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Volume 106, No. 1


Youth, Interrupted
The Adolescent Mental Health Initiative is a major, Penn-led effort to address what one expert calls the “chronic diseases of the young.”
By Samuel Hughes

The Ethnologist Sets Out
William Curtis Farabee conducted pioneering studies of the Amazon for the Penn Museum in the early part of the 20th century. His journals and notebooks offer extraordinary glimpses of the area’s indigenous peoples, and the artifacts he brought back offer an unmatched—and still largely unexamined—treasure-trove of cultural materials.
By Beebe Bahrami

Web, Take Two
The ranger of a virtual dog park, an Internet entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist, a story scout, a “fake engineer,” and a word-of-mouth marketer are among the Penn players in a movement known (by some) as Web 2.0.
By Susan Frith


From the Editor

From College Hall


Notes from the Undergrad “Yin Yin will always be a part of me”
Alumni Voices Grad-school confidential
Elsewhere “You’re kind of messy, aren’t you?”
Expert Opinion International adoption works

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
 Guns aren’t going away, so how can we live with them more safely? 
 New award lets entrepreneurs take care of business all summer long 
 Arrivals & departures at Wharton, admissions, and alumni relations 
 “You’re burning it anyway—might as well run your cars on it” 
 Mock-stock portfolio earns real money 
 Grad-student governments merge 
 Changing Times 
 Research briefs 
 Football preview 

ART Student curators explore “Crimes of Omission” at ICA
BOOKS Censorship study. Dirt for Art’s Sake 
Briefly Noted 
Arts Calendar

ALUMNI : Profiles 
Alumnae partner in Nurse-Family Partnership
Wire actor John Doman C’66 
Slightly-too-slow bull runner Michael Lenahan C’05 
Lyme fighter Steven Phillips W’87 
Waste wrapper David Stoller C’72

ALUMNI : Events : Notes : Obituaries


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