Why Not Him?

Maverick ad-man, inspirational talk-show host—and possible future New York mayoral candidate? —Donny Deutsch on the ups and ... well, mostly just the ups ... of being Donny Deutsch.

Harold Ford’s Next Move

The notorious “Call Me” ad may—or may not—have cost former U.S. Representative Harold Ford Jr. C’92 election as the first African-American senator from the South since Reconstruction. But despite his narrow loss in Tennessee last fall, he emerged from the race as “a rock star, basically.”

Man in a Hurry

Former New Orleans mayor and current president and CEO of the National Urban League Marc Morial C’80 is on a mission to reclaim the organization’s role as the economic voice of black and urban America and of all those who are “weak, disadvantaged, and dispossessed.”

Making Their Voices Heard

Heard An Annenberg School-sponsored program designed to use the Internet to help public high-school students learn about the Philadelphia mayoral primary surprised everyone—including the program’s creator.

Party Animal

Top GOP pollster Frank Luntz talks about Bill Clinton's bridge, Newt Gingrich's popularity, why Republicans aren't funny, and how teaching at Penn was the happiest time of his life.