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MOVING ON: Redesigning Your Emotional, Financial, and Social Life After Divorce By David J. Glass C’90 (Lioncrest Publishing, 2018, $16.99.) Drawing on his career as a family law attorney and his training as a psychologist, as well as his own experience of ending a marriage, Glass presents a handbook for rebuilding life after divorce. It delivers practical advice on everything from redesigning one’s social life, to buying a new home, to building a support system, to entering the dating scene again. Buy this book

TRIUMPH ON BAKER ROAD: How the Walsh Family Defeated Polio By Rose Walsh Landers OT’74 and Mike Waller, with Sue Walsh Cocoma (CreateSpace, 2016, $16.95.) In this memoir, written before her death in February 2018 from post-polio syndrome and ALS, Landers tells the wrenching story of the two-week period in September 1955 when 11 of the 14 children in her family contracted polio. Buy this book

MY WORLD BOOK: Hitching the Globe on $10 a Day By Ben Batchelder WG’90 (Earthdog Press, 2018, $15.99.) When an invitation to Scotland serendipitously falls into his lap, twentysomething Batchelder—alone in an empty New York apartment and feeling stuck in a series of low-paying jobs in the early 1980s—jumps at the chance for a fresh start. The resulting travel memoir maps his yearlong explorations of Europe and the Middle East on a shoestring budget. Buy this book

SACRED SHELTER: 13 Journeys of Homelessness and Healing Edited by Susan Celia Greenfield G’91 Gr’91 (Fordham University Press, 2019, $30.) Through frank and honest interviews, this book shares the stories of 13 people who experienced homelessness and graduated from a life-skills program, along with reflections from the program directors and volunteers who worked with them. Buy this book

MAINTENANCE IN MEDIEVAL ENGLAND By Jonathan Rose C’60 (Cambridge University Press, 2018, $41.99.) In this volume of the Cambridge Studies in English Legal History series, Rose shows how medieval England’s legal system dealt—or did not deal—with corruption. Maintenance, a specific legal term used to describe unlawful abuse of a legal procedure, was a source of repeated complaint in medieval England. However, legal proceedings of this sort were rarely brought against “the great and the powerful.” Buy this book

THE POWER OF TEACHER TALK: Promoting Equity and Retention Through Student Interactions By Deborah Bieler Gr’04 (Teachers College Press, 2019, $36.95.) Every year, the nation’s schools experience high rates of attrition for both students and teachers. Based on her study of thousands of daily interactions between justice-oriented English teachers and their students, Bieler argues that teachers who show a commitment to equity in their communications can positively affect student retention and are more likely to remain in the profession. Buy this book

THE HIDDEN HANDS OF JUSTICE: NGOs, Human Rights, and International Courts By Heidi Nichols Haddad (Cambridge University Press, 2018, $110.) Drawing on original data, Haddad explains the differences in NGO participatory roles and impact at three judicial institutions: the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Human Rights System, and the International Criminal Court. She shows that courts can enhance their functionality by allowing NGOs to provide needed services. Buy this book

A POLITICAL EDUCATION: Black Politics and Education Reform in Chicago Since the 1960s By Elizabeth Todd-Breland C’04 (University of North Carolina Press, 2018, $24.95.) Todd-Breland recovers the hidden history behind the 2012 teachers’ strike in Chicago and the largest mass closure of public schools in US history. This was the result, she argues, of enduring tensions between the politics of black achievement, urban inequality, and US democracy. Buy this book

COOKING DATA: Culture and Politics in an African Research World By Crystal Biruk CGS’02 Gr’08 Gr’11 (Duke University Press, 2018, $26.95.) While research practices are often understood within a clean/dirty binary, Biruk shows that data are never clean; rather, they are always “cooked” (i.e., fabricated or “fudged” in a standardized and accurate manner). In this ethnographic study, she examines AIDS demographic research in Malawi and its larger impact in shaping AIDS policy, and in turn, its effect on local economies and formulations of power and expertise. Buy this book

JUSTICE UNBOUND: Voices of Justice for the 21st Century By Patrizia Longo C’83 (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018, $54.95.) Western political thought is often defined by the theories of white men, states Longo. Her wide-ranging textbook seeks to provide a corrective by giving silenced voices a platform in the realms of environmental, racial, gender, and economic justice. Case studies, reflection questions, and class activity suggestions guide students and teachers to better understand these theories. Buy this book

Very Briefly Noted

COMPETE OR CLOSE: Traditional Neighborhood Schools Under Pressure By Julia A. McWilliams GEd’11 Gr’17 (Harvard Education Press, 2019, $32.00.) Buy this book

LIVING ON CAMPUS: An Architectural History of the American Dormitory By Carla Yanni Gr’94 (University of Minnesota Press, 2019, $34.95.) Buy this book

NEUROSCIENCE AT THE INTERSECTION OF MIND AND BRAIN By Jack M. Gorman C’73 (Oxford University Press, 2018, $34.95.) Buy this book

52 THINGS WE WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD US ABOUT CUSTOMER ANALYTICS By Mike Sherman C’79 W’79 and Alex Sherman GEng’22 (Amazon Digital Services, 2018, $13.99.) Buy this book

THE CARING ECONOMY: How to Win with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) By Toby Usnik GEd’88 (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, 2018, $18.89.) Buy this book

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