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Vol. 100, No. 1


The Agenda for Excellence
Take nine strategic goals, six academic priorities, 12 schools, five years and close to a billion dollars and what do you get? 
By John Prendergast

Art from a Land of Sun and Shadows
A new exhibition at the Arthur Ross Gallery showcases an alumnus’s powerful collection of modern Mexican art.
By Samuel Hughes

The Particle Sleuths
Penn researchers have a long history of tracking solar neutrinos, elusive particles which may tell us much about our sun and the nature of matter itself.
By Susan Lonkevich

Man of Letters 
Alfred Butts created the blockbuster word game known as Scrabble during the Depression. A new book examines the meticulous word-tinker, the evolution of the game, and the effect it had on America.
By Stefan Fatsis


From the Editor
Getting Results

Creation question, Chimpsky correction, cities railroaded, surgical strike. 

Notes From the Undergrad
More than a game.

From College Hall
Penn and the arts. 

Alumni Voices
A sublettor’s story.

Mt. Sinai’s Rubenstein named Medical School dean and Health System EVP
The “essence of the finest lectures” from “outrageously good lecturers”
The Cassatt Quartet makes music
William Mack gives $10 million for technological innovation
Sheltering the homeless—and saving money 
Social Work Dean Ira Schwartz chooses Temple
$14 million for bioengineering from Whitaker Foundation
A 25-year framework for the future of campus development

Off the Shelf 
Raw Material. What the Victorians thought about disease

Football prepares to defend its Ivy crown.

Alumni Profiles
A more in-depth look at some of Penn’s outstanding alumni.
Jeremy Brosowsky C’95 | Business Without The Boring
Bill Novelli C’63 ASC’64 | What’s New About Getting Old
Seth Forman C’94 | Life-Saving Reminders
Steven Kryger W’86 | From Drug Busts to Derivatives: Math Teacher With A History
Mark DeRosa W’97 | Batting for Pie in the Sky, He Gets Pie in the Face
Ira Einhorn C’61 | “Enzyme” Incarcerated

Alumni Notes
Comings, goings, appointments, promotions, accolades
and other personal news


Double Acrostic.

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