a booming laugh. He later became a prominent radio DJ. During World War II, he served in the US Army. At Penn, he was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

1941 | Dr. Walter Areinoff C’41 D’43, Boynton Beach, Fla., a retired dentist of 50 years; Dec. 7. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. One daughter is Abby S. Areinoff Harbicht W’77.

1942 | Elizabeth McBlane McCauley Ed’42 GEd’50, Lancaster, Pa., a retired business teacher at Radnor High School; Dec. 9. At Penn, she was a member of Kappa Delta sorority.

Dolph Simons EE’42, Philadelphia, a retired electrical engineer who owned a static-eliminator company; Nov. 27.

1943 | Bernard J. Alpher W’43, Chevy Chase, Md., Nov. 7.

Miriam Drexler Frankel OT’43, Valhalla, N.Y., a retired nursery-school director; Aug. 28, 2015. She previously worked as an elementary-school teacher and occupational therapist. One son is Alan L. Frankel SW’78.

Michael Marian W’43, Blue Bell, Pa., a retired banker; Oct. 2. During World War II, he served in the US Army. One brother is John V. Marian W’53.

Carlette S. Vance HUP’43, Owenton, Ky., a retired nurse; May 25. During World War II, she served in the US Army Nurse Corps.

Dr. Courtland Van Deusen III M’43, Columbus, N.C., retired head of radiology at Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital; Nov. 9. During World War II, he served in the US Army as the director of a POW hospital in France.

1944 | Dr. Eleanor Newman Hutchens G’44 Gr’57, Huntsville, Ala., a retired professor of English at the University of Alabama; Nov. 9.

1945 | Dr. Stanley I. Spoont C’45 M’48, Boynton Beach, Fla., a retired doctor who served as the Philadelphia Flyers’ first team physician from 1966 to 1974; Nov. 22. His son is Dr. Robert Spoont D’81, whose wife is Dr. Ann F. Spoont GD’81.

Deborah Lauter Weinstein HUP’45, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., a retired nursing instructor at HUP; Nov. 2.

1946 | Martha Viele Berger CW’46, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Feb. 24, 2016. At Penn, she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.

Benjamin A. Gilman W’46, Middletown, N.Y., a retired Republican US congressman; Dec. 17. First elected in 1972, he served 15 terms representing a district north of New York City. He chaired what is now the Foreign Affairs Committee and was a founder of the House Human Rights Caucus, helping to arrange prisoner exchanges. One of his signature issues was anti-drug legislation, after he noted the problem as an assistant attorney general in New York in the 1950s, often working with Democratic leaders to craft bills. During World War II, he served in the US Army Air Forces. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s lightweight rowing team.

Dr. John Schulman Jr. M’46, Peabody, Mass., a retired physician who maintained a practice in Albuquerque, N.M.; July 13. One daughter is Nancy Schulman Maxwell CW’70.

Edward E. Straub W’46, Philadelphia, a retired partner in his family jewelry store in Abington; March 11. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s swimming team.

1947 | James W. Ambrey C’47, Trout Valley, Ill., a retired sales manager; May 6. During World War II, he served in the US Army Air Forces.

Dr. Harry G. Keller D’47, Reiffton, Pa., a retired dentist; Oct. 28.

Dr. James J. Mikula C’47, Glenside, Pa., a retired chemist for the US Department of Defense; Dec. 12. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s track team.

Dr. Bernadine Ziegler Paulshock CW’47 M’51 GM’53, Skillman N.J., a retired physician who had maintained a practice in Wilmington, Del., for many years; Oct. 16. One daughter is Dale R. Paulshock WG’83.

Edgar Rodger Raffe W’47, Wilmette, Ill., Sept. 10. At Penn, he was a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. His son is Ronald C. Raffe W’80 WG’80 and his daughter is Minda Raffe Bernberg W’76.

Spencer Zaslow W’47, Jenkintown, Pa., a retired partner and executive vice president of ATD-American Co., a family-run furniture and textile distributor; July 27. He was a president and a member of the gift committee for the Class of 1947. One son is Robert Joseph Zaslow W’89 and one brother is Jerome M. Zaslow W’45, both of whom helped him run the company as did his other brother, Arnold Zaslow W’50, who died on Feb. 18, 2015.

1948 | Dr. Nicholas C. Economidis C’48 M’52 GM’56, Webster, Texas, a retired physician who maintained a geriatric practice in Philadelphia; Oct. 25. He also served as staff physician for the old Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper in the 1960s. During World War II, he served in the US Army Air Corps.

Dr. Catherine Gibson-Havemeier Ed’48 GEd’50, Lancaster, Pa., a retired professor of French at Wichita State University; March 17. One son is Paul E. Oppenheimer Jr. C’82.

Marilyn Fischer Levin Ed’48 GEd’49, Wynnewood, Pa., a retired elementary-school teacher; Dec. 29, 2014.

Charles V. Miller L’48, Mechanicsburg, Pa., a retired attorney; Nov. 24. During World War II, he served in the US Army.

1949 | Howard L. Biddle W’49, Cincinnati, a retired national sales manager for the Container Corporation of America; Aug. 29. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Ernest W. Brindle Jr. WG’49, Winchester, Va., a retired financial executive with Amoco; Aug. 31. During World War II, he served in the US Army Air Corps. His son is Dr. Jeffrey S. Brindle C’71.

John A. Davis Jr. G’49, Indiana, Pa., emeritus professor of English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; March 8. During World War II and the Korean War, he served in the US Army.

Irene Kelly Dissinger HUP’49, Mechanicsburg, Pa., Nov. 12.

Ralph H. Foulds W’49, Glen Ellyn, Ill., former president and co-owner of Altair Environmental Group in Longwood, Fla.; Aug. 3. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s swimming team and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

A. C. Reeves Hicks L’49, Princeton, N.J., a retired partner at the Philadelphia law firm Drinker, Biddle & Reath; Nov. 30.

Dr. George A. Krikos D’49, Denver, a retired associate dean and chair of the basic-sciences department at the University of Colorado who helped found the dental school there; Oct. 19. He had served as chair of oral pathology at Penn in the 1960s. His brother is Dr. Apostolos Krikos C’49.

Harvey H. Levitan C’49, Philadelphia, retired president of Educational Services Center Inc.; Oct. 4, 2015. His sons are Daniel S. Levitan C’82 and Jonathan Levitan C’85 L’88, whose wife is Stacy Jarrett Levitan C’87 L’90; his brother is Seymour I. Levitan C’56 G’58. His wife, Joan Levitan CGS’07, died on Oct. 14, 2015.

Madeleine Alpin Liedtka DH’49, Pennington, N.J., Dec. 8.

Robert E. Preston W’49, Carlisle, Pa., a retired treasurer at Farmers Trust Co.; Oct. 24. During World War II, he served in the US Army.

June C. Kozura Ruscavage HUP’49, Willingboro, N.J., a retired registered nurse; Oct. 15.

1950 | Martha Callahan HUP’50, Ephrata, Pa., a former nurse at Ephrata Community Hospital; Oct. 12.

Carlo J. Distefano W’50, Swedesboro, N.J., an owner of a beauty salon in Wayne, Pa.; Dec. 29, 2014.

Henry B. Harbage Ed’50 GEd’51, West Chester, Pa., a retired teacher at Overbrook School for the Blind; Nov. 7. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

John L. Kelsey WG’50, Vero Beach, Fla., a retired investment banker; Sept. 20. During World War II, he served in the US Army.

Stanley M. Pechman W’50, Boca Raton, Fla., a retired finance executive; Oct. 1. At Penn, he was a member of Kappa Nu fraternity. His daughter is Susan Pechman C’79.

R. Christine Royer G’50, New York, a retired professor of English, director of admissions, and VP for development and alumnae affairs at Barnard College; Nov. 6.

Dr. Raymond E. Silk GM’50, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., a retired surgeon; Aug. 21.

Lorene M. Southworth WG’50, Bethlehem, Pa., a retired human-resource director for several companies in Philadelphia and Baltimore; May 20. Her husband is George F. Southworth W’50.

Helen Haritonuk Whitaker G’50, Southampton, Pa., Dec. 30, 2014.

1951 | William F. Carney W’51, Newbury Park, Calif., Sept. 1. One son is William F. Carney III C’72.

Jack J. Colligan W’51, New Providence, N.J., a retired chief financial officer at Red Devil Inc.; Nov. 10. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Dr. Barbara Fine Fleisher Ed’51 GEd’52, Philadelphia, a retired professor of education at Arcadia University; Oct. 29. Her son is Peter M. Fleisher WG’87, whose wife is Virginia R. Fleisher WG’87.

Dr. Eugene Galanter G’51 Gr’53, New York, emeritus professor of psychology at Columbia University who had earlier served on the faculty at Penn; Nov. 9. One of the founders of cognitive psychology, he wrote 12 books and founded a company that specializes in computer technology for children. He taught at Penn (1953-56 and 1959-62), before going to Columbia, where he founded its psychophysics laboratory. During World War II, he served in the US Army, earning a Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Croix de Guerre with Palm, and Presidential Unit Citation. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s swimming team.

Peter Kirby Ar’51, Spokane, Wash., a retired architect; Sept. 14. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

1952 | Bruce S. Davidson W’52, New York, a retired high-school history teacher; April 1. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s volleyball team. During the Korean War, he served in the US Army.

Dr. Fred R. Guenther V’52, Newtown, Pa., a retired veterinarian who had maintained a practice there for many years; Nov. 25. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s track team.

Hannah F. Haltrecht Ed’52, Mesa, Ariz., a retired real-estate agent; Sept. 8.

Dr. Eugene V. Kasper D’52, Pinehurst, N.C., a retired dentist who maintained a practice in Buffalo, N.Y., for over 30 years; Nov. 23. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

David McCahan Jr. W’52, Vero Beach, Fla., a retired life-insurance agent; Nov. 27, 2015. At Penn, he was a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity and captain of the men’s lacrosse team. His brother is Dr. John F. McCahan C’58 M’63.

Dr. Peter C. Nowell M’52 GM’56 Hon’10, Newtown Square, Pa., emeritus professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at Penn and a groundbreaking researcher best known for co-discovering the Philadelphia chromosome in 1960; Dec. 26. He returned to Penn Medicine as an instructor, later becoming a professor in the pathology department, which he chaired from 1967 to 1973. He and his colleague David Hungerford discovered the Philadelphia chromosome, the first direct indication that cancers could be caused by genetic alterations. In 1973, Dr. Howell became the first director of the Pennsylvania Cancer Center, now known as the Abramson Cancer Center, and helped advance cancer research at Penn, before retiring in 2007. Penn established the Peter C. Nowell, MD, Professorship in 2015.

Richard L. Schultz W’52, Fairfield, Conn., retired executive director of the American Association of Port Authorities; Nov. 17. During World War II, he served in the US Army.

James J. Young WG’52, Granville, Ohio, a retired vice president for corporate planning at Owens Corning; Sept. 27.

1953 | Lee W. Bolte L’53, Salisbury, Md., a retired attorney who maintained a practice for over 60 years; Aug. 6.

Marlene Aaron Hirsch CW’53, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Nov. 6.

Richard H. Nitzberg W’53, Yardley, Pa., a retired real-estate broker; Oct. 29.

David E. Scheirer Gr’53, Annandale, N.J., a retired chemist for Honeywell; Oct. 23, 2015. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

1954 | Dr. William C. Ackerly M’54 GM’58, Lyme, N.H., a retired psychiatrist; May 23. He lived directly off the Appalachian Trail and was known to offer ice cream, rest, conversation, and even the occasional game of croquet to weary hikers. He became known on the trail as “The Ice Cream Man.”

Norman D. Boardman W’54, Sarasota, Fla., a retired field-operations manager for The Hartford, the insurance firm; Dec. 8. His wife is Francie Masters Boardman Ed’55 GEd’57 G’61 and his son is Dr. Norman Douglas Boardman III M’92. At Penn, he was a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity and the Glee Club.

Lasker Harris W’54, Farmingdale, N.Y., retired CEO of Direct Packaging, Inc.; Oct. 26. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s tennis team.

Louise Kannapel HUP’54, Delaware, Ohio, a retired nurse; Oct. 13.

Dr. Jay A. Larkey GM’54, Milwaukee, Wisc., a retired obstetrician-gynecologist; Feb. 14, 2016.

Murray Milkman L’54, Media, Pa., a retired attorney for PPL Corp.; Nov. 20. His brother is Dr. Robert L. Milkman C’60 and one son is Samuel C. Milkman C’85.

William Gresham O’Malley III W’54, Villanova, Pa., a retired senior vice president at Janney Montgomery Scott; Oct. 16. At Penn, he was president of Zeta Psi fraternity.

Sheila Sutland Pakula DH’54, Baltimore, Nov. 29.

James W. Westcott WG’54, Toronto, Aug. 1. His wife is Nancy Curran Westcott ED’52.

1955 | Gwenda Acton Barnitz CW’55, Treasure Island, Fla., Aug. 23. She had been a coordinator of volunteers at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.

Dr. Howard M. Cyr Jr. D’55, Palmerton, Pa., a retired dentist who maintained a practice for 43 years; June 16, 2015. He later ran his own masonry business. His wife is Mary E. O’Halloran Cyr DH’53.

Rhoda Eisman Dersh CW’55, Boca Raton, Fla., the retired founder-president of the Pace Institute, a career school in Reading, Pa.; Feb. 1, 2016. Her husband is Dr. Jerome Dersh GM’56 and her daughter is Debra L. Dersh SW’95.

Joel M. Ebert W’55, Sarasota, Fla., a retired healthcare consultant; March 16, 2015.

Adrienne Witt Feigin CW’55, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Nov. 28. Her daughter is Allison F. DiCandilo C’82, whose husband is Michael D. DiCandilo W’82.

Melitta Daudt Hallman CW’55, Lafayette Hill, Pa., a retired executive vice president at Sprint Corp.; Nov. 3. Her husband is Dr. G. Victor Hallman III W’52 Gr’64. At Penn, she was a member of Chi Omega sorority.

Dr. John W. Seddon V’55, Davidsonville, Md., a retired veterinarian who maintained a practice for 50 years; June 7.

1956 | Henry W. de Luca Jr. W’56, Wyncote, Pa., a retired actor; Nov. 26. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s swimming team. One son is Daniel J. de Luca C’90.

J. Thomas Quigg WG’56, Montrose, Pa., retired head of the Pump N Pantry convenience stores; Oct. 13, 2015.

Walter A. Smith W’56 L’59, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif., a retired attorney; Dec. 6.

1957 | Carolyn Erickson Amick WG’57, La Vale, Md., Dec. 10. He had worked in insurance.

Ugo R. Cieri C’57, Southampton, Pa., Oct. 13.

Dr. Robert J. Day V’57, Paradise, Utah, a retired veterinarian; Feb. 1, 2016.

Rodman Kober C’57 L’60, Monroe, N.J., Aug. 20. His brother is Dr. Frederick Kober C’60 Gr’64.

Dr. William Mason McCarty GM’57, Troy, N.Y., a retired ophthalmologist; Dec. 5.

John B. Tuthill W’57, Chester, N.Y., a former groomer and trainer of racehorses; Oct. 17. During the Korean War, he served in the US Air Force.

1958 | Donald S. Dean WG’58, New York, a retired cost accountant for Manhattan Properties; Dec. 2.

Dr. Joseph Engelberg G’58, Lexington, Ky., emeritus professor of physiology at the University of Kentucky; Oct. 2.

David J. Herrell C’58, Glen Allen, Va., a retired manager of overseas aid for the National Council of Churches; Oct. 1.

Dr. Rowland A. Hutchinson D’58, Louisville, a retired professor and dean of the dental school at the University of Louisville; Nov. 13. He had spent 20 years in the US Army Dental Corps, retiring as a colonel.

1959 | Gerald Broker L’59, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a former partner in the Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome LLP; Nov. 15. His daughter is Rachel A. Kaplan C’91 and his sister is Donna B. Epstein CW’72 GEd’72.

Harvey S. Henning Jr. G’59, California, Md., a retired Pentagon intelligence officer who had specialized on the old Soviet space program; Oct. 13.

David Kirsh C’59, Rydal, Pa., Sept. 14.

Dr. Thomas J. Heitzman D’59, Pennington, N.J., a retired chief of dental surgery at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital; Dec. 7.

Dr. Thurmond Hunter Pryor GM’59, Coral Gables, Fla., a retired radiologist; Nov. 19.

Dr. Howard E. Shute M’59, Severna Park, Md., a retired medical officer for the US Navy; Nov. 3. During the Korean War, he served in the US Navy. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.

William C. Toole WG’59, St. George, Utah, a retired insurance agent; Oct. 15.

Alan F. Zeilinger W’59, Moreland Hills, Ohio, a former head of Magic American Corp, producer of specialty surface cleaners; Nov. 15.

1960 | Harvey C. Berman W’60, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., a retired attorney; June 1. At Penn, he was a member of Beta Sigma Rho fraternity. His son is Michael R. Berman W’85.

J. Cannon Carter III W’60 WG’65, Bedford, Ohio, Jan. 6, 2016.

Laurence N. Gold WG’60, Tower Lakes, Ill., a market-research executive and owner-publisher of Inside Research, an industry publication; March 12, 2015.

Dr. Ann Harley Nu’60 GNu’62, Jefferson City, Tenn., a retired dean of nursing at Carson-Newman University; Nov. 13.

Bruce Hirshorn L’60, Arlington, Va., a retired partner at the law firm Boring & Pilger; July 7. He previously worked in the US Foreign Service, carrying out assignments for the US Department of State around the world.

Dr. Neil F. McAllister GEE’60 GrE’69, Fairfax, Va., a retired electrical engineer at TASC, a military contractor; Oct. 30.

Dr. Walter J. S. Polestak Gr’60, Morristown, N.J., a retired physical chemist; Oct. 30.

Norman J. Singer W’60, Tuscaloosa, Ala., emeritus professor of law and anthropology at the University of Alabama; Oct. 31. At Penn, he was a member of the men’s track team.

1961 | Dr. Karl O. Budmen GrEd’61, New Paltz, N.Y., emeritus professor of secondary education at SUNY New Paltz; April 30, 2015.

Dr. Norig Ellison M’61 GM’70, West Chester, Pa., emeritus professor of anesthesiology and critical care at the Perelman School of Medicine; Oct. 21. He came to Penn in 1967 as an instructor, was appointed an assistant professor of anesthesia in 1972, an associate professor in 1978, and a full professor in 1982. He was acting department chair 1987-88 and vice chair 1989-2001, before retiring in 2004. Penn Medicine established a Norig Ellison, MD Outstanding Resident Award in his honor in 2009. During the Vietnam War, he served in the US Army, earning a Bronze Star Medal. His children are Christopher N. Ellison WEv’94 and Susan Elizabeth Ellison C’87.

Jeffrey S. Kaufman W’61, Coral Gables, Fla., a retired financial adviser; Nov. 16. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.

Anthony S. Leidner L’61, Pearl River, La., a retired attorney; April 18.

Dr. Jacobus T. Severiens WG’61, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, emeritus professor of finance at John Carroll University; Nov. 29.

1962 | Philip J. Ablove W’62, Naples, Fla., Nov. 18. He worked as a turnaround expert for Fortune 500 companies. At Penn, he was a member of Mask and Wig.

John W. Beatty L’62, Erie, Pa., a retired partner at the law firm Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett; Oct. 30.

Dr. Robert D. Cohen G’62, Bethlehem, Pa., a retired head of his own college-admissions consulting firm; Dec. 6, 2016.

Dr. Alfred J. Katz M’62, Rockville, Md., a retired executive director of blood services at American Red Cross; Jan. 24, 2016.

Dr. Edward L. Kimball GrL’62, Provo, Utah, emeritus professor of law at Brigham Young University; Nov. 21.

William E. Kirkpatrick EE’62, Portsmouth, R.I., a retired engineer; June 22. One son is Steven William Kirkpatrick WG’96.

Dr. Allan S. Per C’62 GEd’64, Bensalem, Pa., a retired teacher at Bensalem High School; Oct. 24.

Harry E. Reagan III W’62 L’65, Newtown, Pa., a retired labor lawyer at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius; Nov. 28. At Penn, he was a member of the sprint football and rugby teams. His wife is Marvene Rogers Reagan Nu’75 GNu’89.

Robert A. Rush W’62, South Egremont, Mass., the owner of Church Street Trading, an upscale clothing and antique store in Great Barrington, Mass.; Nov. 15. His daughter is Hillary Rush C’95, who took over the store.

1 963 | Susan Goldstein Deutsch CW’63, New Rochelle, N.Y., a former teacher; Aug. 25. At Penn, she was a member of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. Her husband is Ira J. Deutsch W’61 and her daughters are Stephanie L. Deutsch C’87 and Kate Deutsch Eichel W’98.

Robert H. Jacobs W’63, Radnor, Pa., a retired broker; Nov. 6.

Dr. Raymond M. Macedonia WG’63, North Andover, Mass., a retired scientist at Textron Systems; Nov. 16. During the Korean War and Vietnam War, he served in the US Army. He also had taught at West Point and the US Army War College.

John E. Ruddy W’63, Saint Petersburg, Fla., a retired marketing executive for Seagrams; Nov. 18.

Rita Lombardi Sebring CW’63 GEd’66, Pylesville, Md., a retired teacher; Aug. 17. At Penn, she was a member of the field hockey team and Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

Edwin D. Stowell Jr. GEd’63, Chelsea, Ala., a retired science teacher; Aug. 23, 2015. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

1964 | Dr. Stanley L. Malkin C’64, New York, N.Y., a neurologist and clinical professor of neurology at Mt. Sinai Hospital; Nov. 24.

Edward A. Servick W’64, Kent, Conn., a commercial real-estate agent; Nov. 28. At Penn, he was a member of the heavyweight rowing team.

Georgette Smith HUP’64, Mechanicsburg, Pa., a retired registered nurse with Hoover Rehabilitation Services; Nov. 19.

Dr. Daniel G. Witmer M’64, Harrisonburg, Va., a retired obstetrician-gynecologist; June 26.

1965 | Dr. Richard D. Baltz GM’65, Camp Hill, Pa., a retired pediatrician; Dec. 11.

Nancy Landis Fry CW’65, Boyce, Va., a retired ER technician; May 25. At Penn, she was a member of the women’s basketball team.

Walter J. Jaconski C’65, San Diego, Calif., Sept. 8. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Friars, and the men’s cross-country and track teams.

1966 | Dr. Howard M. Littman V’66, Scottsdale, Ariz., a veterinarian; Jan. 31, 2016.

Joseph I. Moore WG’66, Woodstown, N.J., a retired Episcopal pastor; July 14.

Yvonne M. Peiffer SW’66, Exton, Pa., a retired director of post-adoption services for Chester County; Dec. 3.

Robert W. Wettling W’66, Christiana, Pa., Dec. 12, 2015. He had worked for a steel and a lumber company.

James J. Worst GEE’66, Broad Run, Va., a retired captain for American Airlines; Oct. 30. During the Korean War, he served in the US Air Force.

1967 | Louis D. Coddon II W’67, Atlanta, a retired corporate attorney for Coca-Cola; Nov. 24. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity.

Dr. David J. Mir GM’67, Erie, Pa., a retired orthopedic surgeon; Nov. 6.

Dr. Edward V. Twiggar II M’67, Coal Township, Pa., a retired surgeon; March 16.

1968 | W. Ronald Harris GD’68, Louisville, Ky., a retired oral surgeon; Aug. 5.

William J. Houser Jr. W’68, Reseda, Calif., a retired attorney; Nov. 1. At Penn, he was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Susan Korpi Marshall G’68, Philadelphia, a retired attorney for the New Hampshire legislature; Nov. 8. Her husband is Dr. J.C. Douglas Marshall G’64 Gr’67.

Dr. Steven W. Seitchik D’68, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice for many years; Nov. 27.


1970 | Dr. Melvyn Hammarberg Gr’70 GEd’83 Gr’89, West Chester, Pa., a retired associate professor of anthropology at Penn and consulting curator at the Penn Museum; Dec. 10. He joined Penn in 1970 as an instructor of American civilization; he later held positions in the English, political-science, and anthropology departments, as well as what is now the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. A cultural anthropologist who focused on individual identity and group cohesion, he wrote The Indiana Voter: Historical Dynamics of Party Allegiance during the 1870s (1977) and developed the Penn Inventory for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, before retiring in 2008. His wife is Yuehong Wang GCS’03.

1971 | Karen Stein Davies CGS’71 GLA’90, Malvern, Pa., an architect; June 29.

Alexander I. Lewis III L’71, Ruxton, Md., an attorney at the law firm Venable LLP; Dec. 18.

1972 | Cynthia Marsden Doubt Nu’72, Erie, Pa., a nurse practitioner; Nov. 10, 2015. Her brother is John R. Marsden GEd’65.

Carl E. Horton WG’72, Windermere, Fla., retired CEO of Absolut Spirits Co.; Nov. 5, 2015.

1973 | Dr. Richard D. Capriotti GM’73, Blue Bell, Pa., a retired ophthalmologist who maintained a practice for nearly 40 years; Nov. 21, 2015.

James L. Jillson WEv’73, Ridley Park, Pa., a retired banking executive; Oct. 20.

Dr. Joan E. Miller CW’73 V’78, Seattle, a retired veterinarian, physician, and medical consultant for Washington State’s Disability Determination Service; Nov. 5. Her husband is Peter M. Briglia Jr. CE’73 and her brother is R. Russell Miller EE’69.

1974 | Barbara L. Rozday SW’74, Redmond, Wash., Oct. 10.

1976 | Dr. Daniel W. O’Brien GrS’76, Halifax, Nova Scotia, retired president of St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick; Oct. 30.

Dr. Roger P. Rundbaken D’76, Glen Mills, Pa., a dentist; Nov. 23.

1977 | Dr. Edwin A. Wagner V’77, Etters, Pa., a veterinarian; Dec. 6.

1978 | Dr. Art E. Bass V’78, Tustin, Calif., a small-animal veterinarian; Oct. 23, 2015.

Sarajane Edelglass Hersh C’78 GCP’80, Ardmore, Pa., Oct. 29.

James J. Nuttall SW’78, Wilmington, Del., a retired social worker for children; Nov. 22.

1979 | Judith Ann Martin WG’79, Stamford, Conn., a retired vice president of marketing for Pitney Bowes; Nov. 10. Her daughter is Sarah L. Martin C’10.

1983 | Dr. Constantin Cope GM’83, Yardley, Pa., emeritus professor of radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Nov. 6. Prominent in the field of interventional radiology, he invented many types of catheters used in diagnostic and treatment procedures. He joined HUP in 1986 as a lecturer, before being appointed a professor of radiology and clinician educator, with a secondary appointment in gastroenterology. He retired in 2004. Born in Paris, he became a US citizen and served in the US Army as a medical officer during the Korean War.

Thomas J. Eppright C’83, Drexel Hill, Pa., an insurance agent for Farmers Insurance; July 13, 2015.

1985 | Lawrence E. Levitz WG’85, Bronxville, N.Y., a director of Fitch Ratings, the credit-rating agency; Nov. 16.

Martha Brizendine Jenkinson WG’85 GrW’98, Houston, a former healthcare administrator; Sept. 19, 2015.

1988 | Jodi T. Peikes GNu’88, West Hartford, Conn., a nurse in hospitals in New York state and Connecticut; Nov. 4.

1989 | Dr. Diana T. Dadamo GEng’89 Gr’90, Philadelphia, Oct. 11.

1990 | Cynthia S. Crate G’90, Louisville, Colo., Nov. 1.

2000 | Dr. Matthew S. Parker L’00 GrEd’15, Havertown, Pa., associate dean for graduate programs and executive director of legal-education programs at Penn Law; Nov. 6. He oversaw the school’s LLM (Master of Laws), LLCM (Masters in Comparative Law), and SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science) programs. He returned to Penn in 2005 as an associate director of graduate and international programs. In 2008, he was named an assistant dean for graduate programs. Penn Law will establish the Matthew S. Parker LLM Student Fund in his honor, to provide emergency support for LLM students who experience difficulty while studying at Penn. His wife is Dr. Michelle E. Parker V’05.

2004 | John J. Harrington GEng’04, Fogelsville, Pa., Nov. 13. He worked in the children’s toy industry.

2005 | Andrew M. Marble L’05, Worcester, Mass., a quality-assurance specialist at TM Electronics; Nov. 12. He previously was an attorney at the Philadelphia firms Dilworth Paxson and Pepper Hamilton.

2006 | Matthew J. Honea GCP’06, Philadelphia, a project manager at Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp.; Nov. 28.

2012 | Benjamin C. Schuttler C’12 W’12 WG’18 , Philadelphia, a Wharton MBA student; Nov. 1. He worked for Boston Consulting Group from 2012 to 2016, before returning to Penn last fall to begin his MBA, focusing on entrepreneurial management.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Peter H. Berman, Philadelphia, a senior neurologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and emeritus professor of pediatrics and neurology at the Perelman School of Medicine; Sept. 1. He joined Penn in 1969 as an associate professor of pediatrics and neurology and was appointed professor in 1979, specializing in child neurology and pediatric epilepsy. He retired from that chair in 2011, but continued to work at CHOP until his death. His sons are John Kenneth Berman C’88 WG’93 and Michael C. Berman C’93.

Dr. Constantin Cope. See Class of 1983 .

Dr. James C. Davis, Roxborough, Pa., emeritus professor of European history; Oct. 26. He was a professor for 34 years and served as chair of history from 1989 to 1990, before retiring in 1994. He wroteSo Far, So Good: An Historian’s Memoirs (2008), The Human Story: Our History From the Stone Age to Today (2005), and A Venetian Family and Its Fortune: 1500-1900 (1975). He also served on the Senate Executive Committee and other Faculty Senate committees at Penn and was co-chair of the ad-hoc Adult Literacy Committee, which was created to help Philadelphia’s adults who could not read. One son is David J. Davis C’77 and his daughter is Miriam Davis Lally Nu’82, whose husband is John C. Lally W’82.

Dr. Norig Ellison. See Class of 1961 .

Dr. James Fell, Gladwyne, Pa., emeritus professor of mathematics; Dec. 16. He came to Penn in 1965 and remained here until his retirement in 1991. He later took Sanskrit courses at Penn and published six books on Icelandic Christianity. His daughter is Dr. Rachel Fell McDermott C’81.

Dr. Eugene H. Galanter. See Class of 1951.

Dr. Melvyn Hammarberg. See Class of 1970.

Dr. George A. Krikos. See Class of 1949 .

Dr. Peter C. Nowell. See Class of 1952.

Dr. Matthew S. Parker. See Class of 2000 .

Dr. Ruben E. Reina, Wallingford, Pa., emeritus professor of anthropology and consulting curator emeritus at the Penn Museum; Dec. 17. He was appointed an assistant professor of anthropology and to an assistant curatorship at the Penn Museum in 1957. He was chair of the undergraduate anthropology program from 1960 to 1966 and of the department from 1971 to 1976. He directed several exhibitions at the Penn Museum and taught full-time until 1990, focusing largely on the culture of Guatemala. His wife is Betty Burton Reina GEd’79 and two of his sons are Randall L. Reina C’80 GEd’81 GrEd’90 and Roger A. Reina C’84 WEv’05, a former Penn wrestling coach and now a senior associate director at Penn Athletics.

School Abbreviations

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