Simon Patten, who led the Wharton School during the Progressive Era, was a pioneer of the economics of abundance, theorist of the second industrial revolution, and intellectual godfather of the New Deal. His descent into obscurity poses provocative questions about how the field has evolved.[...]
A MOOC reinvigorates modern American poetry.[...]
Auditing the globe’s protected landscapes—and the forces threatening them.[...]
Dog science gets an update.[...]
In the age of hybrid cells and genetic medicine, where does human identity lie?[...]
A history of unripe findings and unintended consequences.[...]
Richard Berk designs computer algorithms that predict crime. As courts and cops increasingly use his and similar tools to shape everything from parole decisions to street policing, Berk has a warning: accuracy comes at the cost of fairness, and citizens must decide where justice lies. [...]
The fatal scourge of child maltreatment has a tragic enabler: the ethical code of professional social workers. [...]
Safe Kids Stories promotes “stealth culture change.”[...]
With his high-tech Baroque Topologies project, associate professor of architecture Andrew Saunders is adding new dimensions to the study of Italian Baroque churches. It’s also serious eye candy. [...]
Combining old-school fieldwork and ethnography with up-to-the-minute gene-based analyses, Penn molecular anthropologist Theodore G. Schurr has helped shape our understanding of the movement of ancient peoples into the Americas. [...]
Big data and the Bard: what’s in a the, or and, or with, or or? [...]
The classical studies professor—whose scholarship traces how intellectual concepts and literary works were received and interpreted in ancient Greece and Rome—is an ardent champion of the continued vitality and relevance of liberal arts education in our own time.[...]
Elaine Simon’s photographs “capture the stages of demolition as a way to remember the site and make a statement about cycles of destruction, displacement, and development.”[...]
Law School’s Sparer Symposium tackles voting rights and gerrymandering.[...]
Looking back—way back—with Penn astrophysicist Bhuvnesh Jain.[...]
Biden joins Penn to lead Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.[...]
Dinosaur hunter Edward Drinker Cope studied briefly at Penn in his youth and ended his days as a faculty member at the University. In between, the impulsive and driven scholar churned out more than 1,400 scientific publications—and exchanged many harsh words—in an epic battle with his more methodical rival, Othniel Charles Marsh of Yale, for primacy in the nascent field of paleontology.[...]
Cultural historian Francesca Ammon deconstructs the bulldozer.[...]