The Soup Speakeasy

From Penn’s revamped dining hall fare to West Philly’s accelerating restaurant scene, the Gazette’s March|April 2010 food issue seemed to cover it all.  Not so.  You could read the print version till you passed out from paper cuts, and never find out where to go for the latest sensation in black-market dorm-room cuisine.

It began in February, when a quartet of anonymous undergrads calling themselves the “Four Amigos” embarked on what must be the strangest plan ever to finance a trip to Disney World: by hawking $5 bowls of pho to students hungry enough to track down their secret location.  The “rice-noodle ninjas,” as they were quickly dubbed by Philadelphia Citypaper, are more confident about their broth than their operation’s legality.  In other words, there’s no Health Department oversight, but no MSG either.  It’s also a safe bet they didn’t hit up the provost’s office for a student-activity grant.

But if you have a hankering for a soupy Vietnamese treat, and it’s a Monday, and it’s the middle of the night, and you’re on campus, check out the Pho Kings’ Facebook page and follow your nose.

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