Full Circle

University Museum Director Jeremy Sabloff found his life’s path through an undergraduate anthropology course at Penn. Now, after an extraordinarily productive decade at the museum’s helm, he is ready to head back to the classroom.

Spreading the Words

A century after University Museum archaeologists uncovered thousands of tablets bearing the earliest known form of writing and 25 years after efforts began to compile a dictionary of the language, the Penn Sumerian Dictionary Project is going online.

Silk Across the Sands

A rare exhibition of artifacts from Uzbekistan at the Arthur Ross Gallery offers a tantalizing glimpse of the cultures along the Silk Road. So did a symposium at the University Museum.

The Bible’s People

A new permanent exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology draws on artifacts from excavations spanning much of the century to reveal the daily lives of the Bronze and Iron age inhabitants of Canaan and ancient Israel.

Reflections on the Roman World

The curator of a show of Roman glass now at the University Museum tells how the ancient glassworking industry reveals as much about the Romans as their architecture, thirst for conquest, or tendency to murder their emperors.