Shakespeare has some company in Fisher-Bennett Hall.[...]
Only copy of Franklin’s first printing job acquired by Penn Libraries.[...]
$12 million to establish Human Pancreas Analysis Program at Penn.[...]
MLK Social Justice Lecture features Charles M. Blow and Joy Reid.[...]
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Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey to speak at Commencement.[...]
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Tennis looks to improve standing; women’s lacrosse to dominate.[...]
From Dec. 5, 2016 to Feb. 5, 2017[...]
Alumnus, journalist, and self-described math geek Alan Schwarz saw something rotten in the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD and treated with amphetamines. He responded with a powerful series in The New York Times—and an even more powerful book.[...]
Celebrating the Palestra—the beloved “cathedral of college basketball”—at 90 years young.[...]
Over more than three decades, mostly at the US Justice Department, Eli Rosenbaum has made a career and a calling out of tracking down Nazi war criminals and more recent human-rights abusers.[...]
Dinosaur hunter Edward Drinker Cope studied briefly at Penn in his youth and ended his days as a faculty member at the University. In between, the impulsive and driven scholar churned out more than 1,400 scientific publications—and exchanged many harsh words—in an epic battle with his more methodical rival, Othniel Charles Marsh of Yale, for primacy in the nascent field of paleontology.[...]
Senior Chris Hatler became the third athlete in Penn history to crack the four-minute mile barrier.[...]
We talked with Christopher Gruits, who's now four months into his new post at the Annenberg Center.[...]
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“Penn is and has always been a ‘sanctuary.’” [...]
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