But Where Do They Go to Sleep?

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For some Penn alumni, the College House system is more of an abstraction than something they can connect with a memory. Though its roots go back to the “living-learning” communities of the early 1970s, the current College House program really got under way about a decade ago, under the leadership of former Penn President Judith Rodin CW’66 Hon’04—who, not coincidentally, has a College House named in her honor. Each House offers a “unique combination of architectural features, specialized programming, and distinctive staff,” a brochure notes, while all provide the same level of advising and support for academic and co-curricular activities. Students from any of the four undergraduate schools, from freshmen to seniors, can live in the College House that “best suits their interests.”

Within each House are floors or devoted sections known as Residential Programs, each of which has its own faculty advisor and/or GA and RA. Below is a list of the Residential Programs available in 2007-08. For more information, go to www.collegehouses.upenn.edu.

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