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Vol. 101, No. 2


Safe Places 
As the diversity of Penn’s student population has increased, so have the resources to serve different groups—but not without struggle. Plus: ‘Their Homes Encircle the Globe,” on international students. By John Prendergast 

Alumni Voices: The Deluxe Edition
Memories of Penn, from the Class of 1930 to the Class of 2001. 

Here, Now
A typical (more or less) day (and night) on (and around) campus.

2006: A Penn Odyssey
A freshman sampler. By Susan Frith


Ad It Up!
The advertisements in the old Gazettes contain some not-so-hidden messages about the campus and the culture at large. By Susan Frith.


From the Editor


Notes From the Undergrad
Who is Brother Stephen?

Marking the first anniversary of 9.11.01  
Message to freshmen: “Open your minds, and we’ll open one another’s eyes  
Philanthropist Walter Annenberg dead at 94; last gift was $100 million for Annenberg School  
Physics professor Ray Davis wins Nobel for work on solar neutrinos  
U.S. Marine general Clifford Stanley named new EVP  
Penn at #4 in U.S. News & World Report  
Carriage House opens as LGBT Center  
Music professor completes Chopin prelude  
Making “digital dreams” reality in Ghana 
School of Engineering and New Bolton Center celebrate milestones  
Vet School advance could help save endangered species  
Lawsuit over use of inmates as test subjects dismissed  
Center for Africana Studies opens 
Now playing on 40th Street, movies at the Bridge

Off the Shelf 
Darkening Water. New poems from Daniel Hoffman.
The Ornament of the World. When Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived in peace.

Wins and losses past—and lessons learned from both
The 2002 Quakers can score

Alumni Profiles
A more in-depth look at some of Penn’s outstanding alumni.
Randy Swartz C’67 | Dance Presenter Plans His Next Moves
Leslie Esdaile W’80 | Vampires, Romance, and Deadlines
Zenos Frudakis FA’82 GFA’83 | Sculpting a Life
Phyllis Wynn Shipman CW’65 | On Target at Any Age

Alumni Notes
Comings, goings, appointments, promotions, accolades
and other personal news


A look back—from 2102.

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