“Throughout the years, I’ve pursued a career as a professional concert whistler.”

—Steven L. Herbst C’67

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Charles Burnette Ar’58 GAr’63 Gr’69, a retired professor of industrial design at the University of the Arts, has been honored with the establishment of a prize in his name. The Charles Hamilton Burnette Prize in Design will be given each year to a graduating product design major at the University of the Arts to jumpstart their career and support their entrepreneurial drive. When he was at Penn, Charles was a research associate at the Institute for Environmental Studies, head manager of Mask & Wig, president of Sigma Chi fraternity, and a member of Friars Senior Society and the Kite and Key Society.

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Roger Colley W’60 writes, “I’ve published my third novel in a trilogy, Sopris, about ways to resolve conflict without resorting to violence. Quite pertinent to these times!” Visit rogercolley.com for more information.

Harriet Luskin Hornick CW’60 WG’73 and Roger Winston W’60, copresidents of the Class of 1960, write, “We organized a Class of 1960 Virtual Homecoming cocktail party on Zoom, led by Hugh ‘Hank’ Aberman C’60 G’62 on Saturday, November 14. Twenty classmates attended and reconnected. Joining us in the festivities were Dr. Barton Blinder C’60 M’64 GM’68, Barry Borodkin W’60, Howard Cantor W’60, Carl Covitz W’60, Dr. Chuck Driben C’60 V’65, Aileen Feller Fisher-Isaksen CW’60, Inez Friedman-Lipetz Ed’60, Adele Aron Greenspun Ed’60, Bert Lazerow C’60, Paul Lichtman W’60, Murray Newman W’60, Ed Parmacek W’60, Jerry Riesenbach W’60, Bob Rothman W’60, Dan Saxon W’60, Sylvia Neuwirth Wagner CW’60, and Stanley Zwirn W’60. The conviviality and remembrances made for a memorable event. For those of the Class of 1960 for whom we do not have email addresses, we missed you and want to hear from you. Please send your alumni news either to the Pennsylvania Gazette or to Hank at [email protected].”

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Wesley Truitt C’61 has published his eighth book, NATO Reconsidered: Is the Atlantic Alliance Still in America’s Interest? He writes, “The book traces the evolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from its beginning in 1949 to the present. It asks a fundamental question rarely raised in Washington: After 71 years, is the Atlantic Alliance still in America’s best interest? If America’s interest is better served by freeing itself from NATO’s wide-open commitment to come to the aid of any Alliance member (there are 30 of them today) subjected to an ‘armed attack’ by Russia, then the US should promote alternative security arrangements for its European partners and disengage from the Alliance. This is a realistic consideration given Russia’s relative decline, making America’s protectorate over Western Europe unnecessary, and given China’s rise in power threatening America for global leadership. NATO dilutes America’s military power and distracts its focus away from its major challenger in the 21st century—China, not Russia. The Washington establishment with its vested interests will disagree with this proposal, but average Americans who would be called upon to defend these countries should welcome it. I earned my political science PhD at Columbia University and have taught international relations at the graduate level. For many years I was also vice president–Europe at Northrop Grumman, an aerospace and defense firm, giving me practical knowledge of world politics. This book is the result of five decades of studying NATO and US foreign policy. To see my trilogy of espionage novels based on my work with the State Department and the CIA, visit www.westruitt.com.”


Robert L. Horst GEE’62 writes, “After a four-decade professional career and 1989 retirement from Armstrong World Industries, I discovered competitive running. My races from age 70 to date include 5K, five-mile, 10K, and half-marathon (four) age-group runs. I successfully completed my 497th race on my 90th birthday on June 5! My previous running experience was in boot camp, during service in the US Navy (1951–54), before my academic studies at Penn State (B.S. 1958) and Penn, and my engineering career.”


Dr. Robert Allyn Goldman C’64 has published a new book, The Slammer: A Critique of Prison Overpopulation, a Menacing Flaw in American Culture. He writes, “It can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but preferably at any independent bookseller (keep them in business).”

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Evelyn M. Cherpak G’65 is editor of the book South of the Border: Women Travelers to Latin America, which is available on Amazon.

Judith Kantor Clark MT’65 G’67 has received the Leadership Award from the Lebanon County (PA) Women’s Commission “for her lifetime of dedication to residents of the county.” Judith has served as the volunteer president of Beth Israel Synagogue, the volunteer president of Beth Israel Sisterhood, a member of the Lebanon City School Board, and a volunteer president of the Women’s Medical Auxiliary of Lebanon County. She currently works in outpatient services for WellSpan Philhaven Hospital and instituted the Violent Domestic Offenders Program for Lebanon County, among other achievements. She is the mother of Deborah Clark Lorich C’90 and the mother-in-law of the late Dr. Dean Lorich C’85 M’90 GM’95. Her twin sister is Diane Kantor Shrager MT’65.


Eleanor Rodio Furlong Nu’67, a retired mental health clinician and educator,has written a cookbook, A Taste for All Seasons: A Blend of Italian and American Cuisines. From the press materials: “Arranged by seasons and emphasizing the importance of using fresh produce, the pages unveil a cornucopia of Italian classics as well as some innovative ideas that will whet the palate.” Find more information on its release at erodiof.com.

Steven L. Herbst C’67 writes, “In 2004, at 58, I retired from a 34-year career as senior vice president of a $900 million dollar advertising agency specializing in recruitment advertising and employee communications. In 2008, I decided I was too young to retire. I got my MSW from Fordham University in 2010, plus CASAC-2 (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) credentials, and became a psychotherapist. Most of my career has been involved with substance abuse treatment. I am currently working remotely as an LMSW providing telehealth psychotherapy to patients in nursing and rehab facilities. I have no intention of ever retiring, especially with the advent of being able to work from home! As a lifelong singer, I enjoyed four years with the Penn Glee Club (where I started whistling in public after Bruce Montgomery turned that over to me); and I have been a member of the University Glee Club of New York City for 42 years. Throughout the years, I’ve pursued a career as a professional concert whistler [“Alumni Profiles,” Nov|Dec 2001]. I am an international grand champion, the first ever named International Whistling Entertainer of the Year three years in a row, and I was named to the Whistlers’ Hall of Fame (along with Bing Crosby). I’ve appeared on the Today Show twice; Good Morning America; CBS This Morning three times; CBS News Sunday Morning, which did a feature story about my whistling; Voice of America—plus countless other TV and radio shows, as well as in newspapers and magazines from coast to coast and abroad. I’ve performed in Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, the Lincoln Center, and the Kennedy Center, and as far away as Osaka, Japan. My CD, Broadway and Beyond, has sold hundreds of copies. I’ve also done TV commercials for Verizon DSL (with James Earl Jones), Eight O’Clock Coffee, and more; and I’ve participated in two Guinness World Record cabaret shows. I am featured in a documentary film, Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling, which can be viewed for free on YouTube. Check out my website, SteveTheWhistler.com, to learn more.”


Lionel M. Schooler C’68, a partner practicing management and employment law, as well as trial and appellate litigation, at Jackson Walker in Houston, has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 Super Lawyers list and the 2021 Best Lawyers in America list.


Laura J. Colker CW’69 is coauthor of Trauma and Young Children: Teaching Strategies to Support and Empower. She is president of the Washington, DC-based L. J. Colker & Associates and an author, lecturer, and trainer in early childhood education.

Dr. Eli G. Goodman C’69 is the author of The Adventures of Abe: The $5 Dollar Bill. He writes, “It tells the story of a $5 bill who recalls his most memorable adventures over a 20-year career and the important wisdoms he learned along the way. … This is a substantial book. Suitable for both kids and adults. Lots of material and dozens of fantastic illustrations [by Angela Martinez, Eva Vikman, and Brenda Beck Fisher].” Eli also authored an illustrated children’s book titled The White Horse in 2014. Visit eligoodmanmd.com for more information.

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Ann Kent Cowen CW ‘70, on behalf of the Class of 1970 Reunion Committee, writes, “Please join the new Class of 1970 Facebook group! This group is exclusive to the Class of 1970. To join, search for ‘Penn Class of 1970 50th Reunion’ on Facebook or visit bit.ly/Penn1970.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Nicholas Canny Gr’71 writes, “I am now living in retirement in Ireland, having completed a stint from 2011 to 2017 on the Scientific Council of the European Research Council. In March 2020 I was awarded a Cunningham Medal by the Royal Irish Academy for excellence in research. This makes me the 45th recipient since the medal was first endowed in 1796. Although technically retired, I remain active as a historian and have just completed a comprehensive study, Imagining Ireland’s Pasts, that will be published by Oxford University Press in 2021. I was scheduled to give a talk to the graduate students in Penn’s history department on April 1, 2020, where my topic would have been how my four years from 1967 to 1971 spent at Penn as a graduate student shaped my outlook on life and on scholarship. Sadly, I had to withdraw from this nostalgic return because of the ban on trans-Atlantic travel due to the spread of COVID-19 in Europe and in the US. As I take stock of the current situation, it saddens me to think that I may never again see the US, Philadelphia, or Penn.”


Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster C’72 retired in August 2019 as dean and professor emeritus of moral theology at Holy Trinity Seminary, a Russian Orthodox institution of higher learning in Jordanville, New York. He is senior coeditor of the book Healing Humanity: Confronting Our Moral Crisis. He writes, “I teach undergraduate courses in religious studies part-time at George Mason University back home in Virginia, where I’m delighted to devote ‘full-time’ attention to my family and grandchildren, at last.”


Geoffrey Greif SW’74, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, has published his 15th book, In-Law Relationships: Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, and Sons, written with Michael E. Woolley. In 2020, Geoffrey was inducted into the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.

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Guy C. Antonioli W’75 writes, “After 20 years in international marketing and advertising with Cyanamid, 3M Company, and the Interpublic Group of Agencies, and of living in Mexico City, San Antonio, Miami, and Bogotá, Colombia, I settled in Austin, Texas, in 1994 to start GCA Consulting, which helps companies venture south with the advent of NAFTA. Then, in 1996, I opened a Hispanic division, Focus Latino, which focuses on consumer research among the US Latino population. Most of our work is in the areas of communications (positioning, concept development, and advertising testing), branding, and consumer behavior. I’m still doing research and playing tennis, and I continue to jog, which I took soon up after leaving Penn. In August, three other classmates—John Cherry C’75, Dan Maze W’75, Walter Enick W’75—and I got together in Austin at the Barton Creek Country Club for a weekend of golf, great dinners, and drinks. All four of us had not been together since graduation in 1975!”

Heidi Bogin Oshin CW’75, Neil Friedman C’75, and Bill Weiner W’76 have founded ChaiFlicks, a subscription streaming service dedicated to Jewish and Israeli entertainment. Find more information at www.chaiflicks.com.

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Dr. Robert M. Fleisher GD’76 has published eight books, including The American Strangler, which launched in July. He writes, “I’m pleased to announce that my previous novel, The Divine Affliction, received the 2020 Bronze eLit Award in the mystery/suspense/thriller category. Mike Garrett, Stephen King’s first editor, had this to say, ‘I enjoyed your story, which rarely happens when I edit.’ You can read more about my writing at www.novelsmithbooks.com.”

Avrom Jacobs SW’76 WMP’81, writes, “I’m delighted to report the August birth of my fourth grandchild (and first granddaughter), Rafi Eden, to my son, Gilad, and his lovely wife, Dr. Jamie Jacobs of Newton Center, Massachusetts. Rafi joins her two-year-old brother, Liev Max, and, in Israel, cousins Elior and Amitai, sons of Kayla Jacobs and Chaim Kutnicki. Rafi’s birth coincided with my 70th birthday—age being but mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter—so I got quite a present! Additionally, NormaTec, the medical/sports device firm that I cofounded with my late wife, Dr. Laura Furst Jacobs ChE’77 EE’77 GEng’78 Gr’82, was recently sold to Hyperice, the sports recovery and technology company—so in all, a wonderful, whirlwind year. I hope everyone stays safe!”

Michael P. Malloy L’76 writes, “West Academic published the 2020 update to my casebook Contemporary Payment Systems. The update includes discussion of Australia’s misspelled banknotes, the latest ‘faithless employee’ case—Lesser v. TD Bank—and a footnote reference to composer Irving Berlin’s analysis of the signature requirement applicable to checks and drafts.”

Bill Weiner W’76 see Heidi Bogin Oshin CW’75.


Rick Meyer W’77 was inducted into the 2020 USTA Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame last year. During his 10-year professional playing career on the ATP Tour, he amassed wins over a dozen players ranked in the Top 10 in the world, and he competed in several Grand Slam tournaments, reaching the Round of 16 at the 1983 Australian Open and losing to eventual champion John McEnroe in four sets at the 1980 US Open. As a student at Penn, he played No. 1 singles and doubles and won the Eastern College Athletic Conference in singles and doubles.


Clare Sapienza-Eck OT’78 has been appointed chief strategy officer of Inspira Health, a nonprofit healthcare organization that comprises three hospitals, a cancer center, several multispecialty health centers, and a total of more than 150 access points.


Neil S. Plakcy C’79 writes, “The recent publication of The Most Expensive Spice, 11th in my bodyguard adventure series, marks my 50th published novel. Short stories, novellas, and edited anthologies for various publishers add to that total. The wonder of the imagination and the internet have allowed me to write stories set in Pennsylvania, Florida, Hawaii, Vermont, and France, despite quarantining in South Florida. More books to come, with no authorial retirement in the future.” For more information, visit www.mahubooks.com.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Lisa R. Jacobs W’80 was awarded the W. Edward Sell Business Lawyer Award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) at a virtual event in November. According to the release, the award “honors the contributions to the practice of business law at the highest level, either through the practice of law or through teaching. Recipients must have contributed to the statutory development of business law in Pennsylvania and to the PBA by working in leadership roles in the Business Law Section.”

Jan Levine C’80, a partner at the law firm Troutman Pepper, has been named to the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2020 Best of the Bar list of Philadelphia’s top lawyers. She represents clients in antitrust, unfair competition, privacy/data breach, and class action cases.

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Dale Borenstein Bell MT’81 and Leslie B. Posnock C’81, copresidents of the Class of 1981, write, “Greetings, Class of 1981! We know you want to keep up with what’s happening on campus and with our classmates, so please take a quick minute and send us your current email address (to [email protected] or [email protected]). That will allow us to update you on Penn happenings as well as our upcoming 40th Reunion (May 2021), which we’ve started planning. We do this by way of our monthly newsletter. And please join our Facebook Page for the most up to date information, photos, interactive programs, and event schedules: bit.ly/2IITgGZ.”

Mike Bellissimo C’81 writes, “In October, I joined Boston-based telehealth company XR Health as their first chief operating officer. XR Health delivers FDA-approved therapeutics to support physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain management, and behavioral health through a virtual, in-home experience. Connected to a clinician over a telehealth portal, XR Health patients use VR technology to self-manage their care needs as often as they would like, all without the need for medication. Leveraging technology originated for use by Israeli army fighter pilots, XR Health has set up virtual clinics in the US in Massachusetts, Illinois, California, and Florida, with plans to expand to Texas and Michigan in early 2021. Learn more at www.xr.health.”

Scott Eagle W’81 writes, “After over 35 years of being in the pharma/CPG and Silicon Valley high-tech world and building/selling companies, I decided to do one more start-up blending all of my experiences. So this January, I am launching the first US line of CBD wellness therapies for sleep and stress issues based on condition, age, gender, and lifestyle. Never imagined that my Wharton background would lead me to cannabis—Mom is so proud! Am also enjoying the California life and would love to hear from Penn friends at [email protected].”


Helene Panzarino C’82 writes, “I’ve been in London for a long time and realized that it’s been a while since I shared any updates. I’m a lecturer on financial technology, or fintech, for Oxford and UCL masters’ programs, as well as executive education at Imperial College London and the London Institute of Banking and Finance. It’s not where this CAS grad expected to land, but fintech—corporate innovation is my superpower. In the same vein, I have a new book out, published in November, Reinventing Banking and Finance: Frameworks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation. I’m also working as chief ecosystem officer with Vacuum Labs/Tribal FS covering the US, and I’m particularly interested in hearing the views of community bankers and corporates with large SMB customer bases as regards digital transformation. So if anyone would like to share over a digital coffee, please reach out via LinkedIn.”

Craig Sidell C’82 has published his debut children’s picture book, The Life and Times of Fuzzy Wuzzy. From the book’s press materials: “This book teaches children the importance of being kind and loving and that it’s not what you look like that is important. A great life begins with love for everyone and everything around you.”


Steven R. Jacobs C’83, a partner practicing corporate and M&A law at Jackson Walker, has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 Chambers USA Guide and the 2021 Best Lawyers in America list.

Dr. Stan Savinese C’83 has been named medical director of Penn Medicine Hospice. He is an associate professor of clinical medicine at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, and a palliative medicine consultant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


Jeffrey L. Pollock C’84, an attorney practicing in Pittsburgh since 1987, was appointed to serve as a member of the board of directors for Neighborhood Legal Services (NLS). He writes, “The board sets the policy under which NLS operates. Its members include representatives of client and community organizations who help identify the legal needs of low-income individuals and families; attorneys who understand how those needs can be met under the law; and representatives of county bar associations who foster the important role of pro bono attorneys. I also practice mediation and was one of three cocreators of CLASP, the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania. I previously served as the chair of the Allegheny County Bar Association’s Center for Volunteer Legal Resources and, during parts of the last five decades, have been regularly contributing pro bono legal services, primarily in the area of family law.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Cynthia Goldfine Kaiser C’85 G’87 writes, “After working for a number of years on the translation of Au Pays des Manchots by Georges Lecointe, my father, Howard Goldfine, professor emeritus of microbiology at the Perelman School of Medicine, and I are excited to announce the publication of In the Land of the Penguins (Erskine Press, 2020). Thus, after 120 years, the Belgian Antarctic explorer Georges Lecointe has once again been freed from the Antarctic ice pack with this first translation into English of his account of the voyage of the ship Belgica in 1898. Lecointe recounts with humor the joys, trials, and tribulations of the very first overwintering in the Antarctic.”

Marc Tayer WG’85 writes, “In September, I was elected president of the North Coast Repertory Theatre Board of Directors (San Diego). What is the connection between my former career as a technology executive/entrepreneur and this retirement/volunteer career in the arts? Not much, except perhaps that some of my blood, sweat, and tears in the digital TV revolution paved the way for streaming video over the Internet, and now with COVID-19, our live theatre is shut down, so we are producing shows for streaming. Our current production, Necessary Sacrifices, is the story of Abe Lincoln’s historic meetings with Frederick Douglass during the Civil War. Next up is Same Time Next Year, for which Ellen Burstyn won a Tony Award back when we were high school and college kids. Other than that, all is good after surviving a pretty bad COVID case in March and April.”

Larry Weitzman W’85 writes, “My first novel, Ghost Rendition, came out in November. It’s a fun take on a spy novel, where the protagonist is a neurotic, divorced, suburban dad. So it’s part thriller and part dramedy. And no, it doesn’t come from personal experience … mostly. The majority of my work is documentary, so it was a pleasure to be able to make stuff up!”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Ralph H. Cathcart C’86 writes, “I would like to say hello and wish the best to all of my fellow classmates around the globe coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am pleased to share that despite many challenges, this year I was recognized by Managing Intellectual Property magazine as an IP Star 2020, by World Trademark Review magazine as one of the top 1,000 trademark attorneys in the world, by Super Lawyers magazine as a 2020 Super Lawyer (Metro NYC); and I also became a member of the National Black Lawyers Top 100. In addition, I prevailed in defending against an appeal in Mourabit v. Klein, et. al, Case No. 19-2142 cv (Second Circuit June 8, 2020) on preemption grounds under the Copyright Act. Oddly enough, I was forced to argue that appeal telephonically from my home during the lockdown in New York.”

Jim Rotherham W’86, a partner at the accounting firm Baker Tilly US, LLP in San Diego, has been appointed to the Small Business Advisory Committee (SBAC) of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). The SBAC serves as a standing resource for the FASB to provide focused input and feedback from a small public company perspective, and to assist the FASB and its staff on matters for which the FASB may seek guidance.


David Brigham G’87 Gr’92 has been appointed CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Previously, he served as president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.


Nancy Davis Kho W’88 writes, “My podcast Midlife Mixtape–‘for the years between being hip and breaking one’–has won an Iris Award from media company Mom2.0 and been named the 2020 Podcast of the Year. The show, available on all podcast platforms, features interviews with Gen Xers and icons of Gen X about what they actually like about being in the middle phase of life, what advice they’d give their younger selves, and that uber-important question: What was your first concert?”

Larry Satcowitz C’88 was elected to the Vermont State House of Representatives in November.

Dr. John Whyte C’88, chief medical officer at WebMD, has been named to Medical, Marketing, and Media’s 2020 Health Influencer 50 list. The list can be viewed at bit.ly/3mM8865.


Dr. Christine Dingivan EAS’89 has been named president and CEO of Emmes, a contract research organization based in Rockville, Maryland, that supports clinical trials and produces research on human health and diseases.

Lisa Niver C’89, a travel journalist and founder of We Said Go Travel, has written a series of articles for Thrive Global, including “Escape into Fiction this Fall” (October 25). It begins, “Due to COVID-19, I have now been in Los Angeles 230 days. I used to travel nearly half of every month. Since I have not been able to move about, I have been escaping into the locations in some of my favorite fiction books.” See the article and her recommendations at bit.ly/3kmixUj.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Tim Ito C’90 is coauthor of The BS Dictionary: Uncovering the Origins and True Meanings of Business Speak. He writes, “It’s a humorous take on corporate business speak—including 300 definitional entries, original research on the word origins, and what the word really means when it’s used in a business context.”

Deborah Clark Lorich C’90 see Judith Kantor Clark MT’65 G’67.

Tina Polsky C’90 writes, “I am very excited to announce that I have been elected as a Florida State Senator. I have served as a Florida State Representative since 2018. I have been living in Boca Raton, Florida, since 2005 with my husband Jeff and our two children. I also practice as a mediator since I ‘retired’ as an attorney.” Tina invites alumni contact at [email protected].

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Ali Shapiro Cudby C’91 WG’97 writes, “After working on my newest book for almost two years, coronavirus completely upended my plans for launch. All the speaking and launch events … POOF! Gone. Nonetheless, the launch was an amazing success, and I’m thrilled to share that Keep Your Customers: How to Stop Customer Turnover, Improve Retention and Get Lucrative, Long-Term Loyalty hit No. 1 on the Amazon Bestseller list in April. It was also named one of the Top 50 Sales Books of 2020 by Top Sales World, which was a delightful and unexpected surprise. At Penn, I’m currently a tri-chair of Momentum 2020 (which will be held in 2021), the amazing women’s conference that will be coming your way. Otherwise, life in Indianapolis is also a delightful and unexpected surprise.”

Dr. Manisha Singal C’91 has written The CBD Skincare Solution: The Power of Cannabidiol for Healthy Skin. She is chief medical officer at BridgePoint Hospital in Washington, DC.


Daniel Naegele GFA’94 Gr’96 has written Who Shot Le Corbusier? The Architect of the Century and His Photographers. Daniel writes, “The book is concerned with the great architect’s use of photography and his working relationship with numerous photographers. Much of the groundwork for it was done at the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris in 1993 when I was researching my Penn dissertation.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Dr. Aly Cohen C’95, a rheumatologist and environmental health specialist, has written a new book, Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World, coauthored with Dr. Frederick vom Saal. She writes, “Environmental health is an incredibly relevant and important topic … especially now with COVID, given the inflammatory response to environmental chemicals, links to comorbid conditions, and the heightened response to coronavirus infection with comorbid conditions.” In December 2019, Aly gave a TEDx Talk titled “How to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals,” which can be viewed at bit.ly/2TmWTEA. Find out more on her website thesmarthuman.com.

Alisha Berger Gorder C’95 writes, “While I haven’t had much to share with the Penn community all these long years, I finally did something sort of cool. After many years of working as a reporter and editor, I published my first novel in July. These are such complex and troubling times, and Joy: A Modern Fable is simply written, accessible, and so very uplifting. It is a book about kindness and community. Additionally, my daughter designed and hand-drew the cover. I just love that. She’s 15.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Scott Savitz GEng’96 Gr’99 has published a new book of historical fiction, titled The Fall of the Republic. He writes, “Though the book recounts historical events from ancient Rome, many of the issues that it addresses (such as inequality, corruption, the treatment of outsiders, and a republic in danger) have contemporary relevance.”

Alexander Trivas C’96 GEd’97 writes, “I’ve launched a health and wellness card game company, called the Food Monsters, for families to learn about the hidden and often dangerous ingredients lurking in their food and drinks.” Learn more at thefoodmonsters.com.


Samantha Rajaram G’97 has written a new novel, The Company Daughters: A Heart-Wrenching Colonial Love Story. The book reached the Amazon bestseller list in the categories of LGBT literary fiction and literary saga, and it was the No. 1 historical fiction novel for one week in November. Samantha writes, “My book traces an actual Dutch policy in the 17th century that sent young Dutch women to Batavia (modern day Jakarta, Indonesia) to marry Dutch settlers there. In my novel, two of these women fall in love while en route to the colony. After I received my master’s degree in English at Penn, I became a lawyer and practiced law for 10 years. I’ve since become a professor at Chabot College in Hayward, California.”


Meredith Lahl Foxx Nu’99 GNu’02 has been named executive chief nursing officer of the Cleveland Clinic’s Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence. In this role, she oversees the practice and education of more than 28,000 nurse caregivers, including advanced practice registered nurses, nurse leaders, registered nurses, and nursing support staff.

Dr. Maggie Hymowitz C’99, a New York-based ophthalmologist, released her first children’s book, titled Operation Achoo!, coauthored with her father, Dr. Samuel Hymowitz. Maggie writes, “This book takes children on an adventure—with five germs who are on a mission to get a little boy sick—all while teaching the importance of hand-washing. The story includes a captivating song to keep children entertained while washing their hands, as well as medical terminology throughout to intrigue the young scientist.” It is available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com.

Ella Woger Nieves C’99 is chief operating officer of InvestPR, a nonprofit organization created by law, which is tasked with attracting new businesses and capital investment to Puerto Rico. Ella recently moved back to the island to take on this role after leading the consulting practice at the Collage Group, a market and strategy consulting firm in Washington, DC.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Charles “Chaz” Howard C’00, Penn’s chaplain and new vice president for social equity and community [see “Gazetteer,” Sep|Oct 2020], has published The Bottom: A Theopoetic of the Streets, a novel that fuses poetry and theology to explore the concept of homelessness.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Monica Popescu G’01 Gr’05, a professor of African literature at McGill University, has written At Penpoint: African Literatures, Postcolonial Studies, and the Cold War. According to the press materials, the book “traces the development of African literature during the second half of the 20th century, showing how the United States and the Soviet Union’s efforts to further their geopolitical and ideological goals influenced literary practices and knowledge production on the African continent.”

Rikki L. Tanenbaum C’01 has been named chief operating officer of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized American Indian tribe located near the city of Highland, California. She joined San Manuel in 2018 as chief marketing officer of San Manuel Casino. In her new role, Rikki will be responsible for overseeing activities related to the planning and implementation of the tribe’s strategic, cultural, and economic development objectives.


Jamila M. Brinson C’03, a partner practicing management and employment law, as well as trial and appellate litigation, at Jackson Walker, has been named to the 2020 Rising Stars list from Super Lawyers.


Melissa Byrne CGS’04 writes, “So many Penn alumni were thrilled to participate in defeating Donald Trump W’68 in his reelection campaign for president. Friends including Sue Casey CGS’07, Matt Grove CGS’03, Miriam Joffe-Bloch C’00, Arshad Hasan C’03, Adam Lubow C’03, Nina Swanson Marshall C’04 SPP’06, and Reshma Mehta C’02 all celebrated as we do during a pandemic—via a group chat with a lot of gifs. Lincoln Ellis C’03 reached out to celebrate as well (Lincoln hates group chats!). During the campaign cycle, she got to work with Morgan Finkelstein C’13 on a special messaging project featuring bright lights and big, big banners. Most of all we’re excited to see Joe Biden Hon’13 get sworn in alongside his children and grandchildren, some of whom are Penn alumni and Penn students. It’s a bright day for the Penn community to see the best of us represented in leadership centered on empathy and based in the ethos of laws without morals are useless. This means that on Day One over 650 children will have a team working hard to reunite them with their families, the Muslim ban will be ended, and we’ll be able to truly work on building back better. And we’ll cancel all student loans.”

Chenxi Jiao EAS’04 has joined the law firm Blank Rome as an associate in the consumer finance group. She works out of the New York office.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Shanti Grumbine GFA’05 has been awarded a 2020 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship in the category of Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts, which includes an unrestricted grant award of $7,000. Shanti writes, “This has instantly changed my life in these hard times.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Melody Kramer C’06 writes, “I signed up to donate bone marrow while a student at Penn, and recently matched! I donated my bone marrow to an anonymous recipient, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m now trying to sign up 1,000 people for the Be the Match registry. You can register using my link here: join.bethematch.org/melody—please email me with any questions you have at [email protected].”


Katerina Semida Manoff C’09 W’09 is founder of ENGin, a peer-to-peer English language program. Launched in early 2020, it has recently enrolled 1,500 participants. The program pairs English-speaking volunteers with English learners abroad for weekly online practice. Learn more at www.enginprogram.org.

Jarad A. Mason C’09 G’09 see Ivy Cheung Mason C’10.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Ivy Cheung Mason C’10 and Jarad A. Mason C’09 G’09 write, “We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter, Ella Marie Mason, on June 3 in Boston.” Ivy is a postdoctoral fellow at Mass General Brigham in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders and a teaching fellow at Harvard University; and Jarad is an assistant professor of chemistry at Harvard University.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 14–17, 2021!


Richard “Ricky” Katz W’11 see Nicole “Nicki” Blumenfeld EAS’13.


Janay Sylvester C’12 has published the second edition of Climbing Vines: A Collection of Short Stories. She writes, “Climbing Vines features 19 narratives from Black alumnae and undergraduate women about their undergraduate experiences at the University. The book spans many topics, including sisterhood, self-love, the importance of diversity in the classroom, mental health and wellness, healing from sexual assault, and more. The collection is meant for all audiences; however the hope is that through reading these stories and inspired dialogue among students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members, the informative piece will guide and positively influence Black undergraduate women as they navigate their first years at Penn, or at other predominantly white institutions. The book is available for purchase (e-book and print) on Amazon. Visit cvines.org for more information.”


Nicole “Nicki” Blumenfeld EAS’13 and Richard “Ricky” Katz W’11 write, “We were married on August 23 in Westport, Connecticut. Hurrah hurrah!”


Ernest Owens C’14 has been named editor at large for Philadelphia magazine. Previously, he was a writer at large for the magazine, covering the city’s political and community affairs. In 2019, he was named to the 2020 Forbes “30 Under 30” list. Ernest is the first Black journalist to serve as editor at large in the magazine’s 112-year history.

Arazi Pinhas C’14 writes, “I earned a PhD in astrophysics as a Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge in 2019. Informed by both the mysteries of the Universe and an intense spiritual experience while at Cambridge, I’ve written a new book on Bhakti Yoga, spirituality, and mysticism. Wisdom of a Mystic: Spiritual Wisdom from a Kundalini Awakening tells the intimate tale of heartbreaks and hardships that ultimately led to my spiritual awakening. The book extends an invitation to look inward, to the depths of consciousness, as a way to connect with the richness of our own being. It reminds us that the wisdom we seek is hidden in plain sight and that spirituality can—and should—be informed by our most mundane experiences. Valentina Bravo, senior book editor, called Wisdom of a Mystic ‘a creation born of love and devotion, two things the world desperately needs more of.’ To learn more, visit www.mysticwisdom.press.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Jessica Hurley Gr’15, assistant professor of English at George Mason University, has written a new book, Infrastructures of Apocalypse American Literature and the Nuclear Complex. According to the press release, the book delivers “a new approach to the vast nuclear infrastructure and the apocalypses it produces, focusing on Black, queer, Indigenous, and Asian American literatures.”


Kevin Park W’17 writes, “I’m excited to share that I have joined the board of PennPAC, a pro bono alumni consulting firm dedicated to assisting nonprofits propel their mission forward and connecting Penn grads across the country. I’m looking forward to seeing all that we’ll achieve over the coming years!”


Ari M. Gordon Gr’19 is director of US Muslim–Jewish relations for the American Jewish Committee. In October, he was a featured speaker at a webinar presented by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, titled “Understanding the Abrahamic Family Through Qibla Studies.” Ari writes, “For the first time, the Ministry hosted a program featuring a Jewish speaker discussing the relationship between the Abrahamic faiths. I used the topic of prayer direction in early Islam and religions of late antiquity (the focus of my dissertation at Penn) as a way to address difference and bridge-building between religions. This was not a standalone lecture, but part of an effort to increase exposure and openness to other faith communities in the Muslim-majority country. The Ministry has felt that exclusionary and ideologies have, of late, taken root in some segments of Indonesia and run counter to their proud legacy of pluralism and coexistence.”

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 21–23, 2021!


Kwesi Vincent GEd’20, a teacher at the Workshop School in Philadelphia, was chosen by the Knowles Teacher Initiative as a member of its 2020 Cohort of Teaching Fellows. This year, 34 promising high school mathematics and science teachers who are just beginning their careers were awarded Knowles Teaching Fellowships.

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