“Eyes 1” (mixed media), Nathalie Miller CGS’06


“War Weary” (charcoal), Simmy Stockman Pell CW’71 FA’73


“Towers of Light” (photograph) David Felderman C’91


“Bosom Buddies” (oil on canvas), Anna Kodesch C’01

Back in May, the Burrison Gallery in the University Club presented some work by alumni artists. For those who missed the exhibition, we present four images (from top), with very brief backstories.

With “Eyes 1” (mixed media), Nathalie Miller CGS’06 explores “the condition of being watched on a continual basis and often from unseen eyes”—from hidden cameras to data-gathering by public and private sources.

Simmy Stockman Pell CW’71 FA’73 drew the charcoal portrait (“War Weary”) of a model wearing an actual Civil War uniform and exuding both intensity and fatigue.

David Felderman C’91 made several trips to Ground Zero in the months following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He took the image here (“Towers of Light”) on March 11, 2002, the day that temporary installation was unveiled.

Anna Kodesch C’01 challenges the notion of “accurate color” with brushstrokes to “prove that accuracy does not always equal perfect aesthetics.” Her bovine “Bosom Buddies” (oil on canvas) suggest that her colors are pretty accurate.—SH

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