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THE STORY OF ARCHITECTURE by Witold Rybczynski (faculty) (Yale University Press, 2022, $40.00.)With more than 160 illustrations, this sweeping history, from the Stone Age to present day, shows how technological, economic, and societal changes affect architectural ideas and ideals. Buy this book

WHAT IS EXTINCTION? A Natural and Cultural History of Last Animals by Joshua Schuster C’98 Gr’07 (Fordham University Press, 2023, $30.00.) Delving into the development of last animal photography, the anthropological fascination with human origins and ends, the Third Reich’s attempt to change the meaning of extinction, and the current pursuit of de-extinction technologies, Schuster explores how definitions of extinction have changed over time and continue to evolve. Buy this book

SINK: A Memoir by Joseph Earl Thomas (Grand Central Publishing, 2023, $28.00.) In this fierce and honest memoir, Thomas, a doctoral candidate in the English department, recounts the cruelty and poverty of coming of age in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighborhood—but also the comfort and escape he found in geek culture. Buy this book

COUNTING IN GREEN: Ten Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet by Hollis Kurman C’85 (Otter-Barry Books, 2023, $17.99.) Follow a group of children as they discover how every small action can make a big difference and help to save our Earth, from planting one new tree, to riding two breezy bicycle wheels, to eating three meatless meals, and so on. Buy this book

OUR BODIES TELL THE STORY: Using Feminist Research and Friendship to Reimagine Education and Our Lives by Monica Taylor C’89 and Emily J. Klein (Myers Education Press, 2023, $43.95.) Posing critical questions aimed at improving the educational system, this is a narrative retelling of the authors’ “becoming” as girls, teenagers, women, teachers, wives, daughters, scholars, and mothers. Buy this book

IN THIS PLACE CALLED PRISON: Women’s Religious Life in the Shadow of Punishment by Rachel Ellis Gr’17 (University of California Press, 2023, $29.95.) Based on a year of ethnographic work inside a US state women’s prison, this book by a University of Maryland criminology professor offers a vivid account of religious life within an institution designed to punish. Buy this book

THE COLLABORATIVE ARTIST’S BOOK: Evolving Ideas in Contemporary Poetry and Art by Alexandra J. Gold C’11 G’12 (University of Iowa Press, 2023, $90.00.) This book offers a rare glimpse into collaborations between poets and painters from 1945 to the present, and highlights how the artist’s book became a critical form for experimental American artists in the 20th and 21st centuries. Buy this book

FASTER CURES: Accelerating the Future of Health by Michael Milken WG’70 and Geoffrey Moore CGS’66 (HarperCollins 2023, $32.50.) Milken and Moore trace the life-extending acceleration of progress in medical research, public health, and clinical treatments over seven decades and predict revolutionary future breakthroughs. Buy this book

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