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Edward Freint C’31, Monroe, N.J., Feb. 5.

Robert A. Leberman W’31,
 Orinda, Calif., retired owner of The Casserole, a prominent Hollywood restaurant; Dec. 1. At Penn, he was a member of Pi Epsilon Phi fraternity. During World War II, he served in the US Army.

Vivian Robinson Popkin Ed’31,
 Long Lake, Minn., Oct. 18, 2010. At Penn, she was a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. 


Charles Newman W’34, Pompano Beach, Fla., April 9, 2011. 


Edith Beckman Krohn Ed’35 G’40, Rockville, Md., a clinical psychologist at the Harrisburg (Pa.) State Hospital for 42 years; Oct. 30. At Penn, she was a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority and the varsity swimming team. Her daughter is Susan Krohn Kuner CW’65 and her grandson is John Afsal Kuner EAS’95, whose wife is Adena Friedman C’95. 


Josephine R. Bull PSW’36, Bryn Mawr, Pa., Jan. 29.

Dr. Stephen Derkash C’36,
 Vero Beach, Fla., a retired physician who had maintained a practice in Greenwich, Conn., for 35 years; Dec. 13. A Navy medic during World War II, he was landed in the first hour on Utah Beach in the Normandy invasion; for heroic action, he was awarded the Bronze Star.

Dr. Homer B. Fegley GM’36, 
Topton, Pa., Dec. 14.

Dr. Charles H. Hoeflich W’36,
 Bedminster, Pa., retired head of Univest Corporation; Nov. 28. At Penn, he was a member of Theta Chi fraternity and the varsity football team. He had been vice president of Philadelphia National Bank, 1951–62. During World War II, he served in the US Air Force.

William Lonsdale Jr. W’36,
 Scotch Plains, N.J., Jan. 1. At Penn, he was a member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity.

Henry J. Magaziner Ar’36,
 Philadelphia, regional historical architect and architectural historian for the National Park Service, from 1972 to 1987; Dec. 25. He wrote The Golden Age of Ironwork (2000). The Philadelphia chapter of AIA named an award in his honor.


Dr. Howard D. Dimond C’37 D’41, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., retired orthodontist; Jan. 8. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity swimming team. During World War II, he served as a dentist.

Dr. William A. Nusser C’37 V’38, 
Tucson, Ariz., a retired veterinarian; Dec. 27.

Roger E. Rossi W’37,
 Havertown, Pa., retired head of an auto garage; Nov. 20, 2010. 


Henry C. Corson WG’38, Oakmont, Pa., July 23.

William Craemer Jr. W’38, Charlotte, N.C., retired partner at Charles S. Rockey & Company (now part of Deloitte); Feb. 8. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Chi Rho fraternity and the varsity track team. During World War II, he served in the US Army.

Theodore Friedlander Jr. W’38, Milwaukee, July 14. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity and the varsity crew team.

Dr. Solomon Shapiro C’38 D’42, Skillman, N.J., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice in New Brunswick for 50 years; Jan. 27. He had served in the US Army.

Hulett C. Smith W’38, Scottsdale, Ariz., former governor of West Virginia, who signed the law abolishing the death penalty there; Jan. 16. At Penn he was a member of the varsity golf team. During World War II, he served in the US Navy, and later was in the Naval Reserve. 


Ruth Shechtman Colker CW’39, Silver Spring, Md., Dec. 18.

Norman W. Edmund WEv’39, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Jan. 16.

Louise G. Goehring CW’39, Ft. Myers, Fla., Aug. 30, 2010.

Milton Herman ChE’39, West Palm Beach, Fla., Feb. 1, 2011. His son is James Herman C’69.

Grace Worsley Nelson DH’39, Fairfax, Va., a retired dental hygienist; Oct. 29. 



William R. Gibson CE’40,
 Cranberry, Pa., Feb. 3. At Penn, he was a member of Theta Xi fraternity.

Dr. Edgar J. Goldenthal D’40,
 Monroe , N.J., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice in New York for 53 years; Dec. 27. During World War II, he served in the US Army Dental Corps, and was stationed in the South Pacific. His son is Dr. Jonathan L. Goldenthal D’84.

Capt. Walter H. Jester W’40,
 Lancaster, Pa., retired head of the Naval Security Group of the US Navy; Feb. 10.

Dr. Daniel W. Lewis C’40, 
Gladwyne, Pa., retired chief of cardiology at St. Agnes Medical Center; Feb. 2. During World War 2, he had served in the US Army.

Thomas Reath Jr. W’40,
 York, Maine, retired head of a Philadelphia metals brokerage; May 6, 2010. At Penn, he was a member of Zeta Psi fraternity. He had served as a communications officer in the US Navy during World War II.

Dr. Sydney Schiffer GM’40, 
San Antonio, a retired physician who had maintained a practice for 44 years; Feb. 21. He had served in the US Army during World War II, and later in the US Air Force.

Julia Roberts Yuhas DH’40,
 Ridgewood, N.J., Dec. 28.  


Robert S. Bargar W’41, 
Lakewood, N.Y., retired head of a wholesale-food distributor; Feb. 15. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. He helped found the Jamestown Morning Star newspaper. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

Dr. Burnell H. Grim V’41, 
Hanover, Pa., Jan. 5.

Henry J. Hutchings W’41,
 Philadelphia, Dec. 26.

Dr. William T. Kelley WG’41 Gr’51, 
Philadelphia, associate professor emeritus of marketing in the Wharton School; July 17. He co-wrote Changing Patterns of RetailingSelling: Its Broader Dimensions, and The Management of Promotion. He received the Herbert W. Hess Memorial Award for Distinguished Service in Marketing in 1954.

Dr. Byron E. Kern D’41, 
Aston, Pa. Jan. 12.

Joseph S. Oppenheimer WEv’41,
 Fripp Island, S.C., March 7, 2011.

Joseph D. Scarpello L’41,
 Southampton, Pa., a retired district supervisor with the Philadelphia recreations dept.; Dec. 21. During World War II, he was a Lt. Commander in the US Navy. 


Bernard L. Jacobs C’42, Phoenix, Ariz., Sept. 21.

Dr. Edward H. McGehee C’42,
 Philadelphia, former director of medicine at Chestnut Hill Hospital; Jan. 29. At Penn he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and the varsity baseball and crew teams. During World War II, he had served in the US Navy.

Dr. Charles S. Neer II M’42 GM’46,
 Vinita, Okla., retired chief of the fracture and adult-reconstructive services at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; Feb. 28, 2011. He was founding president of the American Shoulder & Elbow Surgeons. He served in the US Army during World War II.

Charles A. Parsons WG’42,
 Apopka, Fla., March 16, 2011.

Charles E. Rankin L’42,
 Rose Valley, Pa., Oct. 18.

Murray Shankman W’42,
 Worcester, Mass., Jan. 8, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

John C. Townsend W’42,
 Vero Beach, Fla., Aug. 2. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and the varsity basketball team. 


Alice R. Bruce CW’43, Bayville, N.J., Feb. 6. At Penn, she was a member of Chi Omega sorority.

Angelo L. Spinelli W’43,
 Hellertown, Pa., Jan. 20. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.

Amie Robertson Hollingsworth Taney CW’43,
 Darien, Conn., a retired college guidance consultant; Jan. 3. At Penn, she was in the first women’s lacrosse team and she played field hockey, and she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. A son is Peter White Taney C’73, whose wife is Janet P. Bregman-Taney CW’73. 


Benjamin Bricklin W’44, Raleigh, N.C., a retired partner with the old KMG Main Hurdman, the Philadelphia accounting firm; Jan. 8. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

Dr. Alan W. David D’44,
 Pittsford, N.Y., July 8.

William W. Miller W’44, 
Mantua, N.J., Dec. 7. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity baseball and football teams, and of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. His brother is Donald D. Miller W’51.

Ona E. O’Connell Reid FA’44,
 Evergreen, Colo., Jan. 26. During and after World War II, she was an occupational therapist for wounded soldiers.

Dr. Martin H. Rosenberg C’44, 
Walnut Creek, Calif., a retired dentist; July 23, 2010. At Penn, he was a member of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity.

Dr. Everett M. Young D’44,
 Washington, a retired endodontist; May 30, 2011. 


 Powell Evans Adams C’45 M’51, Allison Park, Pa., a retired physician; Jan. 20. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Psi fraternity.

G. Mitchell Morris C’45,
 Salt Lake City, Jan. 31, 2011.

Dr. John J. Murphy M’45 GM’49, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa., professor emeritus of surgery who was chief of urology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania from 1964 to 1980; Feb. 6. He joined the HUP staff in 1953, and was appointed to full professor in 1964. Dr. Murphy retired from surgery in 1988, but remained on the faculty. His brother is Donald J. Murphy L’52.

Dr. Leonard Rosen Ed’45 GrEd’53,
 Bandon, Ore., a retired psychologist who had maintained a practice in Philadelphia for many years; Jan. 15. He also served at the city’s VA hospital, specializing in neurological impairment. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

Peter S. Yozell W’45, 
Weston, Mass., retired founding head of a employee-benefits and welfare-insurance brokerage firm; Jan. 22. At Penn, he was a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

Dr. Cynthia Swartley Zimmer M’45 GM’49,
 Danville, Pa., June 4, 2011. 


Dr. Wallace C. Bedell GM’46, Concord, Mass., Feb. 11.

Dr. Simon M. Berger GM’46,
 Wyndmoor, Pa., Jan. 7.

Dr. Henry Clinton Davis M’46 GM’55, 
Coral Gables, Fla., former chief of surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital; Oct. 9. 


Dr. G. Walker Blair Jr. M’47 GM’51, Burlington, N.C., Sept. 4.

Dr. Tristram P. Coffin G’47 Gr’49, 
Wakefield, R.I., professor emeritus of English at the University; Jan. 31. He joined the faculty in 1958 and was appointed full professor in 1964. He co-founded the Department of Folklore & Folklife in 1962, and held a secondary appointment there. He wrote over a dozen books, including The British Traditional Ballad in North America, The Book of Christmas Folklore, The Old Ball Game: Baseball in Folklore and Fiction, and The Female Hero in Folklore and Legend. He served in the US Army during World War II. His son is Dr. Mark T. Coffin G’72 Gr’75.

Hans S. Edersheim W’47, 
New York, a retired stockbroker; Dec. 21.

Loretta Wright Hirsh CW’47, 
Naples, Fla., July 12.

Arthur H. Joseph W’47,
 Bethesda, Md., retired president of Krass-Joseph Inc., a fruit brokerage firm in Hackensack, N.J.; Jan. 20. He was the first president of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey. During World War II he served in the US Navy. His daughters are Linda Joseph Byron CW’71 and Marcy Joseph Markowitz EAS’86.

Alberta Martin Ed’47 GEd’48, 
Collegeville, Pa., Jan. 24.

Vernon Reingold W’47,
 San Francisco, Oct. 1, 2010. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity wrestling team.

Barbara L. Resnick DH’47,
 West Palm Beach, Fla., Jan. 1.

Jules S. Rothkopf W’47,
 Bedford Hills, N.Y., Aug. 22, 2010. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity swimming team. 


Patricia Dunn Cutshall DH’48, Stephens City, Va., a retired dental hygienist in Pennsylvania and New York state; Jan. 27.

Dr. Richard H. Detwiler V’48,
 Reading, Pa., a retired veterinarian; Jan. 7.

John O. Holter W’48, 
Erie, Pa., Feb. 5.

Dr. Hyman J. Laks G’48 Gr’74,
 Flushing, N.Y., Jan. 6, 2011.

George L. Moore G’48,
 Baltimore, June 4, 2011.

Martin J. Piltch W’48,
 Merion, Pa., Nov. 12, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. His son is Cantor Gordon D. Piltch C’74 and his daughter is Melanie B. Piltch CW’75 GAr’79.

Col. Fred C. Stanford GEE’48,
 Los Gatos, Calif., July 30, 2010.

Clarence K. Stretton WEv’48, 
Mechanicsburg, Pa., a retired office manager for the Quaker City Chocolate Company; Jan. 24. During World War II, he served in the US Navy.

Thomas G. Weatherwax Ar’48,
 Drexel Hill, Pa., Aug. 14.

Isabel E. Whitaker CW’48,
 Redlands, Calif., a former English teacher in Delaware elementary schools, who later taught English as a second language, retiring again at age 81; April 23, 2011. Her brother is Royall Whitaker C’52 Gr’65.

John M. Zelnick GME’48 WG’70,
 Broken Arrow, Okla., a retired financial analyst for Ameritrust; Oct. 2. 

F. Herbert Barnes C’49 SW’55, Yarmouth, Maine, Feb. 14. At Penn he was a member of Kappa Alpha fraternity and the varsity crew team.

D. Richard Beeson Jr. GAr’49,
 Johnson City, Tenn., a retired architect; Jan. 9. He was a former president of the Tennessee Society of Architects.

Nason B. Clark WEv’49,
 Drexel Hill, Pa., retired head of a printing company; July 10.

David A. Clarke L’49, 
Doylestown, Pa., a a retired attorney; Jan. 19.

Dr. George R. Cocks M’49,
 Auburn, Ala., Sept. 14, 2010.

Dr. Lawrence Cranberg Gr’49,
 Austin, a former physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, president of Texas Fireframe Company; Nov. 21. He was the founding director of the physics-accelerator laboratory at the University of Virginia.

Dr. John M. Edmiston GM’49, 
Plant City, Fla., a retired surgeon; Dec. 11. He served in the US Navy, 1944–46, and was recalled to serve during the Korean War, 1950–52.

Ruth Denn Ellsworth Ed’49 GEd’58,
 Ft. Myers, Fla., Dec. 31.

Alan W. Imhoff W’49,
 Waleska, Ga., March 3, 2011.

Aaron Ryesky EE’49,
 Maple Glen, Pa., Feb. 12.

Dr. Daniel E. Sands C’49,
 Murrysville, Pa., July 12, 2011.

Stephen F. Shields Ar’49,
 Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Oct. 27.

William T. Steerman C’49 L’52, 
Boca Raton, Fla., a lawyer who had maintained a practice in Philadelphia for over 50 years; Nov. 13. At Penn, he was a member of the Sphinx Honor Society and the varsity fencing and swimming teams. He served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War. His wife is Doris F. Steerman Ed’52 and his sister is Tamara Steerman Gordon FA’53 G’75.

Peter J. Sweeney WG’49,
 Philadelphia, Oct. 30.

Porter R. Taylor Jr. W’49 WG’51,
 Medina, Wash., Feb. 11. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity crew team.

Kenneth F. Vonglahn Jr. W’49,
 Ossining, N.Y., July 4.

Ralph L. Wilgarde C’49 WG’54,
 Palm Springs, Calif., July 7, 2010.



Guy W. Burr Jr. WG’50, Shrewsbury, Mass., a retired insurance broker; Jan. 12, 2011.

Edgar B. Coale G’50,
 Philadelphia, a retired optical-company owner; Dec. 31. He served in the Army Air Force during World War II.

Frank W. Evans W’50,
 Clarksville, Tenn., Oct. 7.

Richard J. Huff W’50 GCP’59,
 Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Dec. 29. At Penn., he was a member of the men’s varsity swimming team.

Eugene A. Kraiman CH’50,
 Sun City West, Ariz., Oct. 28.

Ralph J. Nelson WG’50,
 Elkins, Ark., May 1, 2011.

Thomas P. O’Neil Jr. C’50,
 Wyndmoor, Pa., Oct. 17. He had worked for a shipping company for over 35 years. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Psi fraternity.

Barbara Dunwoody Thomsson HUP’50,
 Monroe, N.J., Jan. 12.

Le Roy L. Van Auken W’50,
 Aurora, Colo., Sept. 14.

Jessie Van Baalen Warms G’50,
 Elkins Park, Pa., Dec. 8, 2010. 


Edward J. Collins WG’51,
 Rye, N.Y., a longtime managing partner with Arthur Andersen & Co.; Dec. 21. He had been a deputy mayor of Rye.

Dr. Sidney Deutsch GD’51,
 Westbury, N.Y., Aug. 20.

Dr. William C. Frayer GM’51, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa., professor emeritus of ophthalmology and a founding director of the Scheie Eye Institute; Jan. 17. He joined the faculty in 1952, but left Penn in 1964, though returned to help set up Scheie. He was appointed emeritus in 1991. He also ran the William C. Frayer Ophthalmic Pathology Laboratory. Dr. Frayer wrote the history, Ophthalmic Journey, 50 Years at the University of Pennsylvania (2002).

Herbert B. Geist W’51,
 Ft. Collins, Colo., retired founder of a business supplies and stationery firm; Jan. 6. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. 

Patricia A. Harsch G’51,
 West Chester, Pa., July 29.

Stanley T. Narus WG’51,
 Convent Station, N.J., a retired market-research executive; March 5, 2011.

William L. Snyder C’51,
 Wilmington, Del., Dec. 28, 2010.

James Thorington C’51,
 Easton, Md., Feb. 12. At Penn he was a member of the varsity soccer team and Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Dr. Edgar H. Ward M’51,
 Erie, Pa., former chair of medicine at Hamot Hospital; Feb. 20. He was a past president of the Erie County Medical Society.

Hon. James N. White C’51,
 Amsterdam, N.Y., a retired judge of the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division; Dec. 27. At Penn, he was a member and president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He was a trustee and vice president of Amsterdam Memorial Hospital.

Melvin J. Zimmer W’51,
 Whiting, N.J., a retired CPAA; Sept. 6. At Penn, he was a member of Beta Sigma Rho fraternity. During World War II, he served in the US Marine Corps in the Pacific. His sons are Mitchell I. Zimmer ChE’76 WG’80 and Ithan B. Zimmer EAS’86. 


Helen Morris Blackwood CW’52, Henrico, Va., Feb. 7. At Penn, she was a member of the varsity field hockey and lacrosse teams.

Dr. Robert J. Burrison C’52 D’54, 
Arlington, Va., Nov. 1.

Patricia Sweet Clutz CW’52,
 Radnor, Pa., May 3, 2011. At Penn, she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and the varsity lacrosse team.

Dr. Edwin A. Golubiewski D’52,
 Hernando, Fla., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice in Bound Brook, N.J., for over 48 years; Dec. 22. At Penn, he was a member of Psi Omega fraternity. His wife is Angie Riscile Golubiewski DH’51.

Robert T. Hennes Sr. WG’52,
 Kennett Square, Pa., co-founder and chair of Hennes & Cox, Inc., a management-consulting firm; Feb. 16. He also was a partner director at Spencer Stuart, an executive search firm. Two of his sons are Duncan P. Hennes W’78 WG’79 and Robert T. Hennes Jr. C’76.

Helen Cobourn Johnson Ed’52,
 Philadelphia, Jan. 21, 2011.

Dr. Ross S. McConnell M’52, 
Bromley, London, Jan. 10.

James E. Mifflin GEd’52,
 Felton, Del., March 20, 2011.

William F. Quilty Jr. ChE’52,
 Levittown, Pa., a retired electrical engineer with the Ford Motor Company; Dec. 30. He had served in the Penn Band.

Romayne Lieber Sachs CW’52,
 Bala Cynwyd, Pa., former admissions director at the Oak Lane Day School; Dec. 22. In the early 90s, she was program director for Philadelphia Futures, which prepares students from low-income families to enter and succeed in college. Her husband is Dr. David M. Sachs M’55 and her son is Paul S. Sachs L’90.

Dr. Paul B. Sher C’52, 
Galloway, N.J., a retired physician who had maintained a practice for 37 years; Jan. 11.

Alfred F. Specht Jr. L’52,
 Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., a retired attorney; March 26, 2011. He served in the US Marines in World War II.

Dr. Walter Spivack GD’52,
 Margate City, N.J., Feb. 24, 2011.

Rene J. Van Caneghem ME’52,
 Elkton, Md., a retired engineer at the Aberdeen Proving Ground; Oct. 30. 


Richard C. Beck WG’53, Centerville, Ohio, Nov. 28.

Dr. Eric R. Cone D’53, 
Dorset, Vt., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice in Manhattan for many years; Jan. 12. During World War II, he served in the US Army infantry, and was at the Battle of the Bulge.

Carolyn Hois Denny CW’53 G’55,
 Wood River Junction, R.I., March 8, 2011.

Harry P. Portnoy Ar’53,
 Canton, Mass., Sept. 25, 2010.

Suzanne C. Rieder CW’53,
 Dallas, Dec. 13, 2011. At Penn, she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Her husband is George A. Rieder W’53. 


Dr. Joseph B. Cohen D’54,
 Hamden, Conn., a retired dentist; Jan. 7. He served in the US Army during the Korean War.

Thomas H. Driscoll C’54,
 Tucson, Ariz., Sept. 7, 2010.

Henry D. Hazzard C’54,
 Piedmont, S.C., Sept. 14. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity crew team.

Dr. Hillel S. Levinson Gr’54,
 Weston, Mass., retired chief of the US Army Pioneering Research Laboratory in Natick; March 24, 2011.

David Marcus GME’54, 
Philadelphia, June 17, 2011.

Henry C. McGrath L’54, 
Clarks Green, Pa., a retired attorney; Feb. 18.

Dr. Richard H. Norton C’54 M’58, 
Virginia Beach, Va., a retired anesthesiologist and former head of anesthesia at Portsmouth Naval Hospital; Nov. 20.

Dr. John L. Rumpf GCE’54,
 Southampton, Pa., March 17, 2011.

Edward A. Schrag Jr. W’54,
 Westerville, Ohio, a retired partner of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease law firm; Feb. 1. At Penn, he was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He had served in the US Navy, 1954–7. His wife is Leslie Israel Schrag CW’54.


W. Thomas Berriman L’55, Chesterbrook, Pa., a retired partner of the Philadelphia law firm of WolfBlock LLP; Jan. 10, 2011.

Dr. Brendan J. Boylan D’55 GD’57, 
New Ghent, N.Y.. a retired orthodontist who had maintained a practice in Manhattan for many years; March 31, 2011.

Michael M. Goldberg W’55,
 Roslyn, Pa., June 30, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Sigma Delta fraternity.

Alvin R. Rush W’55,
 Great Neck, N.Y., a real-estate broker; Jan. 20.

Louis Weinstein EE’55,
 Philadelphia, Feb. 16, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of Kappa Nu fraternity, the Hexagon Society, and the varsity football, crew, and lacrosse teams.

Robert J. Whitehouse C’55,
 Aiken, S.C., Nov. 18.

Alfred J. Wiener C’55,
 Allentown, Pa., head of an insurance agency there for 50 years; Dec. 21, 2010. He served with the US Army in Korea. His son is Dr. James S. Wiener C’89.


Dr. G. Robert Bonsignore C’56 D’58, Gulf Breeze, Fla., June 29, 2011.

William H. Clipman III L’56, Montgomery, Tex., July 26.

Robert E. Lebengood C’56, 
Athens, Ga., a former regional general manager of the Overhead Door Corporation; April 15, 2011. At Penn he was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and the varsity track and football teams: he is in Penn’s Football Hall of Fame. He served in the US Navy.

Dr. Paul H. Mathews GD’56,
 Avon, Ohio, Dec. 20, 2010.

Dr. Harrison McMichael M’56 GM’60,
 Paoli, Pa., professor emeritus of pathology and laboratory medicine in the Perelman School of Medicine; Nov. 20. He began teaching at Penn in 1961. He served as associate dean for curriculum at the medical school from 1976 to 1990.

Dr. W. A. Sam Smith Gr’56, 
Victoria, B.C., the founding president of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta; Feb. 8.

William L. Spatz EF’56, 
Birdsboro, Pa., Sept. 9. 


Dr. Raymond A. Baker W’57,
 Glassboro, N.J., a retired physician, who had maintained a practice in Collingswood for 43 years; Jan. 20.

Dr. Barbara L. Brownstein CW’57 Gr’61, 
Seattle, former provost of Temple University; Feb. 11, 2011. She then worked for the National Science Foundation in Washington, and later returned to Temple to direct its women’s studies program.

Fred Dubrow W’57,
 Wyncote, Pa., Feb. 14.

Dr. David Flinker M’57, 
Moorestown, N.J., Feb. 17.

Dr. Paul A. Kaye D’57,
 Beverly Hills, Calif., June 2, 2011.

Dr. Maija G. Ozols D’57,
 Villanova, Pa., June 24, 2010.

Samuel D. Shechter W’57,
 New York, July 11, 2011. At Penn he was a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.


Dr. A. Raymond Brooker Jr. C’58, Tampa, Fla., a retired radiologist; Jan. 14. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity baseball team.

Dr. Edward L. Galligan Gr’58,
 Kalamazoo, Mich., March 29, 2011.

Mary Raynor Griggsby GEd’58, 
Baltimore, Oct. 4.

Dr. Raymond D. Hedberg Gr’58,
 Palm City, Fla., Aug. 31.

Eric M. Heilman W’58,
 Sherman Oaks, Calif., Nov. 5, 2010. At Penn, he was a member of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity.

Dr. Harry M. Henderson Jr. GM’58,
 San Antonio, a retired surgeon who had maintained a practice there for many years; Dec. 31.

Reginald J. Lorant W’58,
 Pittsboro, N.C., Nov. 10. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity crew team.

Robert W. Mask WG’58, 
Swarthmore, Pa., June 17, 2011.

Dr. Kostas Ostrauskas Gr’58,
 Newtown Square, Pa., a music librarian at Penn from 1952 until 1982; Jan. 9. He was a respected playwright and poet in his native Lithuania, and received an award from the US Society of Lithuanian Writers in 1991. His son is Darius C. Ostrauskas GRP’81.

Paul Shohet W’58, 
Cherry Hill, N.J., Dec. 19. At Penn, he was a member of Kappa Nu fraternity and the varsity fencing and lacrosse teams.


Winfield A. Carlough Jr. G’59, Burlington, Vt., Nov. 5.

Joan Johnson Cornwall CW’59, 
Richmond, Va., a retired director of market research and communications for the Monsanto Company in St. Louis; Jan. 29.

E. Bruce Fine C’59,
 Carefree, Ariz., a former owner and vice president of the Cleveland Indians baseball team; Dec. 28.

William A. Grant GAr’59,
 Honolulu, June 11, 2011.

Dr. Allen D. Grimshaw Gr’59, 
Portland, Ore., an emeritus professor of sociology at Indiana University-Bloomington; June 15, 2011.

Dr. J. Scott Hommer Jr. M’59, 
Altoona, Pa., June 17, 2010.

John R. Hudders L’59,
 Macungie, Pa., a retired attorney; Jan. 9.

Dr. Melvin H. Smithgall D’59, 
Chester Springs, Pa., a dentist who had maintained a practice in Drexel Hill for many years; Dec. 25.

Dr. Carmen A. Troisi Jr. D’59 GD’61,
 Glenside, Pa., a retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon who had maintained a practice, in Chestnut Hill and on South Broad Street, for over 40 years; Dec. 15. He was frequently called upon by the Phillies, the Flyers, and Eagles to perform surgery on their players. He had played baseball professionally with the Chicago White Sox, until he was drafted into the US Army during the final years of the Korean War. Dr. Troisi was a former chief of oral surgery at Chestnut Hill Hospital. His wife is Mary Gower Troisi DH’58, his son is Col. Robert C. Troisi C’84 WG’98, and his daughter is Laura T. Eck Nu’85.

Dr. James A. Zimble M’59, 
Salem, Conn., former surgeon-general for the US Navy; Dec. 14. He later served as president of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., where he set up a nursing school. 



Dr. Karl M. Buretz M’60, Castle Rock, Colo., Jan. 28.

Dr. Anthony J. D’Eustachio Gr’60,
 Sahuarita, Ariz., retired managing director of Amersham Buchler/Central Europe; Jan. 21, 2011.

Dr. Charles E. Hansing C’60 M’65,
 Mercer Island, Wash., a retired cardiologist; Jan. 12, 2011. He helped found the cardiac-catheterization laboratory and the heart-surgery program at Overlake Hospital. He served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. His daughter is Margaret H. Angle C’96, whose husband is Justin W. Angle W’96, and his son is Duncan A. Hansing C’03.

Richard J. Rothman W’60,
 New York, June 12, 2011.

Dr. Jay M. Sedlik ASC’60,
 Encino, Calif., a former professor who specialized in film and photography at the Air Force Academy, who had served as chief of combat photography during the Vietnam War; Dec. 10.

Dr. Robert D. Singer Gr’60,
 Mammoth Lakes, Calif., April 16, 2011.

Dr. Leo M. Snowiss C’60,
 Claremont, Calif.; retired professor of political science at UCLA; Jan. 4. He helped have his neighborhood, Russian Village, Depression-era houses built with street rubble and scavenged scrap material, designated a national historic landmark. His sister is Faye Snowiss Olivieri CW’60. 


Carl G. Gaumann Ar’61, 
Buckingham, Pa., a retired architect; Nov. 14. At Penn, he had been a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. His projects include the San Juan and Bayamón courthouses and the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in Puerto Rico.

Jay John Murray W’61,
 Los Angeles, Oct. 5. 


Dr. David M. Besselman M’62 GM’66, Harrisburg, Pa., a retired pediatrician; Dec. 22.

Dr. Stephen J. Kaplowitt Gr’62,
 Woodstock, Conn., a former professor of German at the University of Connecticut; Jan. 18. He contributed several entries to Scribner’s 13-volume Dictionary of the Middle Ages.

Richard E. Kelly WEv’62,
 Charlotte, N.C., Feb. 7, 2011.

Dr. Ernest F. Rosato M’62 GM’66, 
Ardmore, Pa., professor of surgery and former chief of gastrointestinal surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Jan. 6. Appointed an assistant instructor in surgery at HUP just after his residency, he was named associate professor of surgery in 1972, professor three years later, and chief of the Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery in 1988, serving until 2004. Specializing in gastrointestinal cancer, Dr. Rosato was also an expert in surgery for breast cancer and co-wrote Breast Cancer Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide to Management (1991). He had published over 200 articles and was a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Surgical Association and the Society of Surgical Oncology. In 1977, he received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. In 2008, he was honored with the I. S. Ravdin Master Clinician Award, which recognizes “a skillful, compassionate practitioner with a long and consistent record of contributions to our school.” Dr. Rosato received, 18 times, the William Y. Inouye Faculty Award, which is selected by the chief residents of the surgery department. His sons are Ernest F. Rosato Jr. C’85, William John Rosato C’87 GAr’92 (whose wife is Susan L. Rosato GAr’92), Rafael Rosato C’88, and Gerard Michael Rosato C’92, and his daughter is Catherine Jane Rosato C’95.

Dr. Jeri A. Sechzer Gr’62,
 New York, Oct. 29.

Mark Sigismund G’62,
 Bala Cynwyd, Pa., Aug. 18.

Margaret L. Spencer CW’62, 
North Cape May, N.J., April 8, 2011. 


Dr. Anne U. Barnes GM’63, Feasterville, Pa., a retired surgeon who had served on the faculty of Drexel University’s medical school; Feb. 18.

Frank F. Brierly W’63,
 Huntersville, N.C., an independent manufacturer’s representative in the hardware industry for 48 years; Dec. 24. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Gerald W. Hagmayer SW’63, 
Gettysburg, Pa., Dec. 23.

Ray W. Miller Jr. Ar’63,
 Hopewell, N.J., an architect; Feb. 10. At Penn, he was a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity.

Robert B. Murray C’63 WG’71,
 Lansdale, Pa., former chief credit-policy officer for the old Philadelphia National Bank (now Wells Fargo), who retired as assistant to the chair of its board in 1992; Jan. 15. A member of the Penn varsity football and baseball teams, he later coached both teams, 1965-70: he is a member of the Penn Baseball Hall of Fame. “Hench” was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the Sphinx Society. For many years he was an announcer for the radio broadcasts of the Penn football games. He began a second career as a financial trainer after leaving the bank, and wrote the textbook, Accounting for Lenders. His father was Dr. Donald S. Murray W’37 G’40 Gr’44, an emeritus professor in the Wharton Shool. His brother is John M. Murray C’66 GEd’67 and his sister is Dr. Elizabeth A. Murray CW’69.

Dr. Stuart Snyder C’63 M’67 GM’71, 
Philadelphia, Jan. 25.

Dr. J. Howard Widdowson Gr’63,
 Portland, Ore., April 16, 2011. 


Julius Goldhirsh GrEd’64, Columbia, Md., March 6, 2011.

J. Gordon Hansen L’64,
 Salt Lake City, a retired attorney; Feb. 7.

Thomas H. Marsilje II W’64,
 Kalamazoo, Mich., Oct. 16, 2010.


Dr. Harold M. Finn GrEd’65,
 Bellevue, Wash., Dec. 9.

Dr. John M. Forger III C’65,
 Boston, July 13.

Charles P. Fox III C’65,
 Poultney, Vt., a teacher of English as a second language; July 25. At Penn, he was a member of Delta Psi fraternity. During the Korean War, he served in the US Army.

William L. Staples WG’65, 
Chicago, retired executive vice president of Bank of America; Feb. 6.

Margaret M. Wagner GEd’65,
 Gwynedd, Pa., July 3. 


Carol Paige B. Brossman CW’66, Washington Crossing, Pa., a writer of historical novels; Oct. 30. At Penn, she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Her husband is Larry A. Brossman W’55.

Thomas Gibson L’66, 
Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Sept. 7.

Dr. Charles J. Johnson GM’66,
 Madison, Wis., Jan. 12.

Lorraine M. McGill Nu’66,
 Parkville, Md., Oct. 14.

Dr. Philip G. Page V’66, 
Lancaster, N.H., a retired veterinarian, who had helped set up the Lancaster Veterinary Hospital; May 26, 2011.

Stevan J. Schoen W’66,
 Placitas, N.M., Sept. 9. He was a member of Beta Sigma Rho fraternity and the varsity crew team.

Valerie Jesraly Seligsohn GFA’66,
 Philadelphia, Feb. 3. 


Lorraine C. Campbell GNu’67,
 Farmingdale, N.J., Jan. 1.

Dr. Stephen S. Fennell GD’67,
 Athens, Ga., a retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon who had maintained a practice there for over 40 years; May 30, 2011.

Richard W. Gilbert SW’67,
 Wilmington, Del., June 28, 2011.

Peter J. Hughes WG’67,
 Croydon, London, Dec. 8.

Dr. Patrick J. Mulligan GD’67,
 Colorado Springs, Colo., a retired dentist and oral surgeon in the US Air Force; June 29, 2011.

Carolyn M. Pillow SW’67,
 South Hadley, Mass., a retired social worker; Jan. 30. 


Dr. Louis G. Jennings Gr’68, Lancaster, Pa., Jan. 9.


Bernard Goldentyer WG’69, Philadelphia, a project manager for the city’s Department of Public Property; Jan 3, 2011. He oversaw construction of the Center City Commuter Tunnel, which links public transit lines.

Dr. Richard Haynes Gr’69,
 Princeton, N.J., a member of the research staff the Engineering Research Center of  at the Bell Laboratories in Hopewell; Nov. 26.

Dr. C. Grant Pendill Jr. Gr’69,
 Tarrytown, N.Y., June 30, 2011.

Dr. John M. Pratt Gr’69,
 Covington, Ky., March 28, 2011.

David Rapaport L’69, 
Lexington, Mass., a shareholder of the Boston law firm of Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C.; Jan. 13. A past president of the Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association, he taught at Harvard Law School for 34 years.

Dr. Spyros Lysander Vennos WG’69,
 White Hall, Md., Dec. 9. 



Dr. Tatsuo Iwazumi GrEd’70,
 Ardsley, N.Y., July 29, 2010.

David R. Straus L’70, 
Alexandria, Va., former managing partner of the Washington office of the law firm Thompson Coburn LLP; Jan. 15. He had previously worked in the general counsel’s office at the old US Post Office Department, helping it transform into the US Postal Service. His son is Brian A. Straus C’97. 


Dr. Joseph W. Gasiewski Gr’71, Philadelphia, retired director of laboratory improvement for the state Department of Health; Jan. 28. His daughter is Josephine A. Gasiewski C’02 GEd’06 and his son is Joseph F. Gasiewski C’06.

Maj. Emile A. Robert Jr. G’71, Burgettstown, Pa., Jan. 1. 


Dr. Joseph P. Bevilacqua GrEd’72, Rowlett, Tex., a counselling psychologist who had served as dean of student life at Southwest Texas State University; Dec. 16.

Ronald A. Clayton L’72, Fairfield, Conn., a partner at the law firm of Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto, who had specialized in intellectual-property law; July 14, 2011.

Luzviminda G. Parco-Kendrick SW’72,
 Honolulu, a psychotherapist; Nov. 28.

Josephine E. Pasternak WEV’72, 
Spring House, Pa., a retired chemist;Nov. 16. 


Dr. John B. Gregory GD’73, Sulphur, La., a retired orthodontist who had maintained a practice there for many years; Oct. 24.

Margie J. Mayson CW’73, 
Ithaca, N.Y., Nov. 8.

Clifton J. Williams C’73 G’74,
 Philadelphia, July 29, 2010. 


Sheldon Gottesfeld ChE’74, Hunt Valley, Md., Dec. 13. At Penn, he was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Robert S. Klothe L’74, 
Bethesda, Md., an attorney at the US Department of Transportation; Dec. 28.

Andrew S. Levine C’74,
 Cambridge, Mass., June 7, 2011. At Penn, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. 


Dr. John G. Heckathorn Gr’75, Honolulu, editor of Honolulu magazine; Dec. 28. He was an assistant professor of English at the University of Hawaii.

Dr. Nina Orehoff Gr’75,
 Philadelphia, April 2, 2011.

Anne Griswold Tyng Gr’75,
 Greenbrae, Calif., an architectural theorist who had worked with the famous Louis I. Kahn Ar’24 Hon’71; Dec. 27. One of the first women admitted to the Harvard Graduate School of Design, she created the Tyng Toy, a kit of wooden interlocking pieces. She lectured at Penn Design. Her daughter is Alexandra S. Tyng GEd’77.


Dr. Flora Dorsey Young GrD’78, Lawnside, N.J., a retired professor of sociology at Rowan University; Feb. 9. One of the first black faculty members at the old Glassboro State College, she established the Hollybush Institute at Glassboro to help minority college students prepare for graduate school. 


Judith F. Trachtenberg GEd’79, Bryn Mawr, Pa., Jan. 12. Her husband is Don I. Trachtenberg C’58 D’63 GD’67, who wrote about their life together in the Nov|Dec 2011 “Alumni Voices.” 



Rachel Shulman Goldring C’80 CGS’85, New York, former vice president and associate director of corporate communications at BBDO, a worldwide advertising agency; Feb. 8. At Penn, she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Her sister is Dr. Melanie Shulman M’90. 


Lawrence D. Anzivino Jr. C’81, Miami Beach, Fla., a former actor who was pastry chef at the Ice Box Cafe.; Dec. 12. 


S. Jane Brown WG’83, Washington, June 27, 2011.


Jill Sanders Holtz W’84, Livingston, N.J., a former cosmetics marketing executive who was serving as president of the Penn Club of Metro New Jersey; Feb. 5. She had served on the secondary-schools committees for the 28 years since graduating. Her husband is Alan D. Holtz W’84.

Jeffrey J. Hushion C’84, Springfield, Pa., Aug. 12. His father is Dr. William F. P. Hushion C’56. 


Kathryn Lynne Furano C’86, Oakland, Calif., Feb. 3. At Penn, she was a member of the varsity soccer team. 


Dr. Karen L. Cajka C’88, Johnson City, Tenn., director of women’s studies and associate professor of British literature at East Tennessee State University; Nov. 17. She wrote The Forgotten Women Grammarians of Eighteenth-Century England (2003). 


Dr. Patrick T. Liu M’89,
 Paradise Valley, Ariz., a diagnostic radiologistat the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale; Jan. 25. His wife is Dr. Margaret Mary Stemmler C’83 M’88, whose parents are Dr. Joan Koster Stemmler PT’55 G’78 Gr’89 and Dr. Edward J. Stemmler M’60 GM’64, dean emeritus of the Perelman School of Medicine.

Dr. Rosamond Moate Vanderburgh Gr’89, 
Oakville, Ontario, a former professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto who helped set up its Mississauga campus; July 2. 



Dr. Xun Tang Gr’91, Dresher, Pa., June 12, 2010.

Dr. David A. Zanis SW’91 SW’96, Pottsville, Pa., director of the Nonprofit Evaluation Services and Training Center at Temple University, where he also taught; April 9, 2011. He had been an adjunct associate research professor at Penn for many years.


John H. Kim WG’97, San Francisco, a managing director with Burrill & Co., a life-sciences venture-capital and private-equity firm. Feb. 1. 


Dr. Richard R. Orlandi GM’98, Salt Lake City, Feb. 9.



Dr. Kevin A. Cronk EAS’06, Lake Oswego, Ore., May 4, 2011. 


Phillip Mathangani W’10, New York, a financial analyst for UBS; Feb. 10. 

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Lee Benson, Philadelphia, professor emeritus of history and distinguished senior fellow of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships; Feb. 1He came to Penn in 1964, and was appointed emeritus in 1990. He co-founded the Netter Center’s university-assisted community-school program. He wrote The Concept of Jacksonian Democracy: New York as a Test Case (1961), which Dr. Ira Harkavy C’70 Gr’79, the current director of the Netter Center and a colleague, descibed as introducing “the application of social-science theory and methodology to the discipline of history.” Dr. Benson was the first president of the Social Science History Association. Serving with the US Army during World War II, he led a platoon in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp and he earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for Valor.

Dr. Saul Philip Bralow, Philadelphia, a prominent gastroenterologist who was a former clinical professor of medicine at the old Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania from 1983 to 1997; Jan. 11. After retiring, he returned to Florida and opened a gastroenterology clinic for seniors in Sarasota.

Dr. Christopher M. Clark, 
Philadelphia, former director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Penn and an associate professor of neurology in the Perelman School of Medicine; Jan. 12. He aimed to develop good methods for early, reliable diagnostics of Alzheimer’s for routine primary-care practice. After retiring from Penn in 2007, he became medical director for AVID Radiopharmaceuticals and led a team researching a PET scan that advances diagnosis.

Dr. Tristram P. Coffin. 
See Class of 1947.

Dr. William C. Frayer. 
See Class of 1951.

Dr. William T. Kelley. 
See Class of 1941.

Dr. Harrison McMichael. 
See Class of 1956.

Dr. John J. Murphy. 
See Class of 1945.

Dr. Kostas Ostrauskas
See Class of 1958.

Dr. Ernest F. Rosato. 
See Class of 1962.

Dr. Anne Griswold Tyng. 
See Class of 1975.

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