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Vol. 95, No. 7


Artist Unleashed
A literal stroke of fate transformed Jon Sarkin from a chiropractor and sometime-doodler into an artist who creates out of an obsessive fervor.

Image Tribes
Advertisers are targeting specific audiences as never before, dividing consumers more and more narrowly along income, age, gender, and ethic linesand splintering society in the process. By Joseph Turow

Ethics for the Orthodoxy
The changing challenges of medical ethics got poked and prodded and poked some more at a recent conference co-sponsored by Penn’s Center for Bioethics. By John Shea

Show Me the Funny!
In the world of situation comedy, Penn alums are getting big bucks for big yucks. By Howard Gensler


From the Editor
Brought to you by …

Pro and con on Luntz … Savior was no sinner … foregoing Founder’s Day

How much is Adam Smith worth?Filmmaker’s view of two worldsWriters on campus get a room — several, actually — of their ownArchaeology on screenBreakthrough in cystic fibrosis researchCollege Hall’s new visitor

Notes from the Undergrad
Magnificent Obsession. Row, row, row your boat — then row some more. But Why? By Lee W. Bailey

Off the Shelf
American Genius. The well-told story of a bad businessman and a gifted author. By Robert Rega

The Alumni
Comings, goings, appointments, promotions, accolades, and other personal news

Alumni Profiles
Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Recalling a “golden age” of songs that “made sense.”
Andrea Kremer
Some call her the best sports reporter on TV.
Dr. Richard Estes
Professor has translated social concerns into action.
Mother of Influence
Three Penn alumnae ranked among “The 25 Most Influential Working Mothers” in Working Mother magazine.
Judge Marjorie Rendell
District Court Judge Marjorie (“Midge”) Osterlund Rendell, CW’69, could soon be trading jury trials for appellate decisions.


Double Acrostic, by Don Z. Block, Gr’77

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