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The Old Guard

Edwin F. Karges, W’18, Evansville, Ind.

Joseph B. Fligman, W’19, Chicago, a retired travel agent; January 17.


Dr. Henry E. Montross, C’22, M’26, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., January 27, 1996.

Harold H. Fehr, WG’23, Bryn Mawr, Pa., December 4, 1996.

Johanna L. Jaeger, Ed’23, Wilmington, Del., September 10, 1996.

Edmund P. Kuntzman, ChE’23, Cranford, N.J., 1994.

Estelle Coward McKell, Ed’23, Chillicothe, Ohio, January 13.

Clyde C. Roth, CE’23, Naples, Fla., July 8, 1996.

Morris M. Bleshman, WEv’24, Wyncote, Pa., December 17, 1996.

Burton M. Lieberman, W’24, Harlingen, Tex., February 8. He had established his career in the jewelry field in Dallas.

Meyer E. Cooper, L’25, Philadelphia, a retired attorney; December 21, 1996.

Richard K. Simon, W’25, Lansdale, Pa., February 13. He was the oldest living member of the Elkins Park Fire Co.

Irving Dollinger, Ar’26, South Orange, N.J., 1994.

Carl H. Grashof Jr., W’26, Englewood, Fla., January 30.

Robert E. Lewis, Ar’26, GAr’27, Baltimore, July 29, 1996.

Margaret Evans Boenning, Ed’27, Gwynedd, Pa., October 2, 1996. At Penn, she had played on the women’s basketball team.

Dr. Harry Mason, C’27, D’28, Middletown, N.Y., a retired dentist; January 15.

Meyer H. Rubenstein, W’27, Palm Beach, Fla., October 4, 1996.

Warren A. Baxter, EE’28, La Grange, Ill., January 1997.

William F. Fischer Jr., W’28, Gwynedd, Pa., retired head of his family’s former gear and machine-parts manufacturing company; November 19, 1996. He had served as vice chair of the Committee of 70, a citizen’s political watchdog group in Philadelphia. And he was a charter member and once president of the Friends Neighborhood Guild, a Quaker housing project.

Dr. John E. Lenox, M’28, retired clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, December 23, 1996. He had left general practice in 1970 — at the age of 66 — to return to medical school to study his favorite specialty, dermatology. He then spent 23 years as a dermatologist at Pitt and its student-health service and at Shadyside Hospital. From 1930 to 1944, with his physician wife, he had practiced and taught medicine in Sichuan, China.

J. Lloyd Lister, W’28, Hilton Head Island, S.C., October 17, 1996.

Dr. Benjamin Merembeck, C’28, D’29, Quakertown, Pa., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice for 50 years in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia; February 10.

Robert M. Dillard, C’29, Sun City, Ariz., December 9, 1996.


Alice Layton Gilbert, Ed’30, Forest Grove, Pa., a reporter and columnist for the Doylestown Intelligencer for almost 50 years; October 2, 1996. Her columns appeared up until the week before she suffered a stroke in August 1996.

Dr. Herbert D. Kirkland Jr., C’31, D’33, Lake City, Fla., a retired dentist; January 10, 1996.

Donald V. Mac Lean, W’31, Boca Raton, Fla., January 14.

Robert V. Massey Jr., L’31, Haverford, Pa., a retired partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Dechert, Price & Rhoads, where he was responsible for the associates’ training programs; January 20. During his career, he was counsel and served on the boards of Westmoreland Coal, Penn Virginia, Virginia Coal & Iron. He had served as president of the Philadelphia Legal Aid Society.

William Pehlman, WEv’31, Bryn Mawr, Pa., December 20, 1996.

Dr. Edgar A. Belden, M’32, Jefferson City, Mo., a retired physician; March 27, 1995.

G. Fesler Edwards, W’32, Sun City, Ariz., December 25, 1996.

Joseph V. Kearns Jr., W’32, Las Cruces, N.M., December 9, 1996.

Mortimer C. Lebowitz, C’32, McLean, Va., founder of the old Morton’s, a landmark Washington-area department-store chain; January 30. He first opened Morton’s in 1933, pioneering the discount-department store in the area; he closed the chain in 1993, because of the deaths of two of his closest associates and his own increasing age. In 1933, Washington was in many ways a Southern town, but from the first day of business, Lebowitz’s stores had dressing rooms and restroom facilities that were shared by black and white customers. “Many thought what I did was stupid from the business viewpoint, but I could not see myself discriminating against black customers” he recalled in 1993. Within two years, and despite the Great Depression, it was a success. But his policies angered some white staff; he replaced them with black employees, and before long, most of his workers were African American. Eventually, Morton’s became the place where much of black Washington bought men’s suits, women’s dresses, and children’s wear. Lebowitz did not confine his pursuit of tolerance, justice, and integration to the workplace: he sent his children to the leading integrated school in the district. He had his share of setbacks: when rioting swept the city in 1968, resulting in near-destruction of two of his stores, he was philosophical, telling reporters he was certain the rioters did not know him and intended nothing personal by their actions. All that had survived in both stores were the layaway records: he and his clerks took these to another store and began contacting customers, telling them they could pick up the Easter outfits they had been paying for. A member of the Washington Urban League from 1950, he served as its president in 1961. And he served as chair of the Washington Commission on Human Resources and of the Washington School of Psychiatry.

Edwin H. Manning, W’32, Falls Church, Va., December 31, 1996.

Herbert N. Naurison, W’32, Lauderhill, Fla., June 22, 1996.

Ruth L. Baum-Young, Ed’32, Danvers, Mass., a librarian, she had also taught English at what is now Pennridge High School; January 10.

Barbara Hart Dyke, CCC’33, Bethesda, Md., emeritus professor of English at the University of Delaware; December 26, 1996. An authority on Ezra Pound, she edited a series of his letters.

Dr. William M. Markle, V’33, West Newton, Pa., a retired veterinarian; December 20, 1996.

James M. Wade, Ar’33, Fort Washington, Pa., April 22, 1992.

Maxwell P. Bralow, W’34, Plymouth Meeting, Pa., a retired corporate attorney for Bankers Securities Corp.; September 24, 1996.

Dr. William J. Brown, W’34, V’42, Blue Bell, Pa., a retired veterinarian who had established the Hickory Veterinary Hospital in Plymouth Meeting; November 10, 1996.

Dr. Adelaide Duncan Estill, G’34, Gr’37, Millersburg, Ohio, December 29, 1996.

Marianna Geauque Hicks, Ed’34, Montauk, N.Y., January 3.

Alice H. Kendig, G’34, Millersville, Pa., May 14, 1981.

Dr. George P. Perakos, GM’34, Kensington, Conn., retired head of gastroenterology at New Britain General Hospital; January 20.

Frances Wright Trexler, Ed’34, GEd’42, Kempton, Pa., a retired Latin and English teacher at Fleetwood High School; January 28.

John M. Whitcomb, GAr’34, Dedham, Mass., a retired architect who had designed a number of buildings and additions for the old Boston Lying-In Hospital, now part of Brigham and Women’s Hospital; February 3.

Judson O. Harrison Jr., WG’35, McLean, Va., the former owner and manager of Union Terminal Farmers Market, which had been established by his father; January 2. Selling the market in the early 1960s, he was a real estate broker in Virginia for many years, retiring in 1988.

Joseph P. Hart, WEv’35, Doylestown, Pa., November 17, 1996.

Edmund S. Lloyd, W’35, New York City, head of a chain of stores (ranging from superstores to convenience stores) in Orange County; December 27, 1996. He had championed the idea of the shopping-under-one-roof grocery store, but also promoted smaller innovations, such as self-service of prepackaged meat, conveyor belts at checkout counters, and evening shopping hours. When he put a pharmacy in his grocery store — the first in the state — he required special legislation to approve it. At one point, his main store is reputed to have had the highest worth of inventory per square foot in the country.

Daniel P. Mannix IV, C’35, Frazer, Pa., an animal collector who wrote more than 25 books, one of which, The Fox and the Hound, was made into a 1981 Disney film; January 29. As a youth, his interest in animals led him to collect a menagerie at his parents’ home that included a porcupine, hawks, and vultures. Graduating from Penn, he joined a traveling carnival and soon was an accomplished sword swallower, mind reader, and escape artist; he wrote of these carnival days in Step Right Up (1951). He co-wrote Tales of the African Frontier (1954), about big-game hunting, and a history of the Atlantic slave trade, Black Cargoes (1962). He also wrote All Creatures Great and Small (1963) and A Sporting Chance (1967).

Roger H. Sumner, W’35, Glenwood, Ill, September 25, 1976.

George H. Berlin Sr., C’36, Lima, Pa., July 1996.

William Colville Jr., W’36, Bronxville, N.Y., November 15, 1996.

William B. Devine, C’36, Philadelphia, April 20, 1996.

Dr. Robert L. Dunn, D’36, Eugene, Ore, a retired dentist; May 9, 1996.

George O. Huey, WG’36, Lancaster, Pa., January 6.

Dr. Thomas B. Keller, M’36, La Crescenta, Calif., a retired physician; June 20, 1996.

Dr. John Sumers, C’36, GM’47, Roslyn, N.Y., a retired physician; January 3.

Charles M. Bankes, W’37, Asheboro, N.C., a retired administrative manager with Carpenter Technology Corp.; June 22, 1996.

Margaret Lehman Beck, G’37, Penn Run, Pa., August 22, 1994.

Dr. Edmond L. d’Ouville, Gr’37, Evergreen Park, Ill., retired director of technical liaison for the patents and licensing for Standard Oil of Indiana, now part of Amoco Oil; March 5, 1995. During the Second World War, he worked at the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh for the Manhattan Project.

O. Daniel Evans, W’37, Anaheim, Calif., February 18.

Stephen B. Goodell, W’37, East Longmeadow, Mass., November 3, 1996.

Elliott J. Levin, C’37, Bryn Mawr, Pa., December 1996.

Lillian F. Manster, WEv’37, Fredericksburg, Va., November 28, 1995.

Dr. Nathan Mitnick, EE’37, Denver, Colo., January 15.

Constantino F. Nagro, GEd’37, Chicago, December 10, 1996.

Dr. Morris E. Raff, D’37, Hampton Bays, N.Y., a retired dentist; July 3, 1994.

Hon. Albert A. Rubin, W’37, Rockville Centre, N.Y., a practicing attorney who had also served as village justice from 1967 to 1991; December 29, 1996. Earlier, he was a trustee and he had served as deputy mayor of the township.

Lester J. Schaffer, L’37, a criminal lawyer who served till just months before his death as of counsel with the Philadelphia law firm of Blank, Rome, Comisky & McCauley; February 12. Each day he would board a train at 6:01 A.M. from suburban Merion to put in eight or more hours, a routine he reputedly maintained each day for 52 weeks a year for almost 60 years. He is not known to have taken vacation in the last decade.

Dr. Nathan H. Sokoloff, C’37, St. Petersburg, Fla., retired chief of internal medicine at Bristol Hospital, near Philadelphia; January 27. He also had served on the staffs on St. Agnes Hospital and the old Metropolitan Hospital, which he co-founded.

Charles W. Twining, Ed’37, G’40, GEd’52, Glenside, Pa., a retired social-studies teacher; May 28, 1996.

Dr. W. Blake Gibson, M’38, Wallingford, Pa., retired chief of dermatology and director of the skin clinic at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; December 21, 1996. He was also affliated with Lankenau and Riddle Memorial Hospitals. And he had lectured at the University of Pennsylvania .

Dr. H. Marchmont Robinson, M’38, Chicago, Ill., a retired physician; September 13, 1995.

Duane W. Roland, W’38, Rochester, N.Y., January 1, 1996.

George M. Simonds, W’38, Ontario, N.Y., a retired attorney; September 13, 1996.

Dr. Eugene H. Sloane, Gr’38, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., January 15, 1996.

John N. Watt, WEv’38, Bradenton, Fla., retired manager of the Lake Placid Club and the Otesaga Hotel in New York; December 20, 1996.

Reed P. Byers, W’39, Shawnee Mission, Kans., February 13, 1996.

William W. Condit, G’39, Flagstaff, Ariz., December 30, 1995.

James K. Greiss, WEv’39, Newark, Del., retired employee of the Du Pont Co.; June 15, 1994.

Robert S. Groves Jr., CE’39, Ambridge, Pa., retired employee in the American-bridge division of U.S. Steel Corp.; February 1.

Clarence C. Jones, G’39, Drexel Hill, Pa., October 13, 1996.

Leroy L. Scott Jr., W’39, Scranton, Pa., November 29, 1996.

Harry McWilliams Smith, W’39, Rancho Bernardo, Calif., retired vice president of the Argonaut Insurance Co. in Kansas City, Mo.; January 21.


Dr. Robert M. Fawcett, M’40, St. Paul, May 9, 1996.

Robert A. Kingsdale, W’40, Waban, Mass., a retired sales representative for men’s clothing manufacturers for 25 years throughout New England and New York state; February 6. He later joined Filene’s Basement in Boston, selling men’s suits for a dozen years in the men’s clothing department that his father had helped establish.

Elizabeth E. Krauss, G’40, Pennsburg, Pa., a retired teacher who had taught for 43 years; August 19, 1996.

Dr. Joseph T. Marconis, C’40, Pottsville, Pa., retired chief of urology at Pottsville Hospital and Warne Clinic and at Good Samaritan Medical Center, where he also served as chief of staff; January 7. He was the first board-certified urologist to practice in Schuylkill County, opening his practice in 1949. He had served as chair of the Pennsylvania Board of Medical Education and Licensure and as president of the Pennsylvania Urological Association. And he was a trustee of the old Hahnemann University Medical College.

F. Blake Murphy, ME’40, Glastonbury, Conn., November 1996.

Paul A. Snyder, ME’40, Redondo Beach, Calif., December 27, 1995.

Dr. Gerald H. Fouse, V’41, Zelienople, Pa., a retired veterinarian; November 30, 1996.

Dr. William L. Hoon, M’41, Clearwater, Fla., a retired physician; June 23, 1996.

Walter B. Mintz, W’41, Short Hills, N.J., October 8, 1996.

Dr. Peter P. Rodman, M’41, Chestertown, Md., a retired physician in general practice in Aberdeen for 37 years; February 24.

Dr. Benjamin Rothfeld, C’41, G’42, Bel Air, Md., a retired physician; January 13.

J. Herbert Slack, W’41, Dunwoody, Ga., November 14, 1996.

Dr. George Furst, D’42, Sun City, Ariz., a retired dentist; January 29.

Dr. Leslie A. Kremer, M’42, Union, Wash., a retired Seattle gynecologist-obstetrician; February 6.

Dr. James B. Pritchard, Gr’42, Haverford, Pa., emeritus professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania who also served as curator of biblical archaeology at the University Museum; January 1. He wrote Gibeon: Where the Sun Stood Still and Recovering Serepta, a Phoenician City.

Clarence C. Riner Jr., W’42, Vienna, Va., December 1, 1996.

John Bruinooge, W’43, Bridgewater, N.J., February 17.

Dr. Charles Q. Griffith, M’45, Jenkintown, Pa., retired co-medical director and pathologist at Northeastern Hospital in Philadelphia; January 2. He had taught pathology at Temple University.

Nancy Longenecker Hogg, CW’45, Christiana, Pa., December 10, 1996.

Irene V. Mikula, Ed’45, Butler, Pa., December 27, 1996.

David E. Ritchie, W’45, Bay Head, N.J.

Dr. Donald J. Glen, D’46, Chambersburg, Pa., a dentist; September 18, 1994.

Dr. George B. Koelle, Gr’46, Swarthmore, Pa., the Elmer Holmes Bobst Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology and the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, known for his work in discovering enzyme involvement in synapse activity, and especially his development of electron-microscope techniques for that end; February 1. He was awarded the Abel Prize in Pharmacology in 1950, at the age of 32, for his research locating the neurotransmitter enzyme cholinesterase with the technique he pioneered, the Koelle stain — using a chemical stain to highlight a substance for electron-microscope examination. He later applied his technique to the research on another neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, that is significant in the study of various conditions such as gastric ulcers and slow heart rate. He joined Penn’s faculty in 1952 at the rank of full professor and served as chair of pharmacology from 1957 to 1981. He retired from both endowed chairs in 1989. In much of his research, his partner was his wife of 43 years, Dr. Winifred Augenent Koelle. In 1972 he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. A devotee of Sherlock Holmes, he was a longtime member of the Sons of the Copper Beeches.

Mary Hudson Robinson, WG’46, Stokesdale, N.C., a retired mathematics teacher at Page High School in Greensboro; November 19, 1996. She was in the first class of women to receive MBA’s at the Wharton School.

Donald B. Schaumburg, WG’46, Fairway, Kans., an attorney specializing in estate planning and business law who was a partner in the law firm of Griffin, Dysart, Taylor, Penner & Lay in Kansas City, Mo.; February 9.

Dr. Robert H. Vought, Gr’46, Slingerlands, N.Y., a retired physicist at the GE Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory; January 7.

Arthur B. Burroughs, WEv’47, Greenlawn, N.Y., May 1996.

Charles E. Francksen, W’47, Newtown, Pa., November, 15, 1996.

Dr. Mary Nickerson Hardwicke, Gr’47, Pensacola, Fla., September 7, 1996.

Clayton J. Mrohaly, W’47, Bay Village, Ohio, a retired certified public accountant who specialized in car dealerships; January 6.

Richard J. Riordan, W’47, Palatine, Ill., a retired senior partner in the Chicago law firm of Riordan, Larson, Bruckert & Moore, who specialized in banking and estate planning; January 28. He also served as chair of two Harris Bank branches and served on the boards of other banks.

Frances Chandler Hickey, Ed’48, Camp Hill, Pa., January 1.

Allan H. Olofson, W’48, Venice, Fla., November 24, 1996.

John T. Restin, W’48, St. Simons Island, Ga., January 5.

Dr. Bert M. Ryan, GM’48, Pasadena, Tex., a physician; January 3, 1996.

Dr. Alex Sherman, D’48, Scarsdale, N.Y., a dentist; December 1, 1995.

Marie Hontz Aiken, Ed’49, Rome, Ga., August 12, 1994.

Col. George M. Calvert, WG’49, Sarasota, Fla., January 31.

Sarah Jaffe Marsten, Ed’49, Kensington, Md., administrative assistant to the director of special events at the National Gallery of Art; December 28, 1996. She had earlier been prominent in the setting up of a Cinnaminson branch of the Burlington( N.J.) County Library.

Dr. Richard Nordham, C’49, D’51, West Palm Beach, Fla., a retired dentist who had practiced in New Jersey and New York state; February 8.

Donna J. Shellaberger, L’49, Orleans, Mass., an attorney in private practice; February 2. She had taught at the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1950s and was a Gowen Fellow here in 1958.

Ragan W. Travis, W’49, Ridgewood, N.J., 1989.


Ruth Kirwan Aladj, Nu’50, Arlington, Va.

Marietta H. Madden, Ed’50, GEd’51, Elkins Park, Pa., retired director of nursing at Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia; January 22.

Frank L. Powell, W’50, Venice, Fla., May 9, 1995.

Dr. Henry R. Diller, D’51, Lancaster, Pa., a dentist; December 18, 1996.

Dr. N. Albert Fegley, GM’51, Schuylkill Haven, Pa., a retired ophthalmologist who also served as surgeon at Pottsville Hospital; February 12.

Dr. Stanley C. Glauser, C’51, M’55, Gr’59, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a physician; January 19.

John C. Pemberton Jr., C’51, Rosemont, Pa., December 3, 1996.

Edgar W. Sawyer Jr., Ch’51, Hagerstown, Md., January 21. He had worked for U.S. Silica in Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Magaret Cameron Skillen, Nu’51, Charlotte, N.C., retired instructor of nurses’s education at Jefferson University Hospital; November 24, 1996.

J. Gordon White Jr., C’51, Morrisville, Pa., a retired executive with Fernley & Fernley, Inc., a Philadelphia-based trade-association management firm; November 15, 1996.

Dr. John J. Wright, D’51, Allentown, Pa., a dentist in private practice, who retired in 1990; December 29, 1996.

S. Alan Yulsman, W’51, G’52, Abington, Pa., an attorney and certified public accountant; January 29.

Leighton T. Brown Jr., WEv’52, Reading, Pa., December 21, 1996.

Richard T. Gill, C’52, Langhorne, Pa., November 11, 1996.

James L. Kensil, C’52, Hempstead, N.Y., team president of the Jets, the New York football team, from 1977 to 1988; January 16. Earlier, he served as executive director of the NFL.

Dr. Ramon H. Garcia Camilo, GM’53, Park Ridge, Ill., an allergist who founded the Camilo Center and served as its director for more than 25 years; February 18. After experiencing difficulties securing financing for the center, he set up a bank in 1977, Washington National Bank, to meet the needs of other Hispanic entrepreneurs. He also was an assistant professor in clinical immunology and allergies at the University of Illinois. And he had also served as the consul general of the Dominican Republic in Chicago.

George Toto, EE’53, Mt. Lebanon, Pa., a retired nuclear engineer with Westinghouse; February 16. After retirement, he set up a consulting firm that specializes in restoring troubled, poor-performing nuclear installations.

Alfred Eckersley, GEE’54, Seattle, May, 1987.

Hiram M. Silverman, W’54, New York City, September 29, 1996.

Robert S. Faubel, WG’55, Victor, N.Y., October 6, 1996.

William H. Gaskill, Ar’55, Memphis, an architect who designed the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium there; December 23, 1996. The chair of the Memphis Landmarks commission, he helped write the city’s landmarks ordinances. He had served as president of the Tennessee and Memphis chapters of the American Institute of Architects.

Donald R. Jones, G’55, Port Richey, Fla., September, 1991.

Sylvia Simcoe Kopenhaver, Nu’55, GEd’58, Allentown, Pa., instructor of nursing at St. Luke’s Hospital; February 23. Earlier, she was a professor of nursing at Cedar Crest College.

Dr. Harry A. Reynolds Jr., V’56, Champaign, Ill., professor emeritus of veterinary pathology at the University of Illinois; December 6, 1996. He was a breeder of champion German shorthaired pointers.

Dr. Arthur Arakelian Jr., D’57, Bradford, Mass., a dentist; April 27, 1996.

Robert P. Broady, WG’57, Mentor, Ohio, January 31.

Joan Steck Volkwein, DH’58, McMurray, Pa., December 1, 1996.

Dr. Jarvis J. Badgley, V’59, Oldwick, N.J., a veterinarian; November 23, 1996.

Eugene J. Jones, WG’59, Philadelphia, October 24, 1996.

William H. Maxman, W’59, Philadelphia, February 18. He was principal of an export-import business.


Dr. Manuel O. Diaz, Gr’60, Rio Piedras, P.R., March 4, 1996.

C. Leigh Faldi, W’60, New Canaan, Conn., November 7, 1996. He rowed at Penn.

Dr. Sherry M. Hamilton Jr., D’60, GD’65, Virginia Beach, Va., a dentist; December 9, 1996.

J. Howard Joynt III, C’61, Washington, D.C., owner and operator of the Georgetown restaurant, Nathans, which he had bought in 1969; February 1.

H. Kenneth Hardie Jr., WEv’63, Springfield, Pa., May 6, 1996.

Stephan J. Sitomer, C’63, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., an attorney, 1994.

Lloyd A. Biskamp, WG’64, Beaumont, Tex., March 1996.

George N. Hill, G’64, Caversham, U.K., a features writer for The Times; January 25, of a heart attack, on Hampstead Heath. His passion for the countryside made him one of the earlier apologists for what are now well-established conservationist issues. Leaving the paper in 1992 after 25 years there, he worked for the Ramblers’ Association where he helped organize and publicize its walking events, especially the Festival of Winter Walks and the summer Family Rambling Day. He wrote Hurricane Force (1988), about the freak storm that devastated southern England the previous year.

Dr. Martin J. Nathan, M’64, Los Angeles, a physician; May 26, 1996.

Dr. Timothy V. Dalton, C’67, Boise, Idaho, a senior medical examiner for the F.A.A.; September 19, 1995.

Frank G. Frey III, WEv’67, Spring House, Pa., founder of a financial-marketing consulting firm; February 6.

Dr. Mitchell H. Migatz, D’67, Philadelphia, a dentist; January 8.

Carla Greene Mathieu-Schulman, CW’67, Santa Barbara, Calif., director of a Montessori center; January 28.

Donald E. Blankertz, WG’68, Philadelphia, former manufacturing director of strategic planning for the old Scott Paper Co.; February 22. He played a key role in the company’s merger with Kimberly-Clark Corp. in 1995.

Devendra K. Chawla, WG’68, Frankfort, Ky., July 29, 1996.

Jeanne Derderian, CW’68, Haddonfield, N.J., a Philadelphia graphic designer; January 20.

Lloyd R. Ziff, C’68, L’71, Philadelphia, an attorney; September 5, 1996.


Lynn E. Block, CW’71, Warrington, Pa., January 16.

Mary Louise Crane Broussard, SW’72, Moorestown, N.J., a family and marriage counselor; February 14. She also served on the staff of Moorestown’s public schools.

Jacqueline White Knight, CW’72, Whitefish Bay, Wisc., a Montessori teacher; January 7.

William K. Gemmill, ME’73, GME’74, WG’78, Flourtown, Pa., executive vice president of Cummins Power Systems; January 16, when he was struck by an armored van while changing a flat tire in Philadelphia. He served on the board of Chestnut Hill Academy.

Dr. Diane Marie Sot, CW’73, V’87, Coraopolis, Pa., a feline veterinarian who served at the Moon Veterinary Hospital; January 27.

Dr. Kenneth P. Ballard, Gr’75, Moraga, Calif., former senior economist for Pacific Gas and Electric; January 19. Retiring in 1993, he cofounded an economic and management consulting firm in Oakland.

Johan R. Thorbecke, C’75, Sewickley, Pa., a consultant in plant operation for waste-management companies; December 26, 1996.

Sharon Clarkson-Ellis, OT’76, SW’78, Philadelphia, program manager of the cerebral-palsy clinic at Children’s Seashore House; February 24.

Joseph M. Federowicz, C’77, Austin, Tex., September 14, 1996. He was employed as a geologist and environmentalist in Austin for the state of Texas.

Marc Krasnow, W’77, New York City, a mortgage broker; May 12, 1995.

Dr. S. Walter Poulshock, Gr’78, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, a psychotherapist who recently served as a director of program management for the Windsor Behavioral Health Network; February 3.

Shirley C. Zabel, GL’78, Irving, Tex., a professor at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law; December 22, 1996.


Dr. John W. Duckett Jr., WG’88, Philadelphia, director of urology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a leading world authority in pediatric urology and pediatric reconstructive urologic surgery; February 24. He edited Adult and Pediatric Urology and wrote numerous journal articles and chapters in medical texts.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. W. Blake Gibson. See Class of 1938.

Dr. George B. Koelle. See Class of 1946.

Dr. James B. Pritchard. See Class of 1942.

Donna J. Shellaberger. See Class of 1949.

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