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Jacolby Satterwhite MFA'10 “Transit,” video still from Reifying Desire 6, 2014. HD digital video, color, 3-D animation.Courtesy of Monya Rowe Gallery and Mallorca Landings Gallery

Jacolby Satterwhite MFA’10 “Transit,” video still from Reifying Desire 6, 2014. HD digital video, color, 3-D animation.
Courtesy of OHWOW, Los Angeles, and Mallorca Landings Gallery.

When the Whitney Museum of American Art opens its 2014 Biennial on March 7, Penn will be well-represented among the 103 artist participants.

The exhibition, billed as “the country’s best-known survey of the latest developments in American art,” will include works by:

  • Joshua Mosley, a fine arts professor and the chair of Penn’s fine arts department. He teaches animation, cinema production and graduate seminars in digital media, and his animations and sculpture have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions — including one at the ICA in 2009. His Biennial piece, Jeu de Paume, is a three-minute stop-motion animation of a tennis match set in 1907 France.


  • Jacolby Satterwhite, a 2010 graduate of the PennDesign MFA program. Satterwhite works in many media — video, performance, fiber, animation, drawing, printmaking — as he explores themes of “memory, desire, ritual and heroism,” according to his website.


  • Ken Lum, a fine arts professor and director of the University’s fine arts undergraduate program. A conceptual artist, Lum is known for his photography and sculpture work that addresses the public realm. He has worked on public-art projects in cities around the world, from Vienna, Leiden, and Toronto to Rotterdam, Vancouver and Stockholm.


  • Terry Adkins, a fine arts professor who passed away last month. Adkins was best known for his sculptures, which often incorporated musical themes. His installation for the Biennial presents bird songs as sculptures made from cymbals and percussion instruments.


    In addition to those with works on display, ICA’s associate curator Anthony Elms was tapped to curate an entire floor of the exhibition. His second-floor domain will present 24 slices of American life, each inspired by poet Susan Howe’s statement: “I believed in an American aesthetic of uncertainty that could represent beauty in syllables so scarce and rushed they would appear to expand though they lay half-smothered in local history.” Adkins’s work will appear on Elms’s floor, and the other Penn-affiliated artists will have work on the third and fourth floors of the museum.

    The Biennial runs through May 25, 2014 at the Whitney Museum.

    Molly Petrilla C’06

    Joshua Mosley, "Jeu de Paume," 2014. Video, color, sound; 3 min.Collection of the artist. Courtesy the artist.

    Joshua Mosley, “Jeu de Paume,” 2014. Video, color, sound; 3 min. Collection of the artist. Courtesy the artist.

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