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“After 43 years in education (in one way or another), I turned 65 in August and promptly retired. Well, almost.”

—David Chanko W’77

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Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Franklin M. Thomas Jr. W’50 writes, “I was saddened to learn of the death of Robert MacDonald W’50 [“Obituaries,” Sep|Oct 2020], best man at my wedding and my bridge partner at Penn. I probably kept us from going to the regionals by doubling a small slam-bam trump including the ace. Also, earlier, my prom date Winyss Acton Shepard CW’50 Gr’74, professor of history at the University of Alabama, Birmingham [“Obituaries,” Jul|Aug 2013]. I went to Penn on the GI Bill from February 1947 to August 1950. I was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, the Penn choral society, and the 150-pound football team. I have four sons: one is an editor at a weekly newspaper and a high school teacher of American literature; another is a district court judge; my third is an assistant director at the US Government Accountability Office; and my fourth was a special agent for the US state department in charge of security at the US embassy in Lima, Peru, when it was one of the four most dangerous embassies due to the Shining Path guerillas.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Dr. Richard Karlson D’55 G’60 writes, “In 1960, I first established my orthodontic practice in the seaside community of Pompano Beach, Florida. By 1968 the ‘concrete jungle’ began marching north from Ft. Lauderdale, and shortly our waterfront home was facing a 14-story high-rise. My recent book, Impossible Quest: One Man’s Journey for Adventure on the Last Frontier (available on Amazon), describes how my wife Mary and I flew over the state in search of a pristine wilderness retreat where we and our boys, Doug and Greg, could go to enjoy weekend adventures of hunting and fishing. On one of our weekend flying searches we discovered Fisheating Creek, a 60-mile undeveloped wildlife corridor, which had never been seen entirely from a highway. Flying over this remote, undeveloped land at 500-foot altitude was reminiscent of the movie Out of Africa. In 1968, I had the opportunity to purchase a large portion of land adjoining the headwaters of this last frontier of Florida. This strategic piece of property was composed of majestic oak hammocks, abundant wildlife habitat, and high ground where we could construct an airstrip plus a one-mile dirt entrance road. The book describes the journey, fraught with life-threatening close calls and challenges almost incomprehensible. I hope you will enjoy these stories about my effort to find and preserve a part of ‘old Florida.’”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Ted Moock W’56 writes, “I’ve just completed my first year of writing a political blog on the 2020 presidential election. The Moock Report has chronicled the lead-up to November 3, commenting on both the political environment and the individual presidential candidates. Readers of the blog include both Republicans and Democrats and probably some Independents as well. I have also authored and published a non-political book, been a national magazine columnist for three years, and have written extensively on the investment industry.  Should one be interested in receiving the Moock Report, just google ‘the Moock Report.’”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Jonathan Rose C’60, professor emeritus of law at Arizona State University (ASU), has established the Jonathan and Wendy Rose Professorship, with an endowment to ASU’s law school.


Robert T. Messner L’63 writes, “Following law school and an Army tour commanding an intelligence unit in Korea, I returned to practice law with a large Pittsburgh firm. Subsequently I joined a national general merchandise retail firm as its general counsel, serving in that capacity for 17 years before becoming general counsel for a large regional bank for the next 22 years, until retirement in 2008. In retirement, I have devoted much of my time to serving on various nonprofit boards and founding Braddock’s Battlefield History Center, a French and Indian War site commemorating the 1755 battle known as Braddock’s Defeat, which I operated until 2018. Because of advancing years and declining health, I then donated the site to Fort Ligonier, which continues its operation. Best wishes to my classmates.”


Dr. Jim deMaine M’64, a retired pulmonary and critical care doctor, writes, “After collecting stories during and since my graduation, at age 81 I’ve finally produced a book! I’m excited to let you know that Facing Death: Finding Dignity, Hope and Healing at the End is now available. It’s a collection of thoughts and stories about patients I cared for over the years, and the lessons I’ve learned.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Peter S. Greenberg C’65 L’68 has published Potomac Princess: An Election Tale. He writes, “The novel is about a young Congresswoman from Philadelphia (and a Penn alum) and her role in a presidential election, with some particularly unusual aspects. It’s available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.”


Gregg Huff W’67 has published World War II and Southeast Asia: Economy and Society Under Japanese Occupation (Cambridge University Press, 2020). He writes, “The book analyzes Japan’s wartime occupation of Southeast Asia where 4.4 million people died prematurely of famine and forced labor, and the GDP halved.” Gregg is a senior research fellow and teaches at Pembroke College, University of Oxford.


Diane Burko GFA’69 writes, “So happy to share the news of being one of the 100 women included in a commemorative exhibition at the Tang Museum, ‘Never Done: 100 Years of Women in Politics and Beyond,’ on view from September 17, 2020, through June 6, 2021. The exhibit takes the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment as the occasion for reflection and exploration of the issues and challenges women in the United States have faced, and continue to face, in politics and society.” Diane’s artwork was featured on the cover and in “The New Climate Advocates” in the Gazette’s Jan|Feb 2020 issue. Learn more about the Tang exhibit at

Dr. Ronald S. Gibbs M’69 GM’74, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine, writes, “After having published over 200 medical articles, I recently published my first novel, an alternative history set during the American Revolution. It is titled The Long Shot: The Secret History of 1776, and it asks, ‘What if, during the early days of the war, General George Washington was seriously wounded in battle?’ I thought it might be of special interest to the Penn medical school alumni because the hero who saves Washington’s life is an innovative surgeon and a faculty member at the ‘Medical College of Philadelphia,’ a thinly veiled pseudonym for Penn. The novel has a strong medical history theme.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Tim Carson W’70 and Nina Robinson Vitow CW’70 WG’76 (class copresidents), Ted Gilmore W’70, Sandi Shustak Kligman MT’70, and Maureen Hare Luschini Nu’70 (50th Reunion cochairs) write, “We are excited to announce the release of Our Record … Then & Now, the first completely digital 50th Reunion yearbook containing classmate updates, timeline events of our Penn years, memorials, and special features unique to our class. The link to this free password-protected yearbook was sent to everyone with a valid email address on file with the University in the September 22 class newsletter. If you did not receive the link, or have not been getting the class newsletters, please contact Lisbeth Willis, our wonderful Alumni Relations liaison at or 215-573-7061. We want to hear from you and keep everyone informed about plans for our rescheduled 50th Reunion Weekend, May 21–23, 2021: ’70 is the new 50th (who knew how new?!).”

Steven Knoblauch C’70 is the author of Bodies and Social Rhythms: Navigating Unconscious Vulnerability and Emotional Fluidity, published this year by Routledge. Steven is a professor of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis at New York University.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Dayton Duncan C’71 was the writer and producer of Ken Burns’s docuseries Country Music, the most highly rated show on PBS in 2019, viewed by nearly 35 million people in its initial broadcast. The documentary—and the companion book Dayton wrote—won two Telly Awards, two Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America, and a Wrangler from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. He has written Burns’s upcoming documentary on Benjamin Franklin and is now at work on a documentary with Burns on the American buffalo. Dayton was featured in our Sep|Oct 2009 issue on his film with Ken Burns about America’s National Parks.

Michael P. Malloy L’76 was cohost for the 17th Annual International Conference on Law in Athens, Greece, sponsored by the Athens Institute for Education and Research in mid-July. Michael writes, “I delivered welcoming remarks to the conference participants, attending virtually on a worldwide basis. On the second day of the conference, I delivered a presentation, ‘Distance Banking: Pandemic Responses of a Regulated Industry,’ that explored how the financial services industry was responding to the pandemic crisis. The paper will appear in a proceedings volume published by the Institute.” Michael also reports that Carolina Academic Press recently released the fourth edition of his International Banking: Cases, Materials, and Problems. He writes, “The book integrates issues concerning post-Meltdown regulation of international banking, the likely effects of Brexit, the 2018 Economic Growth Act, and other recent significant policy changes. It contains over 200 detailed problems and notes that are accessible yet challenging.”


Sandy Snitow Gorman CW’72 GEd ’73 and her husband, Dr. Ed Gorman, after living in Stamford, Connecticut, moved to Central New Jersey, where they have been living for the last several years. Sandy writes, “For sure, no more moves! Hope everyone is staying safe and well.”

Robert Litan W’72 has written a new book, published by the Brookings Institution Press, Resolved: Debate Can Revolutionize Education and Help Save our Democracy. He writes, “I’m also grateful for FaceTime, so I can see my two grandchildren, Atticus (son of Ari Litan EE’08 EAS’08) and Melanie.”

Deborah Willig CW’72 has been selected for inclusion in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Deborah is a managing partner at Willig, Williams & Davidson in Philadelphia who specializes in labor relations and employment law.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Caesar Ho C’75 writes, “Ho Ho Ho! Holiday greetings from the Ho family. After 40-plus years in the business, I am looking forward to retiring in 2021 from my position as a principal in the San Jose office of HGA–Architects and Engineers. Past posts included four years with SOM, eight years at Gensler, and five years in the Hong Kong and Singapore offices of HOK. I will be spending more time with my daughters, Yvonne Ho C’08, who has spent almost eight years at Facebook, and Erika Ho W’14, who has recently marked five years at Salesforce. Once the pandemic is behind us, I plan to travel with my wife, Tracy, to Europe and Asia, and in particular Bangkok, Thailand, where I lived before attending Penn.”

Linda Stern Kass PT’75 writes, “My second novel, A Ritchie Boy, was published on September 1. Inspired by my father’s early life, the ‘novel-in-stories’ shares the little-known account of the Ritchie Boys. Often Jewish German-speaking immigrants, the Ritchie Boys worked in US Army Intelligence and helped the Allies win World War II. A Ritchie Boy follows the life of Eli Stoff: from facing down the anti-Semitism of Austrian classmates in 1938 to his family’s lucky escape; from arriving and assimilating in America to joining the Allied war effort; from the heartbreak of leaving family behind in Austria to setting down his roots in the Midwest, this is the story of a boy becoming a man, and of Eli’s journey from one homeland to another. The novel is about war, survival, immigration, and hope. It was released in time for the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. After Penn, I attended Ohio State University for graduate school and received a master’s in journalism. I began my career as a magazine writer and correspondent for regional and national publications, with my work appearing in Columbus Monthly, TIME, Detroit Free Press, Full Grown People, The MacGuffin, Jewish Literary Journal, and Kenyon Review Online. Along with A Ritchie Boy, I am the author of the historical World War II novel Tasa’s Song (2016), which Publishers Weekly called ‘a memorable tale of unflinching courage in the face of war—and the power of love and beauty to flourish amid its horrors.’ I’ve been a longtime civic leader in Columbus, Ohio, and am the founder and owner of Gramercy Books, an independent bookstore in central Ohio. You can learn more at”

Siblings Gerald McKenzie WG’75, Renee McKenzie PT’76, and Grover McKenzie III, director of core services at Penn Libraries, have pledged $20,000 in support of the Pennsylvania-based Chester Children’s Chorus, through their family foundation.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Lisa D. Kabnick C’76, an attorney at Troutman Pepper, was named ‘Lawyer of the Year’ by US News and World Reports.

Renee McKenzie PT’76 seeGerald McKenzie WG’75.


David Chanko W’77 writes, “After 43 years in education (in one way or another), I turned 65 in August and promptly retired. Well, almost. In September, I joined the adjunct faculty of Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, teaching an introductory finance class. (Almost like going back in time, when I taught an introductory finance class at Arizona State University in 1977. Except for the pandemic, and low interest rates.) The rest of my ‘retirement’ is being spent fishing, hiking, and other (naturally socially-distanced) activities.”

James F. Podheiser C’77 writes, “On December 31, 2019, I retired from the active practice of law, having been with the Philadelphia office of Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP for 33-plus years. Nancy L. Axelrod C’78 and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary in May of this year. Nancy serves as board chair and a teacher for a Philly-based nonprofit ( Lucky for us, we squeezed in some modest post-retirement travel in January and February. Since then we have been happily hunkered down at home in Center City Philadelphia and Brigantine, New Jersey, video-chatting frequently with our four grandchildren.”


Nancy L. Axelrod C’78 see James F. Podheiser C’77.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Mike Bellissimo C’81 writes, “I am in the second year of the DM/PhD Program at Case Western Reserve University researching the effects of the pandemic on how hospitals are handling transformative changes like telehealth, work from home, and capital campaigns to build new buildings. I was an executive at the Cleveland Clinic and Humana before reentering the world of academia to research the world I used to work in. If any classmates are interested in my research, please contact me through the alumni channel.”


Robert Block W’82 G’83 writes, “Following a long career in healthcare finance in Connecticut, I’ve returned to Philadelphia as chief financial officer of Public Health Management Corporation (, a regional health institute with 70 locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, serving over 350,000 clients annually. My wife, kids, and I are settling into our new home and exploring the area. On a separate note, I’m preparing for next year’s publication by Schiffer Publishing of the seventh edition of my book Marbles: Identification and Price Guide. The year 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the first edition of this best-selling guide to the hobby of marble collecting. You’ll find me prowling various flea markets in the area for treasures.”

Robert Carley C’82, an artist based in Connecticut, had three coronavirus-related photos in a virtual exhibit hosted by the Viridian Artists gallery in New York, from July 21 through August 28. The exhibit was titled Sanguine Expectations: Art Created in Moments When Our Lives Were Changed Forever. The photographs can be viewed at

Steve Mendelsohn GEE’82 L’91 is the author of Shallow Draughts: Faith in the Absence of Free Will (2017) and the newly released Sequitur (2020). He writes, “As suggested by the subtitle, Shallow Draughts is about faith (we all have it) and free will (none of us have it). Sequitur is a collection of essays written by a Jewish atheist patent attorney (me) that somehow includes, among others, essays about being Jewish, essays about being an atheist, and essays about being a patent attorney. Some of the essays were first published when I was the Really Senior Editor of the Penn Law Forum. When not publishing books, I’m the president of Mendelsohn Dunleavy, P.C., a Philadelphia IP boutique law firm specializing in the prosecution of patents and trademarks, and vice chair of the local region of the Anti-Defamation League.”

Merle Ochrach C’82, a principal at Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, has been included in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Merle’s practice focuses on banking, real estate, business, and municipal law.


Jonathon Coren C’83 writes, “I retired from academia after the spring semester of 2018. I was a genetics professor for over 20 years. I used to tell my students to follow their passion. Now, I’m a docent at the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, the vice president of NAMI Pinellas County (a part of the National Alliance on Mental Illness), and a Compeer Sarasota volunteer. I recently became a member of the advisory board of this organization. I’ve been living with bipolar disorder since the age of 17 and am an advocate for removing the stigma associated with mental illness.”

Vahe Gregorian C’83 seeJohn Vasturia C’84.

Vince Ostrosky EE’83 W’83 WG’91 seeJohn Vasturia C’84.

John Shirk C’83 seeJohn Vasturia C’84.


Dr. Elan (Alan) Louis C’84 writes, “I’m happy to announce that Avra Louis, née Asculai, and I wed on May 11, 2019. In April of 2020, I left my position as vice chair of the department of neurology at Yale School of Medicine to become the chair of the department of neurology at University of Texas, Southwestern, in Dallas. I’m also editor of Merritt’s Textbook of Neurology, which is now in its 14th edition. My three boys, Devin (24), Ravi (22), and Kiran (15), are my pride and joy. I’d love to hear from old friends at Penn.”

John Vasturia C’84 writes, “After more than 35 years in leadership roles in the property and casualty insurance business, I’ve made a career change and established an executive and leadership coaching business, Seabright Leaders (, aimed at joining forces with successful leaders to build on their strengths to make a positive change in behavior that is sustainable and drives business results. My early engagements in my new career reinforce my passion for building trusted relationships and helping people grow toward their potential. I also have the great fortune of staying close to lifelong friends I made while at Penn including John Morgenthaler W’84, John Shirk C’83, Vince Ostrosky EE’83 W’83 WG’91, Vahe Gregorian C’83, Dave Vitali C’86, and so many others we have the opportunity to see at sporting events on the Penn campus! I-V-Y Champs! I’d be happy to hear from Penn friends at”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Adam Dickstein C’85 has been named senior vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary of Crown Holdings, a manufacturer of metal and transit packaging based in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Corinne Keller W’85, class president and gift cochair, writes, “I hope everyone is remaining safe and well. I want to remind classmates that our rescheduled 35th Reunion will take place May 21–23, 2021. Please follow our Facebook page (Penn Class of 1985) for more details; it’s a great way to stay connected to our awesome class!”

Hollis Kurman C’85 has published her debut children’s book, Counting Kindness: Ten Ways to Welcome Refugee Children. She writes, “The book, endorsed by Amnesty International, traces the refugee child’s journey through the lens of hope and help offered along the way and will be published in more than eight countries in 2020–21.” Hollis lives in Amsterdam, where she is also chairperson of the Ivy Circle Netherlands, supervisory board member of the Fulbright Commission and of Save the Children NL, and member of the Human Rights Watch Global Advisory Council for Women’s Rights. She is also a speaker and moderator at cultural, academic, and business events. She writes, “I spent much of my career advising major multinational companies in growth strategy and innovation but closed my business around 10 years ago to dedicate more time to my writing, not-for-profit roles, and family on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Rich Tola W’85 has published his second book, How to Drink from the Fountain of Youth: 30 Steps to Everlasting Youth. From the book’s press materials: “The book is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, feel more energized, be more confident, define their personal goals and aspirations, plus grow mentally as well as improve their entire outlook on life.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Patricia K. Bradley GNu’86 Gr’98, an associate professor of nursing at Villanova, has been appointed the inaugural associate dean for inclusive excellence at Villanova. In June, she was appointed to the national Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and this fall will become the chair of the American Academy of Nursing’s Expert Panel on Cultural Competence and Health Equity. She was inducted as a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 2011.

Alan Tauber C’86 GEd’99 was featured in the Netflix documentary The Innocence Files “Episode 7: Wrong Place; Wrong Time,” which tells the story of his client Chester Hollman III, who was exonerated after being incarcerated for 28 years following his wrongful conviction for second-degree murder in 1993 in Philadelphia. Alan is currently the First Assistant at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. He invites alumni contact at

Dave Vitali C’86 see John Vasturia C’84.


Edward Garrett Lowe C’88, a tutor at the test prep company Eagle Eye Tutoring, writes, “The September 12 issue of the Washington Post featured an article on a class my company offered this summer.” The class was called Headstones and History: Black Lives Matter(ed) and was taught in partnership with the Mount Zion and Female Union Band Society cemeteries in Washington, DC. Students memorialized the lives of free and enslaved African Americans who lived, died, and were buried in historic Georgetown from 1740 to 1940. The article can be read with a Washington Post subscription at


Lisa Niver C’89, a travel journalist and founder of We Said Go Travel, writes, “My Wharton Magazine article ‘Treat Your Business Rival as Inspiration, Not Competition, and Other Lessons I Learned from Simon Sinek’s New Book, The Infinite Game’ (December 3, 2019), is a finalist for the Southern California Journalism Awards!” The article can be viewed at Lisa was also interviewed in Authority Magazine in an article titled “Seeing Light at the End of the Tunnel; 5 Reasons to Be Hopeful During This Corona Crisis” (July 16, 2020). Lisa writes, “This is a new interview about HOPE, and I hope we can travel again someday!” The interview can be viewed at

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


David J. Glass C’90 was elected chair of the Alzheimer’s Association Board of Directors for the California Southland Chapter. He was also elected to a second three-year-term as managing partner of his law firm, Enenstein Pham & Glass LLP, a 20-attorney firm handling civil litigation, corporate transactional law, and family law in Los Angeles. David invites alumni contact at

Karen Mace Sartain C’90 writes, “I was appointed to be a Southampton, New York, town justice in January. It has been a challenging year to be a new judge during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are making it through day by day. I am running for reelection on November 3. I would love your support—check out my campaign website at and my law firm’s website See you at our 31st Reunion in May!”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


David Frockt C’91 writes, “After moving to the Northwest in the late 1990s, I have been privileged to serve in the Washington State Senate, representing parts of Seattle and its surrounding suburbs for the past decade. I have promoted progressive policies such as universal healthcare, higher education access, environmental sustainability, gun responsibility, and policing reform. Since Democrats regained control of the State Senate in 2018, I have served as the body’s lead capital budget writer, working on projects to alleviate homelessness, increase access to behavioral health programs, and secure research funding for the University of Washington. In recent years, I successfully sponsored the Dream Act 2.0, expanding access to higher education for DREAMers in our state and also created a new 529 college savings plan for Washington. Last year, I successfully sponsored a bill establishing Cascade Care, a ‘public option’ for health insurance, possibly the first state-level plan of its kind in the country. I was excited to have been named Legislator of the Year by the Washington Conservation Voters in 2019, and I currently serve as vice chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and formerly as deputy Democratic leader. My wife Rebecca and I celebrated the 17th birthday of our twins who will be off to college in the coming year. Finally, I can report that I am actually one of two Penn grads currently elected to the Washington State Senate!”


Janet Wilson Truncale W’92 has been appointed vice chair and regional managing partner of EY’s (Ernst & Young) Americas Financial Services Organization. Janet is responsible for overseeing a team of 14,000 and has joined the EY US Executive Committee and the EY Americas Operating Executive. Janet lives in New Jersey with her husband, Fred. They have three children, Gabrielle (22), Noah (19), and Freddy (17).


Ilan Markus C’93, a partner at Barclay Damon LLP, has been included in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. He works out of the New Haven, Connecticut, office, focusing on restructuring, bankruptcy, and creditors’ rights; real estate law; and commercial litigation.


Lauren Zito GFA’94 has been appointed academic chair of the School of Design and Engineering Technology at Pittsburgh Technical College in Oakdale, Pennsylvania. She is also founder and owner of Francis Rocks Productions, which specializes in video production, and she sits on the board as vice president of Women in Film and Media Pittsburgh.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Michelle Feil Nu’95 GNu’00 and Justin Feil C’96 write, “We are excited to announce that we have another Quaker in the family! Our daughter Sonia Feil has started her Penn Nursing journey this fall. Michelle offered Sonia a place to sleep in her office on the cardiac intermediate care unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, but she really wanted Hill House for some reason. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be, and she is home with us. We are so proud of the way she is handling this unusual freshman year. She won’t be following in her mom’s Quaker Note footsteps, but she has found her musical family in the Penn Band. And it turns out she will be writing for a student publication like her dad—not for the DP, but for Under the Button! We couldn’t be more proud. Time to let your brains, your heart, and your awesome sense of humor shine, Sonia!”

Jennifer Voigt Kaplan W’95 received a Christopher Award from the nonprofit the Christophers for her debut children’s novel, Crushing the Red Flowers [“Briefly Noted,” Mar|Apr 2020]. “The celebrated authors, illustrators, writers, producers, and directors [who win this award] … affirm the highest values of the human spirit,” according to the press release.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Justin Feil C’96 see Michelle Feil Nu’95 GNu’00.

Matt Robinson C’96 has released an updated version of his book, Lions, Tigers, and … Bulldogs?: An Unofficial Guide to the Legend and Lore of the Ivy League. He writes, “While I have enough material for many more volumes, it became obvious that some of these stories had to be included right away! The second edition was released on August 21 (a year to the day after I initially released it on what would have been the 80th birthday of my late father, a Brown University alumnus to whom the book is primarily dedicated). There is just so much interesting information about these schools and the way the Ivy League came together. I am sure that there will be more editions and updates.” Find more information at


Douglas A. “Allen” Young WEv’97, president and owner of Ageless AI Enterprises, writes, “I completed several certifications this year—all thanks to the extra free time that resulted from work reductions due to the pandemic: Certified Personal Fitness Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in May; Agile Certified Practitioner from the Project Management Institute in July; and Authorized Training Partner from the Project Management Institute in August.”


Genevieve F. deLemos C’98 CGS’00 writes, “After 15 years serving as in-house counsel for a biotech and research compliance officer for a large hospital system, I recently formed a law firm focused on providing research compliance consulting services to hospitals and physician groups with Andrea Wever. We are thrilled to be offering our expertise in a highly regulated and increasingly relevant area that is often overlooked by those who want to participate in research. Despite kicking off during a time of social distancing, our approach is to serve as an extension of our clients’ teams, recognizing that their culture and resources are equally important to a successful program as regulatory compliance. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my husband Dr. Andrew deLemos C’98 CGS’01 M’05 and our two children, whom we anticipate spending even more quality time with during this school year.”


Victor Deupi Gr’99 has published a new book, titled Emilio Sanchez in New York and Latin America (Routledge, 2020). He writes, “The book focuses on the life and artistic activities of Emilio Sanchez (1921–1999) in New York and Latin America in the 1940s and 1950s. More specifically, the book examines Sanchez within the wider context of midcentury Cuban artists and cross-cultural exchange between New York, Cuba, and the Caribbean. The book reflects on why Sanchez chose to be a mobile observer of the American and Caribbean vernacular at a time when such an approach seemed at odds with the mainstream avant-garde. This book will be of interest to scholars in modern art, Caribbean studies, architectural history, and Latin American and Hispanic studies.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Katie Alex Stevens C’01 writes, “My husband Eric and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our son, Xander Nikiphoros, on March 27. Big (canine) sister Penelope, 3, has eagerly embraced her sisterly duties, guarding him from all manner of threats (particularly appliance delivery people). I work in product management for Harvard Business School Online, and Eric in financial management for the Boston Public Schools.”


Jill Goldberg Haddadin C’04 has written and illustrated her first book, a children’s story titled Octopus Mom. Jill writes, “It is a magical story of a boy who demands a lot from his mother. He wishes she were an octopus so she can meet all his demands at the same time. He learns the importance of patience and kindness.”

Beth Moore Rothenberg C’04 has joined the law firm Sodl & Ingram, serving clients in commercial real estate, investment, financing, and development. She works out of the firm’s downtown Jacksonville, Florida, office.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Daniel Nieh C’06’s book Beijing Payback, a geopolitical thriller and crime novel [“Briefly Noted,” Nov|Dec 2019], was selected as the August book for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times Now Read This Book Club.

Juan J. Ponce Vázquez G’06 Gr’11 writes, “Cambridge University Press has published my first book, titled Islanders and Empire: Smuggling and Political Defiance in Hispaniola, 1580–1690. Published in the Latin American Studies series, the book examines the role smuggling played in the cultural, economic, and sociopolitical transformation of Hispaniola from the late 16th to 17th centuries. By co-opting the governing and judicial powers of local and imperial institutions on the island, residents took advantage of, and even dominated, the contraband trade that reached the island’s shores, while also altering the course of the European inter-imperial struggles in the Caribbean by limiting, redirecting, or suppressing the Spanish crown’s policies.” Juan is an assistant professor of history at the University of Alabama.


John Stetson C’07 has been named CEO of Stoner’s Pizza Joint, a pizza franchisor based in the Southeast.


Yvonne Ho C’08 seeCaesar Ho C’75.

Ari Litan EE’08 EAS’08 see Robert Litan W’72.

Dr. Benjamin Maslin C’08 writes, “Dr. Jessica Maslin and I are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter, Miriam Yemima Maslin, born June 26. We are living in San Diego and are in private practice with Scripps Health.”


Meredith Boehm Palusci C’09 Nu’10 GNu’14 and John Palusci C’09 WG’15 write, “We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter, Ruby Eleanor Palusci, on July 15. Ruby joins big brother Jasper, who is three. We now reside in Concord, Massachusetts, after relocating last year to be closer to family. Meredith joined the division of cardiology at Emerson Hospital where she is working as a nurse practitioner, and John continues leading strategic finance and corporate development at BAYADA Home Health Care.”

Jennie Steinkamp SPP’09 seeCarlos Martínez-Cano Gr’19.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Nakita Reed GAr’10 GFA’10, an associate with the architecture firm Quinn Evans, has been selected as a member of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Cultural Heritage Stewardship Initiative Advisory Committee. According to the press release, the new program will “provide technical assistance and fund preservation-based stewardship plans at up to eight HBCU campuses across the country.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Rose S. Espinola C’11 writes, “In July 2019 I started my own business! I’m doing the same kind of work I did before—helping social justice organizations use tech tools to follow up with every single supporter—but now I get to support more organizations! This year I’ve been lucky to work with three funders to train grassroots data, digital, communications, fundraising, and program staff.”

Kasey Ma C’11 WG’17 seeDr. Jenny Xiang C’13.

Tyler J. Russell C’11 has written a new book of poetry, To Drown a Man. From the book’s press release: “Exploring the meaning of redemption and shame as related to the personal, the marital, and the spiritual, these are the poems of a soul at war with itself. They read like chunks of ore being burned of their dross.” Tyler teaches English and creative writing.


Yael “Yali” Derman Nu’13 GNu’17 has been named to the ninth annual “Double Chai in the Chi: 36 Under 36” list by the Jewish United Fund. According to the press release, the list honors “young Jewish movers and shakers in Chicago who are making major contributions through their work, in their free time, and in the Jewish community and beyond. … (The letters of the Hebrew word ‘chai,’ which means ‘life,’ also represent the number 18.) … [Yali is] a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse practitioner at Lurie Children’s Hospital. … Yali is also an artist who created her own line of handbags under the label ‘Yali’s Carry On Collection,’ a philanthropic handbag company. The proceeds have benefited the Make-a-Wish Foundation and have funded a play space at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital.”

Dr. Jenny Xiang C’13 and Jesse Morzel EAS’14 GEng’14 were married on September 13 in Middletown, Connecticut. They write, “The wedding party included Guanyuan Chung C’13, Qinnan Lin C’13 W’13, Sally Ye C’13, and Himesh Lad C’13 W’13. Other Quakers in attendance included: Ashley Armstrong W’14, Archit Budhraja EAS’13, Maggie Ercolani C’13, Amy Le W’14 C’14, Karthik Nagalingam W’13, and Kasey Ma C’11 WG’17. We met as freshmen in Hill College House and started dating after reconnecting at the 2013 Super Bowl watch party in Rodin.”


Erika Ho W’14 see Caesar Ho C’75.

Jesse Morzel EAS’14 GEng’14 seeDr. Jenny Xiang C’13.

Ashley Armstrong W’14 seeDr. Jenny Xiang C’13.

Amy Le W’14 C’14 seeDr. Jenny Xiang C’13.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Adam Goodman Gr’15 has written a new book, The Deportation Machine: America’s Long History of Expelling Immigrants. It was recently reviewed in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine. He is an assistant professor of Latin American studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

John M. Zazzera WAM’15 has been promoted at FIS (Fidelity National Information Services) to group executive head of Global Banking Products and Payments Organization, splitting his time between London and West Chester, Pennsylvania. John writes, “I’ll conclude my six-year board of trustees role with the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey come January. I continue my position on the founders’ board at CHOP and moved from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to Payments Advisory. My son Chase, a member of West Chester East High School’s leadership council and football team, is hoping to attend Penn. My daughter Gianna continues her studies at the University of Alabama nursing school, pursuing a degree in nursing anesthesia. Nicole was recently engaged to Aadam Rovi of Exton, Pennsylvania, while she continues her class in the dental surgery field. Aadam is an associate business analyst at PECO and a 2018 graduate of West Chester University with a bachelor of science degree in finance.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Nick Cherukuri LPS’16, founder and CEO of ThirdEye, has been named an Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 New Jersey Award finalist. According to the release, “ThirdEye focused on improving AR technology amid the pandemic to help first responders and healthcare professionals, such as adding a thermal camera attachment to its X2 MR Glasses to detect people with a fever from a distance and setting up telehealth communications with its built-in Wi-Fi.”

Doah Lee GFA’16 showed her artwork at FJORD, a gallery in Philadelphia’s Crane Arts building, in September in an exhibition called “Hate Alphabet.” From the press release: “Doah Lee’s 100 Days of Alphabet project began with the idea of making 100 works of art in 100 days. In fact, she ended up creating over 300.” You can view examples on her website,

Dawn Holden Woods G’16 LPS’16 has been promoted to chief social services officer at Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), a nonprofit public health institute. She previously served as managing director of children and family social services at PHMC.


Kemi Akindude GEd’17 is running for a seat in New York’s 11th congressional district, representing Staten Island and South Brooklyn. She writes, “I am against divisive language that makes politicians passionate gladiators paid in votes instead of public servants.” If elected, she would be the first Black Congresswoman in her hometown’s district.


Carlos Martínez-Cano Gr’19 writes, “I recently began a position as assistant professor of learning sciences and human development at the University of Washington’s College of Education in Seattle. Additionally, my partner Jennie Steinkamp SPP’09 and I welcomed two newborn girls earlier this year.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Terri Broussard Williams SPP’20 is the author of Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker Inside You, a No. 1 Amazon New Release, No. 1 Amazon Best Seller for Women in Politics, and No. 6 Cosmopolitan Best Nonfiction Books of 2020. Terri is a teaching fellow at the Center of Social Impact Strategies in Penn’s School of Social Policy and Practice.

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