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Archibald H. Aaronson Ed’20, North Miami Beach, Jan. 1982.

Louis E. McAllister GAr’21, Philadelphia, a retired architect who was involved in the design of the old PSFS building in Philadelphia; Jan. 11, 1989. He was a partner of the firm McAllister & Braik, which designed the old Philadelphia Bulletin building.

Margaret E. Strawbridge OT’21, Philadelphia, Nov. 16, 1996.

Harriet Bell Segal Ed’24, Haverford, Pa., a retired schoolteacher; Mar. 3. She had served on the board of the Penn Hillel.

Alvin Frank Appel W’25, Culver City, Calif., Feb. 8.

William H. Chandlee Jr. Ar’26, Philadelphia, a retired architect with the railway division of the old Budd Co.; Feb. 23.

Verna M. Utz Ed’26, Pleasant Gap, Pa., Jan. 11, 1999.

Marie Benedict Duffy Ed’27, Belleville, Ill., Jan. 27.

Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon C’27 G’28 Gr’30, Brookline, Mass., emeritus professor of Hebrew and other ancient Near Eastern languages and literatures at New York University; March 30. A specialist in ancient Middle Eastern languages, he taught at Johns Hopkins, Smith, Princeton, Dropsie, and Brandeis universities; and at New York University from 1973 until he retired in 1990. He was an archaeologist in Palestine and Iraq in the 1930s, and a cryptanalyst deciphering Arabic, Turkish, and Persian codes during the Second World War. Dr. Gordon is recognized for his work on Ungaritic, a language used in coastal Syria in the 14th century BCE; he published his first book on it in 1940. In the early 1930s he taught Hebrew and Assyrian at Penn, and he published the monograph, The Pennsylvania Tradition of Semitics: A Century of Near Eastern and Biblical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (1986). His autobiography, A Scholar’s Odyssey, was published last year.

Edith Grossman Bernstein Ed’28, Newton, Mass., a volunteer psychologist in Boston public schools; Feb. 21.

Maurice M. Capin WEF’28, Van Nuys, Calif., Mar. 5. Active in the Pennsylvania Alumni Club, he served as its president, 1970-71.

Fredrick C. Gentsch W’28, Irvine, Calif., Oct. 25.

Elihu A. Greenhouse W’28 L’31, Elkins Park, Pa., an attorney who had maintained a practice in Philadelphia for 64 years, retiring in 1995; Feb. 12. Specializing in defamation and invasion-of-privacy, he had represented the local television channels WPVI and WPHL.

Max M. Reikob W’28, Philadelphia, retired supervisor for the city’s Department of Revenue; Jan. 31.

Charles F. Steinruck Jr. WEv’28, Absecon, N.J., retired secretary of the old Philco Ford Corp. in Philadelphia; Feb. 4.

F. Calvin Louderback W’29, St. Petersburg, Fla., retired founder and head of New Jersey Business magazine; February. In the 1960s he also began organizing some of the first international trade missions from New Jersey to Europe and Central and South America; he was a trustee of the New Jersey International Trading Corp. On the day he took his last exam at Wharton, the same day he turned 21, he eloped with his wife, Ruth Ellis.


Albert F. Finkenberg W’30, Merrick, N.Y., a retired furniture-manufacturer’s representative; Jan. 31.

George E. Keefe C’30, Short Hills, N.J., retired chair director of Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.; Mar. 27.

Gabriel M. Rich W’30, Philadelphia; Mar. 12.

Dr. Lydia A. Baer Gr’31, Bradenton, Fla., July 1980.

Martin H. Philip L’31, Palmerton, Pa., an attorney who began practicing law in 1931 and continued until his death at 93 years; Apr. 3. He recently sold a local radio station, WYNS-AM, explaining that he was “getting a little tired” and no longer had the time to run the business. And he had been president of the old Tri-County State Bank, guiding it through a merger with Merchants National Bank of Allentown.

Justin E. Sturm W’31, Media, Pa., Dec. 15.

Ben A. Wallerstein W’31, Richmond, Va., retired head of an insurance company; Mar. 18.

Dr. Sidney Gewant D’32, Hollywood, Fla., Jan. 20.

Dr. Edwin Ragnar Irgens M’32, St. Joseph, Mich., a retired physician; Mar. 5.

Josiah C. Moore Jr. Ar’32, La Jolla, Calif., Jan. 27.

Milton N. Nathanson W’32 L’35, Laguna Hills, Calif., Nov. 29.

Harold B. Wells Jr. L’32, Moorestown, N.J., a retired attorney who carried on the Bordentown family law firm for more than 50 years; Feb. 17. “He was a wonderful lawyer, a family lawyer … He did a lot of hand-holding of people who were buying property or settling estates. He tried to keep his clients out of court. He was the old-fashioned family counselor,” said his son, Hon. Harold B. Wells III L’61, of the New Jersey Superior Court.

Arthur T. Willetts C’32, Springfield, N.J., Apr. 1986.

Edward G. Beatty W’33, Media, Pa., retired assistant vice president in the commercial-loan department of the old Philadelphia National Bank; Feb. 14.

Dr. Henry B. Jameson C’33 D’36, Fairfax, Va., a retired dentist ; Jan. 2, 1998.

Theodore K. Krampf W’33, Las Vegas, Aug. 29, 1999.

Dorothea Lex Ed’33, Havertown, Pa., Nov. 26.

Andrew T. Ogawa WG’33, Tokyo, Jan. 5.

Wilbur R. Wosnitzer W’33, Oceanport, N.J., Jan. 12, 1998.

Dr. Howard S. Brooks D’34, Etters, Pa., a retired dentist; Mar. 31, 1999.

Sidney Godet EE’34 GEE’39, Boca Raton, Fla., Mar. 9.

Theresa Galligan Magarigal Ed’34, Austin, Pa., Dec. 16, 1999.

Dr. William L. Rhein D’34, Mechanicsburg, Pa., a retired dentist; Oct. 3, 1999.

Sidney J. Weinrich W’34, Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Sept. 25, 1998.

Ruth Henry Clewell CW’35, Nazareth, Pa., a retired secretary with the old Girard Bank; Feb. 15. She had earlier worked for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the American Friends Service Committee.

Dr. J. Paul English M’35 GM’39, Philadelphia, a retired internist who had served with the South Bend Clinic in Indiana for 43 years; Feb. 12.

Joseph S. Leder W’35, Kailua, Hawaii, June 11, 2000.

Stephen A. Teller L’35, Kingston, Pa., a retired attorney who had served as first assistant U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and as district attorney of Luzerne County; Aug. 15. During the Second World War he served on a French ship in the Atlantic as a liaison to the French Navy based in Casablanca, and later as chief trial judge advocate at the U.S. Naval base in Leyte Gulf, Philippines.

Myrtile Frank Jr. C’36 L’39, Egg Harbor, N.J., an attorney; Mar. 10, 2000.

Gerald H. Herman W’36, Baltimore, Nov. 28, 1998.

Charles E. Hoerger W’36, Sarasota, Fla., a retired vice president with Merrill Lynch in Philadelphia; Mar. 7.

Eleanor M. Joyce CW’36, Philadelphia, July 20, 2000.

Luella North Kemble PSW’36, Columbia, Md., a retired social worker in Lancaster, Pa.; Mar. 1. She helped establish the adoption program of the Lancaster County Family and Children Service. She and her husband helped expand social services in Lancaster, York, and other Central Pennsylvania towns during the late 1940s and the 1950s. They also helped found Psychiatric Outpatients Clinics of America, a national association of community mental-health centers.

Albert N. Meyer W’36, Baltimore, Jan. 20, 1996.

Albert Polakoff WEv’36, Philadelphia, Aug. 24.

Betty Bernheimer Rotenberg Ar’36, Philadelphia, a retired architect with Paul Philippe Cret’s firm, now called H2L2 Architects, who was project architect for the Van Pelt Library, buildings at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the library at Thomas Jefferson University, and dormitories at Haverford and Bryn Mawr colleges; Feb. 13. She was the first woman to receive an architecture degree from Penn: first enrolled in the name B. R. Bernheimer, which officials took to be a man’s name, she was permitted to stay, but required to use a separate drafting room away from the rest of the class, as her presence was deemed a distraction.

Dr. Octavio M. Salati EE’36 GEE’39 GrE’63, Newton Square, Pa., Jan. 27. After receiving his bachelor’s, he worked for the old Philco Radio and Television Co., RCA, and Hazeltine Electronics Corp., before returning to Penn as a research associate in 1948. During his time at Hazeltine he received a patent for a coaxial connector, which became commonly used on very high frequency cables in the newly expanding fields of radar and microwave communications during and immediately after the Second World War; it is still used extensively in the electronics industry. At Penn he divided his time between teaching and electronics research and made major contributions to the rapidly developing field of electromagnetic compatibility, while leading research projects supported by various branches of the U.S. Department of Defense. Dr. Salati was appointed professor of electrical engineering in 1975 and retired in 1984. He was appointed director of continuing education and educational television systems in 1972; specially funded, this program enabled the engineering departments to offer graduate courses to students in plants in outlying areas of the Philadelphia region, and required significant changes in teaching techniques for the faculty involved. Dr. Salati had four other U.S. patents and one Canadian patent.

Charles E. Shinn EE’36, Valrico, Fla., Jan. 25, 1999.

Dr. Calvin P. Wallis M’36, Duarte, Calif., June 28, 2000.

Gerald K. Wills WEF’36, Cornwall, Pa., June 15, 1999.

Carl E. Wolf Jr. W’36, Venice, Fla., Sept. 16, 1996.

Cornelia Nagel Curley Ed’37 GEd’40, Haverford, Pa., co-founder, with her husband, of the Delaware County Christian School; Mar. 1.

Merrill R. Dobbins WEv’37 CCC’51, Largo, Fla., a retired IRS agent; Feb. 17.

Dr. M. Thomas Kennedy G’37 Gr’47, Kennett Square, Pa., the Albert J. Weatherhead Jr. Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School who was an authority on labor relations and a respected arbitrator of labor-management disputes; Dec. 27. He served on the school faculty from 1956 to 1978. He was an expert on international labor relations and wrote European Labor Relations (1980). He also wrote Effective Labor Arbitration, Automation Funds and Displaced Workers, and Problems in Labor Relations. After retiring from Harvard at the age of 66, Dr. Kennedy became a full-time visiting professor at Babson College in Wellesley, teaching there till 1985. He taught for some years at Penn in the 1940s.

Anita Grossman Langsfeld CW’37, Elkins Park, Pa., Jan. 30.

Leonard B. Lipkin W’37, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., retired president of the Gold Medal Baking Co. and Kaplan’s New Model Bakery, Inc.; Apr. 1, 2000.

Dr. Louis Magilner C’37 GM’47, Delray Beach, Fla., a retired physician; June 20, 2000.

Harold E. Matter WEv’37, Media, Pa., retired executive assistant for sales with the DuPont Co.; Feb. 9.

William Pechenick ChE’37 G’46, Lafayette Hill, Pa., Sept. 16.

Robert A. Rich W’37, Ewing, N.J., Aug. 17.

Richard B. Buhrman W’38, Alexandria, Va., a retired tax attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice; Apr. 1.

Henry F. Chapman W’38, St. Petersburg, Fla., June 20, 2000.

Joseph B. Hyman C’38, Springfield, N.J., Dec. 17, 1999.

Loren F. Kannenberg W’38, Springvale, Maine, retired director of management training and development for the old American Can Co. in Greenwich, Conn.; Feb. 6. After retiring, he was a consultant to General Electric in Crotonville, N.Y.

Emil Joseph Marciniak G’38, Easthampton, Mass., Dec. 23.

Dr. John L. Morrison M’38 GM’42, Arlington, Mass., a retired obstetrician-gynecologist who had maintained a practice in Waltham for many years; Feb. 9. He was 
a past president of the Waltham Historical Society.

Lee W. Walker W’38, Gap, Pa.

Jerome M. Wilson W’38, Cazenovia, N.Y., retired president of his family’s real estate company and former head of the family’s jewelry firm in Syracuse; Jan. 27. He served on the board of Le Moyne College and was a past president of United Way of Central New York.

Frederic L. Ballard C’39 L’42, Philadelphia, a partner in the law firm his grandfather founded, Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll, who had specialized in corporate law and retired in 1984; Mar. 13. He rowed on Penn’s heavyweight crew for three years after rowing in the freshman eight, and received the Charles Frazier Memorial Prize for the athlete with the highest academic average in 1937 and 1938. He was a Phi Beta Kappa and a Rhodes scholar. And he was a Friar. Fred Ballard was as adept at courtroom appearances—once having argued a case before the U.S. Supreme Court—as advising CEOs. He was a member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Welfare and an early advocate of expanded support for poor families. His wife, Ernesta Ballard, was a prominent women’s rights advocate, considered by some the godmother of Philadelphia feminism; he quietly supported her in this work. After two of his daughters attended Radcliffe College, he became a member of its board of trustees. Proud of his city, he helped lead many of Philadelphia’s institutions: he was chair of the board of trustees of Thomas Jefferson University from 1977 to 1984. A devoted collector of bonsai trees, he served as president of the National Bonsai Foundation in the 1980s.

Howard E. Blate W’39, Scottsdale, Ariz., retired head of the Brownlee Agency in Flushing, N.Y.; Feb. 8.

Dr. Walter Goldstein D’39, New York, a retired dentist; Mar. 5, 1995.

Robert J. Kahn W’39, Philadelphia, retired partner and director of corporate real estate services for Strouse Greenberg & Co.; Mar. 10, 1997. An enthusiastic fly fisherman, he traveled to Alaska, South America, Russia, and other remote spots to fish.

Emilie Rosenbaum Katzenberg CW’39, Elkins Park, Pa., a founding officer of the Montgomery County League of Women Voters; Mar. 2. She served on the board of the Moss Rehabilitation Center.

Eunice Robinson Leopold CW’39, New York, an artist and art critic; Mar. 12. She had served on the board of Philadelphia’s Samuel S. Fleischer Art Memorial until she moved to New York in 1964.

Walter P. McEvilly L’39, Lancaster, Pa., a retired vice president in the commercial-mortgage division of the Wilmington Trust Co.; Mar. 2. He served for many years as an associate referee of the Delaware Unemployment Compensation Commission.

Dr. Sander A. Sacks V’39, El Paso, Tex., a retired veterinarian who had maintained a practice in Allenwood for over 30 years; Feb. 9. During the Second World War he served with the U.S. Army in India and China, caring for pack animals used to transport troops and supplies.

Robert M. Tindle W’39, Unionville, Pa., a thoroughbred and steeplechase horse trainer; Mar. 25. Serving in the U.S. cavalry during the Second World War, he trained mules to carry supplies and equipment over difficult trails on islands in the South Pacific.

Shirley Weingast CW’39, Philadelphia, Dec. 25, 1999.


Howard S. Gans Jr. W’40, Saint Charles, Ark., Feb. 13.

Jean Magill Hood Ed’40, Philadelphia, a retired special-education teacher at Green Tree School; Feb. 23. She was a labor activist and a civil-rights crusader. She supported the labor movement when it was dangerous to do so: during the Second World War she was fired from a metals factory for trying to unionize the workers. She became a labor organizer and, when the union prevailed, was re-hired at that factory and elected to office in the UAW local. In the early 1950s she helped organize an interracial community council for the Abbotsford Homes; black families had been excluded from it till it was taken over by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Dr. William H. Keffer M’40, Wyomissing, Pa., a physician; Sept. 23.

Dr. John R. McCoy V’40, Virginia Beach, Va., emeritus professor of pathology at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and former director of vivarium at Rutgers University Medical School; Feb. 20. He was a founding member and later president of the Society of Toxicologic Pathologists and the Society of Pharmacological and Environmental Pathologists. Founder of Edgebrook Veterinary Hospital in East Brunswick, he was a past president of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association. He also served on a number of select committees of the FDA and the NIH.

Mary R. McCracken CW’40 G’42, Valparaiso, Fla., Mar. 1, 2000.

Lynn R. Timmons WG’40, Bradenton, Fla., Jan. 4.

Jack C. Wilkerson W’40, Fayetteville, Ariz., Mar. 18, 2000.

Stephen R. Wing Jr. W’40, Rosemont, Pa., Mar. 8.

William T. Ainge C’41, New Cumberland, Pa., Feb. 1978.

John H. Binkley W’41, Bridgeport, Conn., July 24, 1999.

Albert Bloom Ed’41 GEd’49, Oreland, Pa., Jan. 14. At Penn he played on the basketball team.

P. Powell Browning W’41, Washington, an attorney who had maintained a private general practice; Mar. 8.

Rev. George R. Cheney Jr. WG’41, Laurinburg, N.C., retired pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Raeford; Aug. 1.

John G. Dunlap ChE’41, Deland, Fla.

George W. Gilbert ME’41, Philadelphia, Apr. 28, 1994.

Robert M. Hannum W’41, Buena Vista, Colo., Dec. 4, 1987.

Boyd F. Harlan WEF’41, Arlington, Va., May 26, 1996.

Dale L. Herndon G’41, Kennett Square, Pa., retired director of consumer products for the fabrics and finishing department of the DuPont Co.; Mar. 12. Retiring in 1976 after 36 years with DuPont, he set up a consulting and tax business.

Susan Lamb Huttenlock Ed’41 GEd’42, Warminster, Pa., Dec. 31.

Lewis S. Jaffe C’41, St. Petersburg, Fla., Nov. 18, 1997.

Alfred P. Kolinsky W’41, Chesapeake, Va., Oct. 23, 1987.

Jeannette Allen Lacy CW’41, Kingston, Pa., Jan. 22, 1999.

Robert C. Mount W’41, Shawnee Station, Kans., June 10, 1998.

Victor M. Nussbaum Jr. W’41, former mayor of Greensboro, N.C.; Feb. 25. He was founding chair of Southern Foods Service and Southern Foods, and SterlingSouth Bank.

John T. Purnell W’41, Lewes, Del., June 2, 1993.

William J. Raab W’41, Elkins Park, Pa., Jan. 6.

George B. Ross L’41, Philadelphia, a retired attorney with the Philadelphia law firm of Dechert, Price & Rhoads, who had specialized in estate and fiduciary law; Feb. 18.

Ardemis Serposs Roy WEv’41, Berlin, Md., Mar. 14, 1999.

Robert B. Stratton W’41, Red Bank, N.J., Nov. 9.

Dr. Robert F. Thoma C’41, Lynbrook, N.Y., Mar. 22, 1999.

John C. Wheeler GAr’41, Nashville, Tenn., retired architect whose firm designed what is now the AmSouth Center, the tallest building in the city when it opened in 1969; Mar. 27. He was a past president of the Tennessee chapter of the AIA.

Leonard L. Young WEF’41, Reading, Pa., Oct. 3, 1996.

Dr. Elizabeth Brubaker Benford CW’42, Reading, Pa., a retired psychiatrist with the Creedmore Hospital, Long Island, N.Y.; Mar. 1.

Dr. Edwin W. Cauffield GM’42, Akron, Ohio, a physician; June 3, 2000.

Ruth McKimm Emmett OT’42, Northvale, N.J., Sept. 1982.

Eric G. Flannagan Jr. GAr’42, Henderson, N.C., an architect who had maintained a practice there for 40 years; Apr. 7.

Arnold I. Greenblatt W’42, Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Nov. 1.

Nelson F. Hine W’42, Pittsfield, Mass., Mar. 15, 1999.

Helen L. Moulton DH’42, Harpswell, Maine, a dental hygienist who had practiced in Auburn for many years; Mar. 30.

Mary Engle Richardson Ed’42, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 15.

Thomas H. Wentz L’42, New Holland, Pa., Nov. 19.

Dr. Harrison M. Berry Jr. D’43 GD’52, Towson, Md., emeritus professor of oral medicine and a former associate dean at the School of Dental Medicine; Feb. 17. He entered Penn’s accelerated undergraduate program during the Second World War and earned his degree in three years. After then serving in the U.S. Navy, he earned a master’s in oral roentgenology and joined the faculty. He was appointed professor of radiology in 1958 and elevated to chair in 1961, a post he held until retirement in 1982. Dr. Berry was the author of several textbooks and numerous articles for dental journals. He helped develop a device that produced X-rays using small amounts of radiation. He earned several honors as an instructor, including a Lindback distinguished-teaching award. He was past president of the American Academy of Dental Radiology.

Dr. Frank S. Biondo D’43, Hollywood, Fla., a retired dentist; June 1, 2000.

R. Donald Bitler C’43, St. Petersburg, Fla., a retired audiologist and speech pathologist with the Veterans’ Administration medical center there; Jan. 28. He was a director for 25 years of the Super Senior Tennis Tournament there; he ranked No. 1 in men’s seniors in Florida for 1971 and 1986, and nationally in 1976 and 1981. At Penn he was a center on the varsity football team and received an All-American honorable mention.

Archible G. Bittner W’43, Glendora, Calif., Sept. 4.

Lawrence I. Boonin W’43, Philadelphia, a retired partner with the Philadelphia law firm of Blank, Rome, Comisky & McCauley LLP, who had specialized in corporate and contract law; Feb. 10. He had taught at Penn and Temple University.

Dr. I. Lewis Chipman Jr. M’43 GM’49, Wilmington, Del., retired section head of gastroenterology at the Medical Center of Delaware and St. Francis Hospital; Mar. 7. He also served on the clinical staff of Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia.

Marriott G. Haines WEv’43, Burlington, N.J., Dec. 26.

Robert A. Hartwig Jr. Ed’43, Philadelphia, Nov. 2.

Dr. Lynwood V. Keller M’43, Reading, Pa., a physician; Aug. 16, 1999.

Seymour D. Lovejoy WEv’43, Bryn Athyn, Pa., Apr. 16, 2000.

Stan L. Marshall WG’43, Lynchburg, Va., Jan. 28.

Dr. William F. McGuire M’43, Wichita, Kans., a physician; May 27, 1999.

Joseph K. Sidebottom EE’43, Marblehead, Mass., Dec. 31.

James S. Turnbull W’43, Glenside, Pa., a retired advertising copy writer; Mar. 21.

Dr. John J. Angelo M’44, York, Pa., a physician; Jan. 23.

Gloria Wrobleski Banasz DH’44, Farmingdale, N.J., Aug. 31, 1999.

Dr. Virginia H. Lautz GM’44, Bryn Mawr, Pa., Sept. 9.

Dr. Philip J. Rosenfeld D’44, Glen Rock, N.J., a retired dentist; Feb. 11.

Dr. Eugene Schmitt D’44, Sea Cliff, N.Y., a dentist; Jan. 14.

Dr. Arnold J. Friedhoff C’45 M’47, New York, professor of psychiatry and director of the Millhauser Laboratories at New York University’s School of Medicine; Feb. 21. He also headed its Mental Health Clinical Research Center from 1981 to 1993. His research on brain chemistry, especially the effects of drugs in psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, helped usher in new anti-psychotic drugs.

Arthur I. Grayson W’45, Gulf Stream, Fla., an attorney who had practiced in New York and Connecticut for over 30 years; Apr. 6.

Dr. Josef S. Horowitz D’45, New York, a dentist; Jan. 8.

Evelyn H. Joseph OT’45, White Plains, N.Y., Mar. 29.

Alice R. Meisenheimer FA’45, Cherry Hill, N.J., Mar. 18, 1999.

Dr. Alexander H. O’Neal Jr. M’45 GM’49, St. Davids, Pa., retired senior attending physician in the family-practice service of Bryn Mawr Hospital; Mar. 4.

Dr. Donald M. Sencer C’45 D’48, Hackensack, N.J., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice in Allendale for more than 40 years; Feb. 11.

Dr. Robert R. Buch M’46, Lancaster, Pa., a retired physician who had maintained a family practice in Mountville for over 30 years; Feb. 7.

Richard F. Cahn W’46, Cambridge, Md., Oct. 26.

Dr. Harry E. Green D’46, Pottstown, Pa., a retired dentist; Apr. 8, 2000.

Edward J. Lutz WEv’46, Malvern, Pa., Jan. 29, 1999.

Edward G. Najaiko W’46, Houston, Dec. 6.

Dr. Charles H. Knickerbocker M’46, Blue Hill, Maine, a cardiologist who had served as chief of staff and medical-review officer for the Mount Desert Island Hospital; Jan. 9. He served also as medical examiner for Hancock County and president of the county medical society. He was a popular novelist.

David Pearlman W’46, Cleveland, May 28, 1993.

Robert L. Scheinman W’46, Scottsdale, Ariz., Apr. 11, 2000.

Dr. Clyde T. Stoner M’46 GM’60, Pompano Beach, Fla., a physician on the staff of North Broward Medical Center; Feb. 27.

Robert S. Bender C’47, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., 1997.

Rev. William T. Cornelius Ed’47, Fond du Lac, Wisc., a Baptist pastor; June 27, 1994.

John W. Eckwert WG’47, Indianapolis, Feb. 12. He had worked for Bryant Heating and Cooling, retiring in 1987.

Julia Austin Ivester CW’47, Norristown, Pa., Oct. 16, 1997.

Lester B. Kemp WG’47, Sun City West, Ariz., June 14, 2000.

James R. Lee C’47, Livingston, N.J., Sept. 1999.

Dr. Owen J. Logue Jr. D’47, Hampton Beach, N.H., a retired dentist; Apr. 1973.

Dr. Richard P. Ornsteen M’47 GM’51, Langhorne, Pa., Dec. 28, 1999.

Dr. Franklin H. Saul D’47, Allentown, Pa., a dentist who had maintained a practice there for 31 years; Mar. 4. Retiring in 1984, he became a dental consultant for the Aetna Insurance Co. till 1991.

Dr. Marshall W. Woodard GM’47, Asheville, N.C., a retired ophthalmologist; Sept. 29.

Paul P. Cannizzaro W’48, Boca Raton, Fla., Apr. 11, 2000.

Joseph A. Chopko CE’48, Kennett Square, Pa., Dec. 26, 1995.

Sydney Goldberg WEv’48, Philadelphia, Oct. 1981.

Dr. John R. Higgins GM’48, Floyds Knobs, Ind., February.

Hon. John J. McNeilly L’48, Rehoboth Beach, Del., retired judge of the Delaware Supreme Court; Jan. 11. 

Dr. Jacob Miller C’48 D’50, Roslyn Heights, N.Y., a dentist; March.

John T. Roos CE’48, Ithaca, N.Y., Jan. 27.

Dr. J. Byron Smith GD’48, San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 22.

Robert R. Smith GEd’48, Troy, N.Y., retired professor of management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Mar. 11.

Dr. George S. Snyderman Gr’48, Orchard Park, N.Y., Oct. 17.

Wanda M. Szpil Ar’48, Willow Grove, Pa., 1988.

Erv R. Tallberg WG’48, Chandler, Ariz., 1999.

Patricia C. Turner DH’48, Las Vegas, Nov. 8.

William S. Wall Jr. W’48, Knoxville, Tenn.

Hong Sin Wong OT’48, Honolulu, June 1983.

Ella F. Blain Ed’49 GEd’58, Swarthmore, Pa., Dec. 14.

George E. Carlson WG’49, East Brunswick, N.J., May 18, 2000.

Kenneth W. Diffenderfer Ed’49 GEd’51, Chesapeake, Va., Dec. 17.

Robert F. Hansen W’49, Annapolis, Md., a retired accountant for the U.S. Department of Energy; Mar. 9.

Dr. O’Neal W. Koger Sr. WG’49, Baltimore, a retired division director with the Health Care Finance Administration; Mar. 21.

Joseph W. Magee Jr. C’49, Glen Rock, N.J., 1994.

George T. McKinley L’49, Palmerton, Pa., an attorney; Feb. 13.

Dr. Paul R. Noble GM’49, Traverse City, Mich., a radiologist; July 29, 1989.

Joseph C. Reich C’49, Drexel Hill, Pa., Nov. 19.

Dr. Blair W. Saylor GM’49, Tucson, Ariz., May 12, 2000.

Edith M. Soherr SW’49, Philadelphia, Dec. 1.

Frank C. Thompson W’49, West Sand Lake, N.Y., Apr. 30, 2000.

Dr. Robert G. Umstattd M’49, Austin, Tex., a retired anesthesiologist at Brackenridge and St. David’s hospitals; June 14, 2000. He helped establish outpatient surgical centers there.

Isabel C. Wiley GEd’49, Newtown, Pa., Oct. 19.


Donald J. Colasono Ar’50, Greenwich, Conn., Apr. 1977.

Louis J. Di Giacomo L’50, Berwyn, Pa., a lawyer who represented the fresh-food dealers in the South Philadelphia markets for 50 years; Mar. 23. A lecturer on wines with the Main Line Night School for 20 years, he wrote The Clear and Simple Wine Guide.

Dr. Joseph T. Ichter M’51 GM’55, Millersville, Pa., a retired pediatrician affiliated with Doylestown Hospital who later was vice president of medical affairs for Pennsylvania Blue Shield and then senior director of medical affairs for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania; Mar. 2. He was an instructor at the University from 1955 to 1971, an assistant chief for teaching at the old Philadelphia General Hospital, and he served as an assistant professor of family practice and community medicine at the Hershey Medical Center in the 1970s.

Dr. John W. Kistler Jr. C’50, Allentown, Pa., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice there for 28 years; Feb. 13. He served on the Allentown Health Bureau for many years.

John J. Palatas WG’50, Overland Park, Kans., Mar. 28. He retired in 1994 from the General Services Administration in Kansas City after 33 years of service.

Richard D. Runkle C’50, Fayetteville, N.C., July 5, 2000.

Robert J. Bamberger CCC’51, Fort Washington, Pa., Sept. 14, 1998.

Dr. Peter R. Cebulka V’51, Danville, Pa., a retired veterinarian who maintained a practice in Chesterfield for 50 years; May 12, 2000.

Dr. C. Thomas Fultz M’51 GM’58, Cincinnati, Oct. 19, 1985.

Dr. Carlton Riley Hower V’51, West Brandywine, Pa., a retired small-animal practitioner who owned the Tredyffrin Veterinary Hospital in Paoli; Aug. 15.

Dr. Joseph A. Katz GD’51, Moorestown, N.J., an orthodontist; February.

Dr. Ariel G. Loewy Gr’51, Haverford, Pa., emeritus professor of biology at Haverford College who taught there from 1953 to 2000; Feb. 13. A cell biologist, he re-structured the biology program, permitting undergrads to work with faculty members on nationally funded research projects, a privilege reserved for graduate students at most other schools. A member of several organizations promoting peace and civil rights, he was vocal against the Vietnam War and social injustice in this country; reputedly because of these activities his application for U.S. citizenship was contested, unsuccessfully, by the Immigration Service in 1964 (he had fled Romania with his family in 1936). In January he started a new career as an adjunct professor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

John P. Monahan W’51, Houston, June 30, 2000. He retired from the old Sperry Univac in 1985.

George G. Rehberg Jr. WG’51, Rochester, N.Y., Mar. 31, 1989.

Dr. Henry Stempen Gr’51, Glenside, Pa., emeritus professor of microbiology at Rutgers University’s Camden campus; Mar. 29. He taught there from 1962 till retiring in 1988 in order to work on a book, Myxomycetes, A Handbook of Slime Molds (1994), which he also illustrated. He had earlier taught at Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Robert H. Thomas M’51, Yakima, Wash., a physician; Sept. 5.

Dr. David C. Tudor V’51, Cranbury, N.J., a veterinarian who maintained a small-animal practice there for 44 years until retiring in 1996; Nov. 17.

Dr. Howard F. Beacham D’52, Albuquerque, N.M., a retired dentist; Nov. 28.

David J. Dickson W’52, Wyndmoor, Pa., Aug. 21, 2000.

Gerald A. Heard W’52, Pembroke Pines, Fla., May 23, 2000.

Dr. Robert W. Monsul C’52, Somerville, N.J., a retired physician who had maintained a practice in Manville for 30 years; Dec. 1.

Dr. Joseph T. Mallamo GM’52, Fairmont, W.Va., Feb. 1.

Charles J. Neral WEv’52, Willow Grove, Pa., January.

Dr. Marvin L. Tomber Gr’52, Okemos, Mich., a physician; Jan. 26, 2000.

Dr. Frank H. Wetzel Gr’52, Wilmington, Del., retired vice president of the Hercules Co.; Mar. 8. He had served as vice-chair of the board of trustees of the former Beaver College in Pennsylvania. He was instrumental in the first campus of the Delaware Technical and Community College being situated in downtown Wilmington.

Hon. Jack Brian L’53, Lawrenceville, N.J., Dec. 12.

David R. Hutchison GAr’53, Media, Pa., Feb. 2.

Dr. Richard A. Nolan D’53, Alden, N.Y., a retired dentist; Feb. 19, 2000.

William Thomas Athey Sr. WEv’54, Bridgeton, N.J., Oct. 3.

Judith Segal Brooks Ed’54, Havertown, Pa.

Virendra C. Parekh WG’54, Ahmedabad, India, July 4, 2000.

Walter S. Shakespeare WEF’54, Macungie, Pa., a former administrator at Harrisburg Hospital; Mar. 27.

Dr. James W. VanStone Gr’54, Chicago, retired curator and former head of the anthropology department at the Field Museum who was an authority on Native American cultures in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of North America; Feb. 28. He had taught at the University of Alaska and the University of Toronto, and later at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. His books were so well-regarded they were kept as standard references by both academics and Native American peoples. He was associate editor of Arctic Anthropology, and founding editor of Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska. He had been the scientific editor of Fieldiana, a museum publication.

Robert M. Abramson W’55 L’58, Glenside, Pa., a labor lawyer with the law firm of Abrams, Abramson & Tabb for 40 years; Feb. 22.

Mildred Barracliff Ed’55, Marcus Hook, Pa., July 13, 2000.

Dr. Robert W. M. Graham V’55, Riverton, N.J., a small-animal practitioner who had established the Cinnaminson Animal Hospital, where he practiced for 37 years, retiring in 1997; Oct. 10. He was a president of the South Jersey VMA, and he served on the board of the PAWS Farm and Nature Center in Mount Laurel.

Dr. Henry J. Olszta D’55, Plymouth Meeting, Pa., a dentist; July 10, 1998.

Paul D. Sulman W’55, Philadelphia, an attorney; Apr. 6.

Shirley O. Neal Beard Nu’56, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Sept. 27.

C. Robert Elicker Jr. WG’56, West Chester, Pa., a retired attorney who recently served as assistant solicitor for Chester County; Feb. 20. He was a past president of the county bar association.

Comet C. Johns L’56, Sedona, Ariz., an attorney; July 29, 1999.

Dr. David Kasner GM’56, Coral Gables, Fla., a physician; Jan. 6.

Paul E. Shipley G’56, Greenville, Del., a retired executive with the Wilmington Trust Co.; Apr. 7. He served on the board of his family’s business, the old Strawbridge & Clothier department stores.

Judith Heard Helmuth CW’57, Middletown, Pa., retired computer-operations officer for the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia; Feb. 24.

John B. Snyder WG’57, Beatrice, Neb., Oct. 5, 1999.

Dr. William K. Harlan Jr. GM’58, Pen Argyl, Pa., attending physician and chief of staff for the hematology-oncology division at Easton Hospital from 1961 to 1992; Mar. 11. He was on the consulting staff at Warren Hospital, and a clinical instructor at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia.

William E. Seachrist WG’58, Lancaster, Pa., chair of AdvenTek Corp.; Feb. 12. He was a former vice president and general manager of Kent Industries in Kent, Ohio. Once city manager of Ridgway, Pa., he was a consultant on municipal government to the commonwealth for some years. And he was a former chair of the trustees of Franklin & Marshall University.

Dr. George W. McCrocklin GM’59, Louisville, Ky., June 2, 2000.

Elisabeth West GEd’59, Philadelphia, Sept. 22, 1999.


Ruth R. Adams SW’60, Washington, Jan. 14, 2000.

Jane Korves Clow Nu’61, Woodstock, Ill., Jan. 6, 1997.

Dr. Robert K. Davis GD’61, Cascais, Portugal.

Clement J. Doyle SW’61, Wakefield, R.I., a former assistant director of United Community Services in Boston; Feb. 3. He served in the Rhode Island state legislature, 1974-76.

Trevena S. Hammett MT’61, Roswell, Ga., July 29, 1999.

Kenneth H. Lang L’61, Moreland Hills, Ohio, Jan. 19.

Hon. Joseph F. Battle Jr. L’62, Media, Pa., president judge of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas; Mar. 9. He had earlier served as chair of the Chester Housing Authority, then as city solicitor and later mayor of Chester (1976-85).

Dr. Augusta Espantoso Foley Gr’62, Philadelphia, emeritus professor of Romance languages at the University; she had taught Spanish.

Thomas P. Bartle Jr. WG’63, New York, June 16, 2000.

Edmond D. Leigh W’63, Norman, Okla., Dec. 31.

W. L. Michael Maines GEd’63, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., retired superintendent of the Upper Darby (Pa.) School District; Mar. 31.

Marianne T. Spause Nu’63, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Feb. 13. She had served two tours of duty in the Vietnam War, and later for USIAD and then for the United Nations in India.

Dr. L. Robert Berberich M’64, Bethesda, Md., a psychiatrist who maintained a practice in Bethesda for 24 years and in Frederick for the past 12 years; Feb. 22. He served on the staff of Suburban Hospital and was chief of psychiatry there in the early 1980s.

Dr. Gerald T. Butler D’64, Hampstead, N.C., a retired dentist who had maintained a general and orthodontic practice in Long Island, N.Y.; Feb. 5.

Richard J. O’Neil GAr’64, Acton, Mass., a retired architect who had specialized in house renovations and additions and banks; Dec. 20. He had directed renovations for the Peabody Institute library.

Gordon B. Reese WG’64, Oakland, Calif., owner of a realty company; Aug. 26.

Dr. Karl-Peter Lade C’65 Gr’73, Salisbury, Md., the Wilson H. Elkins Professor of Anthropology and director of the Image Processing and Remote Sensing Center at Salisbury State University; Mar. 27. Fascinated with research technology, he was a pioneer in using computers in archaeological work, but especially in using satellite images for identifying archaeological sites. German-born, he established an exchange program with the Technische Universität Berlin. And he set up the Salisbury faculty senate, serving as its first president (1999-2000).

Thomas H. Bolkcom C’66, New York, Nov. 27.

Burton D. Fretz L’66, Chevy Chase, Md., executive director of the National Senior Citizen Law Center for 20 years; Apr. 5. During his tenure the center became involved in cases to broaden the availability of food stamps to disabled and elderly people. And it was co-counsel in a successful age-discrimination suit on behalf of 96 former employees of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Susan M. Stitt G’66, Eastville, Va., past president of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania from 1990 to 1998, who steered its controversial transformation into a purely research library; Mar. 21.

Louise C. Becker CW’67, Bondi Junction, Australia, Dec. 8.

Dr. Edward B. Gottfried C’67, Old Field, N.Y., a gastroenterologist; Mar. 4.

Dr. Ward B. Lewis Gr’68, Athens, Ga., a professor in the Germanic and Slavic languages department at the University of Georgia.

Dr. William McGucken Gr’68, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, Aug. 12, 2000.

G. Timothy Anderson GEE’69, Herndon, Va., an electrical engineer who designed circuitry in satellites for Rockwell-Collins in Alexandria; Feb. 25.

Nancy Carrel DH’69, Jacksonville, Fla., a dental hygienist who had practiced in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Texas; Mar. 8.


Burney L. Cooper Jr. WG’72, Houston, Feb. 7.

Dr. Leon Eisenstat GrD’70, Newtown Square, Pa., Nov. 20, 1998.

Bernardine Z. O’Donnell GNu’70, Nanticoke, Pa.

Jeffrey J. Koester W’71, Glendale, Calif., Apr. 15, 1992.

Chung J. Mao GEd’72, Staten Island, N.Y., 1998.

Michele Lesko Craig Nu’73, Sarasota, Fla., a former public-health nurse in Philadelphia; Feb. 23. She was a trustee of the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Dr. William B. Inverso Jr. C’73, Philadelphia, an assistant professor who had recently joined the physical-therapy department of the University of the Sciences to teach research methodology; Feb. 9. He was director of Hahnemann University’s physical-therapy program till June last year.

Sarah Pancari WEv’74, Uwchland, Pa., Dec. 25, 1987.

Laura Gardner Webster C’76, Philadelphia, an attorney; Dec. 16, 1998.

Suzanne M. Himmelbauer OT’78, New York, Jan. 21, 1997.

Dr. Bhamidipaty K. D. P. Rao Gr’79, Wyomissing, Pa., Sept. 14.


Dr. Thomas J. Finucane W’80, Marietta, N.Y., professor of finance at Syracuse University; Mar. 27.

Guy Bernard du Bois WG’84, Chevron, Belgium, September.

Lynne Mary O. Desisto Nu’87, Saugus, Mass., a clinical researcher for Parexel International Corp.; Mar. 30.

Philip B. Crawford WG’88, Westport, Conn.


Christopher J. McAndrew WG’92, Spring, Tex., Jan. 17. A financial consultant in Latin America.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Harrison M. Berry Jr. See Class of 1943.

Lawrence I. Boonin. See Class of 1943.

Dr. Max Caspari, Worcester, U.K., emeritus professor and chair of physics; Feb. 9. He began his career at Penn in 1953 as an instructor and became a full professor in 1964; department chair from 1968 to 1973, he was associate chair for graduate affairs 1967-68. He retired in 1987.

Dr. Roger A. Caras Hon’84, Freeland, Md., an adjunct professor of animal ecology at the School of Veterinary Medicine who had served on the school’s Board of Overseers since 1980; Feb. 18. He joined Penn as a lecturer in 1978 and served as an adjunct professor from 1987 to 1997. An author of more than 70 books about animals and their habitats, including Antarctica: Land of Frozen Time(1961), A Celebration of Dogs (1981), and Going for the Blue: Inside the World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows,published in February. From 1965 to 1968 he was an assistant to Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Starting in 1969 his radio series, Pets and Wildlife, was broadcast on CBS Radio. In 1975 he joined ABC-TV and spent 17 years as a special correspondent assigned to cover animals, wildlife, and the environment. Dr. Caras was president of the ASPCA from 1991 to 1999.

Dr. James J. Ferguson Jr., Chevy Chase, Md., professor emeritus of biochemistry and of medicine and a former associate dean in the School of Medicine; Feb. 17. He came to Penn in 1959 with a dual appointment in biochemistry and medicine. He became a full professor in both departments in 1971, was director of the endocrinology section in the Department of Medicine (1966-69), and served as chair of the Department of Biochemistry from 1971 until it was merged with the Department of Biophysics in 1975. Dr. Ferguson was appointed associate dean for special programs in 1975, a position he held until 1986, and he served on many advisory committees both at Penn and at the NIH. When interest arose nationally in the late 1960s for medical schools to train more prospective clinicians as physician-scientists Dr. Ferguson led the development of the combined M.D./Ph.D. degree program here. Largely through his efforts, in 1969 Penn was among the first half-dozen institutions where the NIH funded this program, and he directed it here from its inception until the year before his retirement. A flutist with the Philadelphia Doctors’ Orchestra, he served as its president for several years. Retiring in 1988, he spent seven years at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Md., involved in the design of a biotechnology database that is now an online library resource. He continued as a consultant at NIH until shortly before his death.

Dr. Augusta Espantoso Foley. See Class of 1962.

Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon. See Class of 1927.

Dr. Joseph T. Ichter. See Class of 1951.

Dr. M. Thomas Kennedy. See Class of 1937.

Dr. Charles C. Price Hon’83, Haverford, Pa., an emeritus University Professor; Feb. 11. He joined Penn in 1954 as the Blanchard Professor of Chemistry and department chair; he resigned as chair in 1965 and was appointed University Professor of Chemistry in 1966, and the Benjamin Franklin Professor of Chemistry in 1968. Chair of the Faculty Senate 1968-69, Dr. Price was moderator of the University Council from 1972 to 1975. A world-renowned organic chemist, his research focused on the mechanism of organic reactions with polymers, rubber, and resins. In addition to his many scholarly publications, he held important patents on synthetic rubber, which were commercialized by the old Rohm & Haas Company. While professor and chair of chemistry at the University of Notre Dame, he left briefly to serve a term in the U.S. Congress (1952-54). He was a past chair of the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College, and had served on the boards of the Wistar Institute and the Franklin Institute. Dr. Price was a former president of the American Chemical Society and helped organize the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and he served as chair of the National Science Foundation’s divisional committee for mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences. Though his right hand had been blown away when he was six by an exploding box of dynamite caps, he was an expert sailor and sailed in the Newport-to-Bermuda races and from Bermuda to Ireland, winning several trophies. A Quaker, he was active in the peace movement.

Gertrude Reichenbach, Philadelphia, a former lecturer in Germanic languages and literature from in 1969 until retiring in 1987; Feb. 24. Dutch-born, she served with the underground there during the Second World War while teaching English at a school in Heerlen and doing postgraduate work at the University of Utrecht.

Dr. Octavio M. Salati. See Class of 1936.

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