$14 Million Grant Sparks Bioengineering Initiative

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A $14 million“Leadership-Development Award” from the Whitaker Foundation is being leveraged by Penn’s Department of Bioengineering in a big way. Not only will the grant lead to new facilities for the department as well as seven new faculty members and additional funds for graduate-student support; it will be matched by $42.8 million in University funds, making for a total initiative of $56.8 million.
    Bioengineering is one of the cornerstones of Penn’s Agenda for Excellence. According to Dr. Eduardo D. Glandt GCh’75 Gr’77, dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Penn’s “strong belief in and commitment to the important role of engineering and technology on its campus is reflected in this extraordinarily generous investment in this initiative.”
    One of the grant’s major objectives is to use the insights and techniques of modern molecular medicine and cell biology to prevent and treat diseases through such technologies as genomics, proteomics, and cell and tissue engineering, said Dr. Daniel Hammer, GCh’84 Gr’87, professor and chair of bioengineering. “Engineering will play an increasing role in the development of these concepts from fundamental biology to clinical treatment.”
    The mission of the Arlington, Va.-based Whitaker Foundation is to promote better human health through advancements in medicine and rehabilitation

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