Volume 111, No. 1


Making Democracy Safer for Governing
Even the best-intentioned politicians can find themselves distracted from the public interest by factors ranging from the continual demands of fundraising, to the expectations of supporters and activists, to an often cynical, “horse-race” obsessed media. But even in the era of the permanent campaign, there are ways to foster an environment more conducive to governing, say the authors of The Spirit of Compromise: Why Governing Demands It and Campaigning Undermines It.
By Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson
Plus: A Q&A with Amy Gutmann

Dispatches from the Front
In a series of interviews and book excerpts, three of Penn’s most prominent political alumni—Ed Rendell C’65 Hon’00, Jon M. Huntsman Jr. C’87 Hon’10, and Arlen Specter C’51—discuss their time as office-seekers and public servants, and offer some hard-earned advice about what needs fixing. 
By Samuel Hughes 

Toward a More Perfect Union
Whoever wins the White House will confront challenges and opportunities that were lost in the fog of electioneering. Penn scholars address five areas that the campaigns muddled, ignored, or failed to think big about.
Compiled by Trey Popp


From the Editor
From College Hall

ESSAYS : First Person
Notes from the Undergrad Those were whose days? 
Alumni Voices 
Walking the walk 
Following where Ice Road Truckers lead 
Expert Opinion America’s campaign against al Qaeda’s COOs

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
How to get an A in self-awareness 
Financial-aid director Bill Schilling C’66 L’69 retires after 40 years 
Yali Derman Nu’13 honored by Glamour, grateful kids 
Penn Museum, ICA name new directors 
Thomas Krane C’13 is headed for the stars—or maybe Wall Street 
“Palestra Dan” Harrell CGS’00 has left the building 
Susan Francia C’04 G’04 won her second gold medal in London 
Football looks to regain its rightful place atop Ivies 

ART Art-history faculty shed new light on Winslow Homer 
APPRECIATION Remembering Paul Fussell 
BOOKS “Crime of the Century,” solved? Cemetery John 

ALUMNI : Profiles 
Alan Kirschenbaum W’83’s sitcom, Friend Me, is coming to CBS 
Susan Bernfield C’86 
“can’t imagine not making something new” 
Stephen Jaffe C’77 G’78 
knows “somebody’s been listening” 
Curtis Bashaw WG’90 
restored Congress Hall—and Cape May’s fortunes 



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