Unbuilt Penn

From the ICA’s geodesic dome to Furness's Alumni Hall to the skyscraper on Locust Walk, Penn has had some fascinating unbuilt visions.

Yesterday’s News

Timeline | In the decades leading up to the new millennium, the University finds itself embroiled in the culture wars, celebrates its 250th anniversary, elects its first woman president, and rises in the rankings.

When the Search Is Over

The World Trade Center attacks prompted an intense search-and-rescue effort. How have the 9/11 dogs and their human handlers been faring? Two Penn professors, Dr. Cindy Otto and Dr. Melissa Hunt, are trying to find out.

Coming to Terms

During the High Holidays, a beloved rabbi nearing retirement and an author chronicling the search for his replacement mourn and remember their fathers.

Off the Shelf

Why I’m Like This. Life is sometimes funny, and sometimes not. The Man Who Made Wall Street. A biography of Anthony Drexel. Plus: Briefly Noted