New Literary Journal Takes Flight

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“It has finally happened: the Creative Writing Program at Penn has launched its own literary journal dedicated to bringing forth the best writing of our students, alumni, and faculty,” writes program director and poet Gregory Djanikian C’71, in the introductory note to the inaugural issue of Peregrine. Plans call for publishing the journal every two years.

Contributors to No. 1, Spring 2005 range from established literary names to current students, and number among them several writers who have also appeared in the Gazette—including Nate Chinen C’97, Jamie-Lee Josselyn C’05, Caren Lissner C’93, Lorene Cary C’78 G’78, Beth Kephart C’82, and Karen Rile C’80.

Noting the winged figure featured on the cover, in his introduction Djanikian references several derivations of the journal’s title revolving around notions of travel, strangeness, and flight, and adds “we hope you enjoy what you find on your peregrination through these pages.”


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