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“Well, I finally did it. I stopped working after 64 years. … Gloria, my wife of 60 years, now expects me to take out the garbage!”

—Alan Stern W’56

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Leroy “Lee” Fadem W’41 celebrated his 102nd birthday this year. His son Steven Fadem W’72 writes, “We had a lovely dinner at Sardi’s in New York with Lee’s granddaughter Rachel Fadem, followed by seeing a fabulous performance of Some Like It Hot on Broadway. The cast of the show surprised Lee after the curtain call by giving him a shoutout as a World War II veteran celebrating a special birthday and led the audience in a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday.’ It was as raucous as a Penn basketball game in the Palestra, and just as much fun!”


Selma Wilder Bernstein CW’45 see Susie Nagler Perloff CW’65.


Alan Stern W’56 writes, “Well, I finally did it. I stopped working after 64 years. I owned and operated a manufacturing facility for the last 46 years making steel rulers, labels, nameplates, and all types of product identification stuff mostly for other manufacturers. Gloria, my wife of 60 years, now expects me to take out the garbage! Life has blessed us with three children and seven grandchildren, all who actually speak to us. I was a member of TEP fraternity at Penn and still speak to and sometimes see the small, dwindling group of survivors. I consider myself fortunate to have had the Penn and TEP experience for four years.”


George E. Andrews Gr’64 has been awarded the 2022 Euler Medal of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA). The Euler Medals recognize distinguished lifetime career contributions to combinatorial research by the fellows of the ICA, which is a scholarly society that promotes the development of combinatorics (a branch of mathematics primarily concerned with counting).


Susie Nagler Perloff CW’65 writes, “I marry only Penn men. I went to Penn, as did my parents and sister. My husbands’ siblings went to Penn, as did my elder son. The list goes on—and on and on and on. I have 42 relatives with Penn degrees and one who quit lacking a single class. I don’t deserve credit, nor even 15 minutes of fame, for reaching this level. What’s fascinating, methinks, is the multitude of people who wave an arm in the air—or would if they were alive—while singing, ‘Hurrah!’ My father, Herbert Nagler C’30, was third on the list. Selma Wilder Bernstein CW’45 is the oldest one alive. The youngest graduated from the School of Arts and Sciences in 2014. Did I leave anyone out?”


Susan Marx CW’66 writes, “Once again, a piece of my stone sculpture was featured in a show at the Century Association in New York (March 16–May 4). This year, it was an abstract, called From the Sea, carved from highly colored orange alabaster. The work won the ‘Red Dot’ (First Prize) in a show at the Art Students League in the Spring of 2022.” Susan is founder and principal of S. T. Marx + Associates, a fundraising consultancy for nonprofits.

Kenneth Pickar Gr’66 see Lisa Niver C’89.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Dr. Harry Hirsch C’68 received a lifetime achievement award at the annual meeting of the Israel Pediatric Endocrine Society for his contributions to patient care, research, and teaching. Harry and his wife, Sharon, have lived in Israel since 1979 after his fellowship training at Boston Children’s Hospital. Harry has published over 70 original articles in major medical journals and was the founding editor of the first international journal devoted exclusively to pediatric endocrinology. He writes, “I am still working full-time, along with spending time with our four children (all married and living in Israel) and 17 grandchildren.”


Laurence M. Kahn C’69 GEd’71, founding director of Help Now! Advocacy, a social service nonprofit that provides advice to and advocacy for individuals and families facing life-changing adversity, writes, “Expansion from our former office in Oregon to a virtual national presence through the first-ever national advocacy hotline is progressing at increased pace. We need attorneys and mediators, retired or otherwise, to serve as volunteer advocates to assist our client base as demand for our unique services is rapidly increasing. We can also train smart laypeople, like Penn grads, to do our advocacy work. Your assistance will be very rewarding for our clients, and for you, and can be done from home or office and at hours you specify. Other needs include people with business/entrepreneurial, tech/social media, and marketing backgrounds to assist in operations. Please contact us through our website,” Larry was profiled for this advocacy work in our Mar|Apr 2021 issue.


Jacqueline Lerner Crawley-Wolfe CW’71 endowed a new annual lecture for undergraduate neuroscience majors at Penn. The Jacqueline N. Crawley Lecture Series offers opportunities for students to meet prominent neuroscience faculty from Penn and other universities, hear about their research, and interact personally. Jacqueline writes, “In April 2022, I was honored to present the inaugural lecture virtually, ‘Mouse Models of Autism: Testing Hypotheses About Causes and Discovering Effective Treatments.’ During the first in-person lecture in March 2023, I had the further honor of giving the introduction. Back in the day, before the neuroscience field began, I was a biology major and also took courses in psychology. Fascinating research by Penn professors inspired my career as a behavioral neuroscientist at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and then at the University of California Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento, where we investigated behavioral phenotypes of genetic mouse models of autism spectrum disorder. Hopefully annual lectures by outstanding neuroscientists will similarly inspire current Penn undergraduates. Now emeritus, I live in Manhattan near my wonderful son and daughter-in-law, who are both scientists with their own research labs. Helping them out with their sweetheart daughter, age four, is my greatest joy.”


Steven Fadem W’72 see Leroy “Lee” Fadem W’41.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Seth Bergmann GEE’73 writes, “My wife Sue Bergmann GrS’82 and I toured central California with my sister Ann, my brother Dan, and his wife Anne during my spring break.  We saw a beach covered with elephant seal pups at Año Nuevo State Park.”

Robert M. Steeg C’73 ASC’75, managing partner of Steeg Law Firm LLC in New Orleans, has been selected for the 2023 edition of Louisiana Super Lawyers in the category of Real Estate Law. He was also included in New Orleans Magazine’s Best Lawyers 2022 list in the categories of Commercial Transactions/LLS Law and Corporate Law.


Hon. Gordon E. Goodman C’74 L’77 has published a new article in the 62nd edition of HPHR Journal, formerly known as the Harvard Public Health Review. The article, titled “The Ethics of Mental Hospitals,” proposes that “the federal government assume the responsibility of caring for the ‘indigent insane’ that Dorothea Dix first proposed, and Congress first approved, in 1854,” and it can be read at Justice Goodman has been a member of the Texas First Court of Appeals since 2018.


Dr. Robert Stiller C’75 has retired from Bridgeport Hospital where he served as director of maternal-fetal medicine in the obstetrics and gynecology department for the past 38 years. He was also a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yale School of Medicine. He writes, “I was very fortunate to have a rewarding professional career, which included resident and medical student teaching, direct patient care, and clinical research. My education at Penn was instrumental in helping me to achieve my professional life goals. My wife Susan Brunoli Stiller GNu’85, who specializes in public health/infection control nursing, and I have three sons and two grandchildren and are looking forward to the next chapter of our lives.”


Janice Klein CW’76 has received the 2022 Outstanding Supporter Award from Arizona Humanities for her advocacy, hands-on support, and commitment to the public humanities in Arizona. Janice is executive director of the Museum Association of Arizona and on the foundation board of the Coalition of State Museum Associations.

Michael P. Malloy L’76 was an active participant at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) in San Diego in early January. He served as organizer, moderator, and one of the commentators for new scholarship in contract law and theory, sponsored by the AALS Section on Contracts. During the business meeting of the Section on Financial Regulation, he was appointed chair-elect of the section, and will be responsible for organizing the section’s panels during the 2024 AALS Annual Meeting. He continues to serve as a member of the executive committees of the Section on Business Associations, the Section on Contracts, and the Section on Socio-Economics. During the Business Associations Section panel on new law teacher works in progress, he acted as commentator for a paper on strategic compliance, and he served as the McGeorge representative to the meeting of the AALS House of Representatives. During the Administrative Law Section workshop, he also acted as commentator for a paper on an empirical analysis of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s first decade.


Steve Sokolow C’77 writes, “After graduation and a year working in the box office at Annenberg Center (and seeing every show), I attended NYU Law School. I spent six great years as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan under the legendary DA Robert M. Morgenthau, trying various violent crime cases including homicides. After five years of law firm life, I spent 24 years in various interesting and challenging roles at Novartis, the global healthcare company, including head of litigation at Novartis Pharmaceuticals and general counsel at the US parent company. I finished my legal career at Guidepost Solutions, a leading firm which conducts investigations. Since my retirement from the law in 2019, I’ve been an assistant swim coach on a year-round club team, coaching 13- to 18-year-old girls and boys. It’s tremendously rewarding, and I love doing it. Having played water polo at Penn, I also enjoy supporting and mentoring the Penn men’s and women’s club water polo teams. My wife Abby Jennis and I have two wonderful children; my son Brian works in business strategy at Kaiser Permanente and my daughter Becky Sokolow C’15 is in her second year of law school at NYU.”


Steven P. Lowy C’80, a Connecticut-based artist who creates functional solar-based art, has placed his first solar sculpture on the rooftop garden of HMTX Industries headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. According to the press materials, his Solar Night Sculpture “is a work of art, an object of contemplation, and a literal beacon for sustainable culture.” It sits in the center of the rooftop garden, where it generates reusable energy. Harlan Stone C’80 is CEO of HTMX Industries, a flooring design and manufacturing company, and his company’s building is LEED Platinum certified. The building’s operation is zero carbon and net-positive energy, meaning that it produces more energy than it consumes, thanks in part to Steven’s solar sculpture. More information and a picture of the solar sculpture can be viewed at


Mimi Preiser Zukoff C’81 has been appointed chair of the Summit New Jersey Recycling Advisory Committee. Mimi also serves on the Summit New Jersey Environmental Commission and is a founding member and leader of the Summit Area GreenFaith Circle. She lives in Summit, New Jersey, with her husband, Dr. Paul B. Zukoff C’82. Professionally, Mimi is the finance manager of New Providence Internal Medicine Associates and retired as a Jewish educator in 2019 after 22 years. She devotes most of her time to spreading environmental awareness and caring for the Earth.


Sue Bergmann GrS’82 see Seth Bergmann GEE’73.

Dr. Paul B. Zukoff C’82 see Mimi Preiser Zukoff C’81.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Mark G. Cahill GAr’83 has joined Simon Property Group as vice president of design. He writes, “After 25 years working for various architecture firms in Philadelphia, I joined the Indianapolis-based real estate company to work on major mixed-use developments across the United States. My daughter, Kirah S. Cahill, graduated summa cum laude from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business before pursuing a Master of Architecture at Penn’s Weitzman School Design. She is expected to graduate in 2024. Notably, she will be the third generation of the family graduating from Penn, as her great-grandfather Edward A. Cahill V1908 WEv’25 received a veterinary medicine degree in 1908 and a business degree from Wharton in 1925. Ed Cahill became CEO of Pitman-Moore, known as Corteva Agriscience today.”


Neil Kaplan W’84, founder of, a passport advocacy agency for those with Polish descent, has released his second book, The Guide to Acquiring Polish Citizenship by Descent: What You Need to Know. Neil invites all Penn alumni who are interested in learning more to contact him at [email protected].

Jill Krutick W’84 has a new art exhibit and accompanying museum book available from Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum in Hamilton, Ohio. Her show, Coral Beliefs, runs through August 6. She writes, “This exhibition is eco-themed and showcases a nearly 85-foot-long-by-30-inch-high work of art called Coral Beliefs. The mixed media work celebrates the beauty of coral reefs, but it also highlights its fragility. I used paper, plastic, acrylic, oil, watercolor, and other debris one might find in the ocean. It is made up of 25 panels and each one is named for a different ‘belief’ about coral reefs and my art/life philosophy. For example, there is ‘interactivity,’ ‘tranquility,’ and ‘fury.’ The piece is installed around the perimeter of the main gallery of the museum.” Jill was featured in our Jan|Feb 2021 Arts section, and this is her fourth solo museum show since 2019.


Jonathan Graubart C’85, a professor of political science at San Diego State University, has authored a new book, Jewish Self-Determination Beyond Zionism: Lessons from Hannah Arendt and Other Pariahs.

Hollis Kurman C’85 writes, “My new children’s book, Counting in Green: Ten Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet, has been published in Europe and is now available for preorders in the US (with publication in August). From one new tree to 10 friendly neighbors, follow a group of children as they discover how every small action can make a big difference and help to save our Earth. Counting in Green is an inspirational picture book, encouraging young children and their families to push for change and keep our planet safe and secure for all living things. My debut picture book, Counting Kindness: Ten Ways to Welcome Refugee Children (“Briefly Noted,” Mar|Apr 2021) is published in 10 countries; was nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal and the DC Libraries Association 3 Stars Award; was endorsed by Amnesty International; and won a Northern Lights Award. My poems for children and adults, one nominated for a Pushcart Prize, have been published in many journals. Among other roles, I serve on the board of trustees of Save the Children Netherlands; Human Rights Watch Global Advisory Council for Women’s Rights; and the board of Barrow Street Books in New York. In addition to my Penn degree, I have a degree from Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service Program.”

Nancy Bea Miller C’85 exhibited new works of art at the F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood throughout March. The exhibition was comprised of more than 40 small oil paintings. From the press release: “Miller began focusing almost exclusively on painting small familiar objects during the lockdown days of the pandemic and has continued exploring this intimate territory since.” See her work on Instagram, @nancybeamiller_artwork.


 Carl Law C’87 see Lisa Niver C’89.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Leib Kaminsky C’88 writes, “I’ve been hired as the senior relationship manager for Earth Force, whose mission is to engage young people as active citizens in improving their environment and communities. In 1988, I was one of five environmental studies majors at Penn. I wrote my senior thesis on how to create a wildlife refuge in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and although it sits on a shelf gathering dust, I have actively been involved in programs at Philadelphia’s John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge over the past 20 years through my work with the Student Conservation Association and MobilizeGreen. Currently, I am an environmental educator and networker, working for the past 35 years to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to work on creating a more sustainable ecosystem. My website is”


Andrew Greenfield C’89 has been reelected to a fourth term on the executive committee of the immigration law firm Fragomen. He also serves as the managing partner of the firm’s Washington, DC, office, where he advises businesses across industries on recruiting and retaining foreign talent.

Lisa Niver C’89, founder of, participated in a virtual alumni travel panel last fall, hosted by the Class of 1989, and organized by Julia Stone C’89 with the Penn Alumni 1989 team. Other panelists included Brad Handler C’89 W’89, executive chairman of Inspirato, and Cara Schneider Bongiorno C’89, founder of Philly History Pop Ups; and the panel was moderated by Romy Buchman Coquillette C’89. Among the attendees were Mike Karz C’89 W’89 and Kenneth Pickar Gr’66. Lisa writes, “I also had a 38-year friendship anniversary with Carl Law C’87. We met on my first day as a student at Penn. In other news, my book will be out in September, I’ve spoken at four Travel and Adventure Shows this year (Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York), and I have started a new podcast called Make Your Own Map. You can find it on my website, at”


Tina Scott Polsky C’90 writes, “I am proud to announce I have won reelection to the Florida Senate for a four-year term. I also continue to practice as a mediator. I’m enjoying life in Florida with my husband Jeff, and with two kids in college, playing as much tennis and pickleball as possible.”

Garrett Reisman EAS’90 W’90 is one of the inaugural recipients of Penn’s Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology’s (M&T) Distinguished Alumni Award. Presented during the annual M&T Summit in March at Penn’s Singh Center for Nanotechnology, the award recognizes exemplary alumni who have achieved professional success while contributing to the program’s continued growth and legacy. Garrett is a NASA veteran who flew on all three Space Shuttles and was selected by NASA as a mission specialist astronaut in 1998. He later served as director of space operations at SpaceX and is currently professor of astronautical engineering at the Viterbi School at the University of Southern California, though he continues to support SpaceX as senior advisor. He was profiled in our May|Jun 2009 issue.


Dr. Lynn T. Cetin C’91 writes, “I have been fundraising for the Lustgarten Foundation for over a decade with my team ProHEALTH Pediatrics to help raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. In 2022, my team was one of the top fundraising teams for the Long Island Walk and we were named a ‘Team of Vision’ by the Lustgarten Foundation. This year I am excited to report that I am on the planning committee for the first ever Lustgarten Walk in San Antonio. I have partnered with my Penn roommate and best friend, Dr. Veronica Zamora-Campos C’91, on a shared journey in honor of our fathers, as we raise funds to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. Please join me in Long Island (October 1) at Jones Beach or in San Antonio (November 4) at the Mays Cancer Center. I am honored to be a Mission Ambassador for the Lustgarten Foundation. Looking forward to bringing my cowboy boots and hat down south to walk for a cure! Go Team ProHEALTH Pediatrics and Team VIVA Pediatrics!”

Ivan A. Matviak C’91 G’98 WG’98 and Heidi K. Gardner C’92, a husband-and-wife duo, have recently released a new book, Smarter Collaboration: A New Approach to Breaking Down Barriers and Transforming Work. From the book’s press materials, “Companies and nonprofits face more daunting challenges than ever. How can we collaborate in our organizations—and with outside partners—to solve problems, innovate, and succeed?” Ivan is a senior executive in the global financial services and fintech sectors. Heidi is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School and a former professor at Harvard Business School.

Lara Swimmer C’91, a Seattle-based architectural photographer, featured some of her work at the “Building Identity” exhibition during Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California (February 15–19). She shared her work from a 2019 trip to the United Arab Emirates. Lara also has a new book coming out next year, available for preorder now, Reading Room: New and Reimagined Libraries of the American West.


Sumita Bhattacharya W’92 writes, “I recently took on a new role as the innovation lead for the northeast region for all of Accenture. I am a managing director with Accenture and also serve as the North America Banking innovation lead. I am looking forward to continuing to drive growth and innovation amongst my clients.”

Si Chen W’92 EAS’92 has coauthored Sustainable Oil and Gas with Blockchain, a book about how distributed ledger (aka “blockchain”) technologies could support the oil and gas industry’s initiatives for climate change, such as carbon capture, sustainable aviation fuels, and hydrogen. Si writes, “I hope to start a serious discussion on working with this important industry on climate.” More information can be found at

John Clement C’92 writes, “This year began with a bang as I signed with a new gallery (Leila Heller Gallery) and launched three solo exhibitions of my work: at the Dubai Financial Center in Dubai, Gallery Sonja Roesch in Houston, and Leila Heller Gallery in New York. I continue to maintain an active studio practice in Brooklyn, now working out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. More information on each exhibition can be found on Instagram @johnclementstudio, my website, or via direct contact at [email protected].”

Heidi K. Gardner C’92 see Ivan A. Matviak C’91 G’98 WG’98.

David Woolf C’92, a partner at the law firm Faegre Drinker, has been appointed leader of the firm’s employment litigation team. Previously he was leader of the firm’s employee mobility and restrictive covenants team.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Lisa Nass Grabelle C’93 L’96 and Kiera Reilly C’93 write, “We invite all classmates to join our Facebook group, ‘Penn Class of 1993,’ to Talk Thirty to Me for our 30th Reunion. We’ll share details for our Friday night free party, Saturday panel, parade, picnic, and main event—if you read this before May 12, there is still time to join us on campus to celebrate! Classmates will share photos to our group throughout the weekend and afterwards of all the fun we had. It’s best to experience it in person on campus. Please come! We can’t wait to #talk30tome93 with all of you!”


Rev. Dr. Sidney Williams WG’94 has received the 2023 Locke Innovative Leader Award from Wesleyan Impact Partners. According to the press materials, the award is given “to honor innovative leaders who have taken risks to bring about a better world where more people know God’s love.” Sidney is president and CEO of Crossing Capital Group and pastor of Bethel AME Church in Morristown, New Jersey. “Through his Fishing Differently framework, Williams helps congregations and nonprofits re-imagine physical assets and engage with potential impact investors to build or improve buildings and fund ministry programs, accelerate growth and development in underfinanced communities, and address structural inequities.”


Victor R. McCrary GEx’95, vice president for research and a professor of chemistry at the University of the District of Columbia, gave a presentation to the National Science Foundation in February. He says that the slideshow portrayed “the Black women and men whose research accomplishments have benefited our community, our nation, and the world.”

Dr. Tony Saito D’95 writes, “Exciting news! Jim Husson, Penn’s vice president of development and alumni relations, will be the first speaker at the new Penn Club of Worcester (MA), on June 8!” For more information, contact [email protected].


Maria Flynn G’96, CEO and president of Jobs for the Future, has been named to the annual Forbes “50 Over 50: Impact” list. In March, she joined other recipients of this honor at the Forbes 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi.


Jared Fishman C’99 is coauthor of a new book with Joseph Hooper, Fire on the Levee: The Murder of Henry Glover and the Search for Justice after Hurricane Katrina. From the press materials, the book “tells the behind-the-scenes story of Fishman’s battle to unravel the cover-up of a murder of an African American man by a notoriously corrupt police department in Hurricane Katrina-era New Orleans.” Jared is a former federal civil rights prosecutor and founding executive director of Justice Innovation Lab, a nonprofit that builds data-informed and community-rooted solutions for a more equitable, effective, and fair justice system (


Ken Jaworowski GGS’00 writes, “I was feeling pretty stagnant until I entered Penn’s MLA program and graduated with my master’s. That degree sparked my creativity. Within a few years I’d had plays of mine produced in New York and in Europe, then went on to a senior editor position with the New York Times, where I still work. Recently I’ve had even more luck: my agent sold my debut novel to Henry Holt & Company, and we hope to soon be in talks for film and TV rights. That novel, Small Town Sins, is a thriller set in rural Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. It’s gotten some great early buzz. (‘A page-turner that I couldn’t put down. When you think left, it hits you right; when you think it’s safe, the ice starts to crack. A seriously good noir thriller.’ —Willy Vlautin, author of Lean on Pete.) Publication is set for August 1. I’m 55 and it’s especially exciting for me to publish after so many years of trying. It’s never too late.”

Laura Nagle G’00 Gr’01 is a translator and writer based in Indianapolis. Her newest book, Songs for the Gusle, is the first complete English-language translation of La Guzla. Originally published in 1827, La Guzla purported to be a collection of folktales, ballad lyrics, and travel narratives compiled and translated into French by an anonymous traveler returning from the Balkans. Before long, it was revealed that the author was Prosper Mérimée (1803–1870), the French writer best known for his novella Carmen, which became the basis of the opera by the same name.


Kusi Hornberger C’02 writes, “I am happy to share that I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream that started while I was in college to publish a book. My book is called Scaling Impact: Finance and Investment for a Better World. In the book I pull together two decades of experience on what I see as six major paradigm shifts that need to happen to make the capitalist tools of finance and investment work to accelerate progress against the world’s biggest remaining collective challenges like climate change, poverty, and systemic inequality. More information about my book can be found at I hope you will all purchase, read, and share it widely.”

Dr. Andrew Lam M’02, a retinal surgeon and assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, has published a new book, The Masters of Medicine: Our Greatest Triumphs in the Race to Cure Humanity’s Deadliest Diseases. He writes, “The book is full of incredible tales—like how World War II spurred numerous advances, including: maverick surgeons who learned to operate on beating hearts out of desperation; a Luftwaffe bombing raid that released top-secret American mustard gas—an episode that led to the first cancer chemotherapy; and how the Battle of Britain led to the founding of plastic surgery as a specialty. There are also amazing stories of rivalry like between Salk and Sabin in the race for the polio vaccine, and Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch who loathed one another.” More information can be found at

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Yanna Yannakakis Gr’03, associate professor of history at Emory University, has published a new book, Since Time Immemorial: Native Custom and Law in Colonial Mexico. The book, per its press materials, “traces the creation of Indigenous custom as a legal category and its deployment as a strategy of resistance to empire in colonial Mexico.”

David Yim C’03 CGS’06 GCP’09 is an associate faculty member at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and has opened a Web3 and sustainability consultancy firm called REN Studio in Singapore. He writes, “The consultancy’s mission is to bridge the gap to Web3 transformation for a sustainable future and offers services in Web3 and sustainability advisory, as well as designs and builds Web3 products.”


Patrick Spero G’04 Gr’09 has been named executive director of the George Washington Presidential Library, which is housed within the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon. Patrick comes to the Washington Library after serving as librarian and director of the library and museum of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia since 2015.


Radhika Gupta EAS’05 W’05 is one of the inaugural recipients of Penn’s Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology’s (M&T) Distinguished Alumni Award. Presented during the annual M&T Summit in March at Penn’s Singh Center for Nanotechnology, the award recognizes exemplary alumni who have achieved professional success while contributing to the program’s continued growth and legacy. Radhika is managing director and CEO at Edelweiss Asset Management Limited, one of India’s fastest-growing asset management companies across traditional mutual funds and public market alternatives.

Tom Kurland C’05 has been elected partner at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP in New York. Tom is a litigator who focuses on products liability defense, brand protection, and commercial tort matters, primarily for clients in FDA-regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics. He has been at Patterson since joining the firm as an associate in 2010. Tom writes, “My family (wife Kacie Lally and sons Theo, who is five, and Charlie, who is three) still reside in Manhattan, where we make do without ready access to good roast pork and broccoli rabe sandwiches.”


Kristine Eiman Hulse C’07 has been elected as the judge of elections for Perkiomen Township, Pennsylvania. Corey Hulse W’07 recently started at Wawa as a tech data program manager and shares that he is currently ranked 958th in the world in competitive pinball.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Stephanie Yee C’08 WG’21 and Ryan Weicker C’08 GEng’11 write, “We welcomed our first child, Dylan, on November 29. Like his parents, Dylan is a huge Penn basketball fan and has already attended five games at the Palestra.”


Jeremy Cohn W’09, son of the late Miles Cohn C’77 W’77 G’77, writes “I’m very excited to share that Moody Tongue Brewery in Chicago, which I opened in 2014, has just opened a new restaurant, Moody Tongue Sushi, in the West Village neighborhood of New York City at 150 West 10th Street. I would love to host any fellow alums the next time they are visiting New York!”


Jennifer Kissiah Hunt L’11, a commercial real estate attorney, has joined the law firm Fragner Seifert Pace & Mintz as counsel. Prior to this appointment, Jennifer was senior real estate counsel for Wayfair.

Susie Luo C’11 has published a debut novel, Paper Names. She writes, “Set in New York and China, Paper Names is an inspirational story about two families who start on different tracks of the American Dream and end up on a collision course with each other. One is a Chinese family who immigrated to the States, and the other is a wealthy white family with a dark secret. The story is told from three different perspectives over three decades.”


Samuel Franklin C’12 and Erica Koplove C’12 GEd’13 were married at the Bok Building in Philadelphia on October 28. Sam has been promoted to partner at Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott LLC, practicing real estate law, and Erica is a teacher at the Penn Alexander School, a partnership school of the University of Pennsylvania.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


Alan Yu GCP’13 GFA’13 has been appointed executive director of New Yorkers for Children, a nonprofit that improves the well-being of youth and families in the child welfare system, with an emphasis on older youth aging out of the system.


Dr. Anthony R. Martín EAS’14 Gr’19 M’19 and Gabriela Novo C’15 were married on April 22 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.


Gabriela Novo C’15 see Dr. Anthony R. Martín EAS’14 Gr’19 M’19.

Becky Sokolow C’15 see Steve Sokolow C’77.


Stacey Elizabeth Sloate C’17 W’17 see David Lawrence Glanzman EAS’18 GEE’18.

Celebrate Your Reunion, May 12–15, 2023!


David Lawrence Glanzman EAS’18 GEE’18 writes, “Stacey Elizabeth Sloate C’17 W’17 and I will be wed on June 25 at Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Subsequently, we’ll be relocating from California to New York.” David and Stacey invite alumni contact at [email protected] and [email protected].


Salo Serfati EAS’20 see Aaron Kahane C’21.


Aaron Kahane C’21 writes, “Last year, Salo Serfati EAS’20 and I founded a company called Chariot. We have one simple mission: make it easier to give to charities. Our startup allows individuals to do just that. Through Chariot, individuals can give directly to nonprofits via donor advised funds (DAF), a previously laborious process. We finished Y Combinator and just raised $4 million from top venture capitalists. If you want to set up a DAF or know a nonprofit that can benefit from our product, feel free to email us at [email protected].”


Daniel Rice GrEd’22 is president and CEO of American University Kyiv (AUK) in Ukraine. He writes, “AUK opened in 2022 just prior to the war, and it went online only after the war. We plan to open onsite in the fall this year in Kyiv city center at our beautiful campus. AUK is powered by Arizona State University and is backed by the largest companies in Ukraine. We will have two main campuses in Kyiv with a capacity of 7,500 undergraduate and graduate students. This is the first American accredited university in Ukraine.” Dan is also copresident of Thayer Leadership, an educational institution on the grounds of the US Military Academy West Point, and a 1988 graduate of West Point. He is also special advisor to the commander in chief of the Ukraine Armed Forces.F

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