A member of the excavation team washes a marble head from a theater in the ancient Roman city of Minturnae. Photo by Jotham Johnson, 1931.
A man from the Tiwi, an Australian Aboriginal group, carrying a child on his shoulders at Snake Bay, Melville Island, Australia. Photo by Jane Goodale, 1954.
The pool of Gibeon, in present-day Jordan, was cut to a depth of 82 feet in solid rock. A circular stair of 79 steps led to the spring at the bottom. Photo by James B. Pritchard, 1958.
The remote Seistan region of southwestern Afghanistan was surveyed by George F. Dales, who took this photo in 1969.

As part of the festivitiessurrounding the official opening of its new Mainwaring Wing for storage and study and the adjacent Stoner Courtyard in May (see page 34), the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology mounted an exhibition of photographs from the nearly 400 field projects it has undertaken since its founding in 1887. Ranging from 1890s excavations at Nippur (in what is now Iraq) to Gordion, Turkey, where fieldwork began in 1950 and continues today, the images were culled from tens of thousands of photographs in the Museum’s archives. A small sampling appears here.

The exhibition will remain on view until December 29, 2002. The Museum has also published a catalogue, Adventures in Photography: Expeditions of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, with text by Alessandro Pezzati, the Museum’s archivist, who selected the images for the show. For more information, or to order the book, visit the Museum’s Web site at (www.penn.museum/).

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