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THE APPROACHING STORM: Roosevelt, Wilson, Addams, and Their Clash Over America’s Future by Neil Lanctot C’87 (Riverhead Books, 2021, $30.00.) This history examines how three extraordinary leaders—Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jane Addams—debated, quarreled, and split over America’s response to World War I. Buy this book

RUSE: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street by Robert M. Kerbeck C’85 (Steerforth Press, 2022, $16.00.) Kerbeck’s memoir recalls his years as a corporate spy, lying on the phone, charming people into revealing their employers’ most valuable information. This fast-paced story spins through the lies he told, the cons he ran, and the money he made (and lost) along the way. Buy this book

OUR LITTLE WORLD by Karen Winn Nu’00 (Dutton, 2022, $26.00.) Set in the 1980s in a small New Jersey town, this lyrical coming-of-age story centers on two sisters whose relationship becomes forever altered in the aftermath of a neighborhood girl’s disappearance. Buy this book

MUTINOUS WOMEN: How French Convicts Became Founding Mothers of the Gulf Coast by Joan DeJean, faculty (Basic Books, 2022, $32.00.) Falsely accused of sex crimes in 18th-century France, more than 100 Frenchwomen were exiled to colonial Louisiana aboard the ship La Mutine. Only 62 survived, but they established lives that would have been impossible in France, making advantageous marriages and accumulating property—exemplifying the New World’s possibilities and the diversity of the people who pursued them. Buy this book

MONEY MAGIC: An Economist’s Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life by Laurence Kotlikoff C’73 (Little, Brown and Company, 2022, $29.00.) Boston University economist Kotlikoff outlines how to increase your spending power, enhance your standard of living, and make it on your own by transforming your financial thinking. In this handbook, he explains not just what to do, but why to do it. Buy this book

MY BOY WILL DIE OF SORROW: A Memoir of Immigration from the Front Lines by Efrén C. Olivares C’05 (Hachette, 2022, $29.00.) This memoir weaves together Olivares’s personal history as a young Mexican immigrant and his current career as a human rights lawyer. Using stories from the front lines, he explores how our concern for fellow human beings who live at the margins of our society—both literally and figuratively—is affected by how we view ourselves in relation to them. Buy this book

A MISTAKEN HOSTAGE by J. F. Foran WG’63 (The Troy Book Makers, 2021, $16.00.) In this political thriller, former CIA intelligence officer Brooks Davidson returns home to San Diego after brokering a large project with the president of Egypt. But as one unscrupulous Egyptian cabinet minister tries to reclaim his power, a set of catastrophic events unfolds, involving the kidnapping of a mistaken hostage—Davidson’s love interest. Buy this book

THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS by Richard Donze C’74 (Finishing Line Press, 2021, $19.99.) This new collection of poems by physician-poet Donze is about birth and death and cycles, mostly in the nature we know, with intimations about order in a larger universe. Buy this book

FINAL TABLE by Dan Schorr C’95 G’95 (SparkPress, 2021, $16.95.) Drawing upon his firsthand experience as a New York City sex crimes prosecutor and investigator, Schorr has authored a new political thriller about sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era, one victim’s battle to survive and overcome trauma, and the cable news machine that feeds off titillating scandal coverage and inflammatory confrontation. Buy this book

WHAT BOYS DO by Jon Lasser GEd’94 (Magination Press, 2021, $16.99.) This fun, affirming book for children offers an expansive view about what it means to be a boy. From eating to dreaming, to making mistakes and exploring, there is more to being a boy than meets the eye. Buy this book

PLANTING A SEED: Three Simple Steps to Sustainable Living by Kate Gaertner WG’00 (Page Two, 2021, $16.95.) Gaertner, a corporate sustainability expert, details how to develop an action plan that will help you develop new habits and ways of living that fit into your daily life. Offering ideas for sustainability at various scales, she shows that living lightly can also mean living well. Buy this book

A MASK … YOU ASK? by Shari Faden Donahue C’79 (BCH Fulfillment & Distribution, 2021, $18.00.) This children’s story assists young children with the concept of wearing a protective facial mask. Children learn that even in a mask, they are certain to remain uniquely themselves. Buy this book

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