By most conventional measures William Watson G’86 Gr’90 is a pretty rational guy. Also a pretty smart one. [...]
The scene, Mangoes restaurant in Allentown; the time, Friday evening, October 29. The occasion was a Beaufest, honoring the late Beau Jones, the bassist for Wax who died this past September. [...]
Odds are that if you had an Internet connection back in the summer of 2006, you’ve seen OK Go's music video for “Here It Goes Again.” (Hint: It involves treadmills. Lots of them.)[...]
… on his new book and TV show.[...]
The Quadranics musical, 2010.[...]
If you have a hankering for a soupy Vietnamese treat, and it's a Monday, and it's the middle of the night, and you're on campus, check out the Pho Kings' Facebook page and follow your nose.[...]
Anna Deavere Smith performs and discusses her recent one-woman show on the Zellerbach stage.[...]
The annual Emily Sachs Dance Benefit, 2010.[...]
Victoria Frings C'08 will perform non-stop from Jan. 22 to Jan. 23, 2010.[...]
Bill Hengst, alum, poet and gardener.[...]
Francesca Pfister MFA'07 at Burrison Gallery through Feb 19, 2010.[...]
Robert Dimin receives an Arts Year Grant to fund his campus-wide installation String Theory.[...]
January 2010[...]
DMD freshman Jason Merrin.[...]
Alum's breakup story now a Golden Globe-nominated film.[...]
Righteous Dopefiend: Homelessness, Addiction, and Poverty in Urban America at the Penn Museum[...]