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In the March|April 2011 issue, we covered sophomore Kelly Diamond as she worked to create a new sitcom based on Penn undergrad life, entitled “Classless.”  The first episode recently went live on YouTube, and you can now subscribe to the “Classless” channel.  (Warning:  the clip is only partially work safe.  It contains a few masturbation jokes.)

After getting the first episode out the door, Kelly and her co-creator Jack Solowey took a moment to reflect on the difficulty of knitting together the many threads that went into the ten-minute finished product.  In the end, Kelly said, “If people like the script, they want it to happen.”

As Jack put it:

Doing anything visual…once you have a finished script you feel like you’ve completed something, but that’s barely the outline of what has to be done, because you have to overlay all this visual stuff on top of it, make sure the camera crew has their spots, the actors know their lines, and everyone’s doing their jobs.  If you start off with a script you don’t like, it’ll only get worse over time.  And that wasn’t the case. I think it’s important to start off with a really high quality script, because things won’t get easier as you move forward, it’ll only get harder…The first episode went well in that sense–no one was really doubting the script when we were filming, and that’s really important.

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