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Vol. 96, No. 3


The Commissioner of Curiosity
“Information architect” Richard Saul Wurman has made a life’s quest—and a very comfortable living—out of forgetting everything he ever knew about lots of things the rest of us take for granted. By David Kushner

Photos from the game, the parties, the band’s 100th anniversary, and more.

But You Can’t Call It Sport
This year’s score was Penn 20–Princeton 17, but more than a century ago the two teams’ ancestors battled to a tie—at the Academy of Music. By Mark F. Bernstein

Danien’s Daughters
Elin Danien went from autodidact to Penn anthropology student at age 46. She found the college experience so fulfilling that she started a scholarship for other women. By Susan Lonkevich

The Gift
George Weiss gave 112 West Philadelphia students a chance to go to college. He says he’s gotten much more in return. By Susan Lonkevich

Steep Mountains and Strong Spirits
From backpacker to businessperson, a Penn alumna witnesses Vietnam’s economic and social transformation.


From the Editor
Extraordinary People

West Philly story a welcome step, early wedders speak out … and more.

Notes From the Undergrad
Change in the new residential-living plan is mostly semantic.
By Lee W. Bailey

Provost Chodorow steps downIAST building opensTrustees’ Council of Penn Women celebrates its 10th anniversaryVisions of independent AfricaOutsourcing facilities managementUniversity police under investigationChinese president speaks on campusA pair of researchers advances in the war on cancer.

Men’s basketball returns with a seasoned squad. By Noel Hynd

Off the Shelf
Road map for relationships. The Secret Language of Relationships.
By Carolyn R. Guss

The Alumni
Comings, goings, appointments, promotions, accolades, and other personal news.

Alumni Profiles

John Segal |Tiny Illustrations Make a Big Impression
Kitsie Schelter |Community on Wheels
Wendy Neuss |From the Quad to the Delta Quadrant … and Beyond
Judy Hutchison |Trounced in Trivia Game?
Ed Feldman |Wielding Puns and Staple Guns
Alexandra Martinez Tornek |Babies Prefer Bach
Dr. William R. Ferris |Scholar of the South


Double Acrostic, by Don Z. Bloch

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