It was a stone gas, honey. Love, Peace, and Soul.[...]
Jan|Feb 2014[...]
Latest crop of clubs from Kelly Writers House.[...]
Elizabeth Greenspan CGS’99 Gr’06’s Battle for Ground Zero. [...]
Nov|Dec 2013[...]
We spoke with Allison Gutknecht C’05 about her first book, Don’t Wear Polka-Dot Underwear with White Pants and Other Lessons I’ve Learned, which comes out next month.[...]
This year's online book discussions will focus on everything from "linked narratives" and short stories to poems and Bob Dylan.[...]
Bad business. The Billionaire’s Apprentice and The Firm.[...]
Not another polemic. Adoption: A Brief Social and Cultural History[...]
July|Aug 2013[...]
May|June 2013[...]
Steven Ujifusa GFA’05 on the United States and its maker. [...]
Writers v. robber barons. The Great American Railroad War.[...]
A selection of books recently published by alumni[...]
Writing charitable cookbooks.[...]
From Penn's English Department.[...]
The award statement calls A Visit From the Goon Squad “a novel at once experimental in form and crystal clear in the overlapping stories it delivers, offering us a sense of youth and what gets lost along the way.”[...]