Four years after a tentative but tantalizing breakthrough against leukemia, Carl June and Bruce Levine C’84 have gone from the fringes of gene therapy to the center of a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment. [...]
They tend to be uncomfortable with terms like “fighter” and “hero,” but it’s hard to know what else to call these alumni and staff volunteers who’ve traveled to the heart of the epidemic to do whatever they can to help its victims.[...]
Dan Goldring C’98 W’98 co-chairs Doctors Without Borders’ advisory board.[...]
John Maris M’89 co-leads a “Dream Team” fighting childhood cancers.[...]
Medical historian Beth Linker on war and the limits of rehabilitation.[...]
Nathan Mossell M1882 overcame great odds to become the first African-American graduate of Penn’s School of Medicine. He went on to found Philadelphia’s first black hospital—an achievement he never really wanted. [...]
A physician and bioethicist reconsiders his father’s medical paternalism.[...]
Vagelos Scholar Chris Kampmeyer is helping design a safer stent.[...]
“Titan Arm” lifts four Penn student engineers to major prizes.[...]
CHOP and Penn doctors receive prestigious John Scott Award.[...]
Q&A | After 10 years, genetic medicine mostly a “desert.” [...]