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LOST BELIEVERS by Irina Zhorov C’06 (Simon & Schuster, 2023, $28.00.) Inspired by true events in 1970s Soviet Russia, this novel follows an ambitious young geologist and a member of a small religious sect who lives in isolation in the Siberian forest. The two women become fast friends, but Galina begins to realize her work opening mines poses a threat to Agafina and her family. Buy this book

BAD QUESTIONS by Len Kruger C’80 EAS’80 (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 2023, $18.95.) Billy Blumberg carries guilt over the recent death of his father, a Hebrew school principal. An encounter with a former teacher leads to a psychic séance that veers out of control, leading to a deadly “hex list” and Billy’s discovery of his father’s fatal secret. Buy this book

THE FAVOR by Adele Griffin C’93 (Sourcebooks, 2023, $16.99.) When socialite Evelyn Elliot charges into Nora’s life, the women spark an immediate connection, and Nora is jettisoned into the heady whirl of New York’s moneyed elite. But it isn’t until Evelyn decides her next cause is to carry a baby for Nora, that their unlikely friendship is tested. Buy this book

BRAVE-ISH: One Breakup, Six Continents, and Feeling Fearless After Fifty by Lisa Niver C’89 (Post Hill Press, 2023, $18.99.) Niver seemed to be on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling around the world with her husband. But in private, she was keeping a dark secret: her marriage was failing. At age 47, she finds the courage to set course on a new life, trying 50 new experiences before she turns 50. Buy this book

ANIMALS IN PANTS by Suzy Levinson C’96 (Cameron Kids, 2023, $17.99.) Manatees in dungarees, turtles with undershirts under their shells, and monkeys carrying bananas in their cargo pant pockets are just a few of the animals featured in this illustrated children’s book of 23 poems about animals in pants. Buy this book

THE PERFORMANCE PARADOX: Turning the Power of Mindset into Action by Eduardo Briceño EAS’98 W’98 (Ballantine Books, 2023, $28.00.) As CEO of Mindset Works and in his work with Fortune 500 companies, Briceño discovered that personal and professional growth hinges on navigating the balance between learning and performing. Here, he reveals how individuals and companies can reach their boldest aspirations. Buy this book

CROSSING WATERS: Undocumented Migration in Hispanophone Caribbean and Latinx Literature & Art by Marisel Moreno C’95 (University of Texas Press, 2022, $29.95.) Analyzing the works of writers and artists, Moreno, a professor of Latinx literature at the University of Notre Dame, illuminates the plight of Latin American migrants who travel among the Caribbean islands. Buy this book

THE STRUGGLES OF A BORN-AGAIN AGNOSTIC by Dalton F. Phillips L’80 (Dorrance Publishing, 2023, $25.00.) In a new analysis, Phillips examines the texts of the Bible to determine whether there is evidence that the books are divinely inspired, and explores the various authorships of most of the books in the Bible with the goal of ascertaining if the ascriptions of authorship are correct. Buy this book

SPIKE UNLEASHED: The Wonder Dog Returns by Bill Boggs C’63 ASC’64 (Post Hill Press, 2023, $18.00.) In this second comic novel featuring Spike, the talking English bull terrier once again shares his hilarious and absurd view of humans’ popular culture. The action begins when Spike and his owner, Bud, buy a local television station to host a talk show. Spike provides shrewd social commentary on everything from reality television and sexual dysfunction to friendship and politics. Buy this book

REINTERPRETING THE CONSTITUTION: How the Supreme Court Changes the Law by Edward F. Mannino C’63 L’66 (Lexington Books, 2023, $105.00.) Mannino, a lawyer and historian, carefully reviews some 200 cases in which US Supreme Court justices have overruled past precedent, significantly expanded or limited prior rulings, created new constitutional rights such as that protecting same-sex marriage, while striking down constitutional rights recognized for many years, including a woman’s right to choose an abortion. Buy this book

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